He doesn't talk to me anymore?

Sorry if it's long. Just wanted you guys to know all the details.

He's a senior and I'm a freshman. We had a class together first semester, but not anymore. We used to talk on Facebook chat and he noticed when I deactivated my account and asked me about it. He would bump into me on purpose and push me into the wall, gently though haha. He told me how my guy friend wants to have a "thing" with me and asked how I felt about him. He gave me his number without me having to ask him for it. We've only texted each other 3 times. I had to start the convo 2 times. (The 1st one doesn't really count because he didn't have my number). He would always look at me in the halls, smile, and say "hi". But then he just stopped talking to me. No more pushing me or grinning at me while saying "hi" when we pass each other in the halls, not even a glance. Then, some other senior chick asked him to Sweetheart (a dance at my school) and he went with her. He stopped talking to me after my guy friend who likes me, who is also a frosh, went up to him and asked him if he likes me. And he said no. Then he texted me (3rd convo) and said "Your boyfriend just talked to me. I can't remember his name... (guy friend's name here)?" So I said "what do you mean he talked to you?!?!?!?!" and he said "yeah, he just came up to me, asked me my name, and asked me if I like you. It was weird." And I said "yeah, he told me what happened" and he didn't text me back after that. And that was our last convo. So I want to know why? Because I'm hurting.
He doesn't talk to me anymore?
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