Why do men get turned on by strippers?

The question really interested me so I decided to ask - why do men get turned on by watching strippers dance? It's not like she's giving you a lap dance - I mean all she's doing is just dancing around so you could give her money - why would you even want to spend money on such things? I would understand if she's offering sex at that right moment but she's offering a dance that you really just waste money on!

To those guys or should I say "men" that go there what's so special about strippers? There are many strip clubs where I go to school and "men" that come out of there are sophisticated and intelligent (or so I thought) but it's very intriguing to know what drives them to go to such a place especially when you had a fight with your girlfriend or a wife!?

Not trying to diss anybody but if you're married yea I'm dissing you cause you rather spend money on worthless crap than stare at your beautiful wives for free and spend money on them!
Why do men get turned on by strippers?
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