Room mate walking around topless... offensive?

Not 100% topless, but in a sports bra and yoga pants.

I work out a lot and on really cold days I set up a workout video in the living room and workout.

The other day I was doing this and it got quite warm so I took my t-shirt off and finished the workout in my sports bra and yoga pants.

After the workout I was having a yogurt and one of my room mates walked in unexpectedly with her boyfriend. It was kind of awkward because he stared and all, but I excused myself almost immediately, grabbed my shirt, and went to my room.

The way our apartment is set up is that the front door opens directly into the living room/kitchen. There's no hiding anything you're doing in the living room to anyone who walks in the front door.

She was supposed to be gone all day from 9 AM - 5 PM and so were the other girls I live with. Yet she and her boyfriend come strolling in at 1 PM. I wasn't expecting anyone to come home.

That night, after the boyfriend left, she came in my room, I said I was sorry for the awkwardness earlier that day and instead of agreeing that it was awkward (it was), she ripped me a new one about dressing like a whore in front of her man and how she didn't need me flaunting myself around him. Her exact words were, "You knew we were coming home. I don't see what right you have to flaunt yourself around like being skinny gives you the right to look like a whore."

Am I wrong to be offended? I felt it was an honest mistake and I don't dress like that except for workouts sometimes. Especially not when I know others are in the house.

But on the flip side... I feel like, if I want to dress like what she calls a whore in my house, I can damn well do that.

Would you be offended if you were her and your room mate did this or no?
Room mate walking around topless... offensive?
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