Should I do this for my lazy ass sister?

She has a 38 pound package coming today from USPS with signature confirmation that she ordered from eBay. She said she doesn't want to get the door when it arrives because its too cold (its 14F and snowing where I live) and she doesn't know the person and its weird. She's like I hate signature confirmation why can't they just leave it at the door. She's the one who ordered it and knew it would have signature confirmation! We live a good 20 minutes from the post office and I don't think my parents are gonna want to drag her to the post office to go retrieve the package (she doesn't have her license or permit, and yes she's 17). What do they do if you don't sign for the package? Should I sign it for her?
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+1 y
I'm younger than her and i'm willing to do it. That's just sad. Lazy ass piece of shit!
+1 y
The post office guy rang the door two times and then just left with the package. My sister just layed in her bed on her phone. I feel bad for the delivery guy. Our driveway is kinda icy and its snowing pretty hard and the package was heavy. I don't think she's ever gonna get her precious package. HAHAHAHAHA!
Should I do this for my lazy ass sister?
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