Is the lesbian-guy friendship impossible?

For some reason I feel like it's much harder for straight men to be friends with lesbians than it it for straight girls to be friends with gay guys.

I mean for example a lot of gays like shopping and fashion so they have a lot in common with girls. But lesbians pretty much hate everything about us right? They can't stand testosterone lol. At least that's the feeling I get.

A lot of lesbians also seem to be huge feminists so they always blame men for everything it seems.

Anyway I wanted to hear your thoughts on that. There's this lesbian I really like a lot and I'd really just like to be her friend. But I feel like it's just impossible no matter how I look at it haha.

Do you guys have lesbian friends? And girls, do you have a lot of gay friends? Alternative question: have you ever fell in love with a lesbian or gay?
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So I take it no one has a lesbian friend? lol
Is the lesbian-guy friendship impossible?
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