Why did he delete me off facebook?

So Christmas day I was on facebook with my cousin just looking around on friends profiles on the website.

When we were on the homepage my crush wrote his number on his status and he told people to add it. He even had it on msn.

My cousin told me to text him for fun but nothing stupid.

So I didn't mind, I texted him saying Merry Christmas, he said thanks and asked who it was. then the next day I said, well if you knew who this was youd think it would be dumb of me to have the number.

He started giving me attitude saying "wtf? what the f*** does that suppost to mean?"

then when I told him it was me he stopped texting and he deleted me off facebook, he still has me on MSN but I'm sure he's gonna take me off MSN too.

Why would he do this to me? All my friends had thought that he liked me a bit because him and his friends would look at me, especially at the dances. His friend even said that he liked me back in the summer time..i don't get why he suddenly decided to hate me..
Why did he delete me off facebook?
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