Do you think pedophilia should be legal?

I find it interesting that women, the supposed protectors of children are thr ones campioning this shit. This filthy pig cunts argument is that it is natural. How far is the moronic natural argument going to go. I have a natural urge to murder this bitch. Can i do it? What about my feelings? Why should i be ashamed and condemned by society?

So how young are we talking about? Infants 2 3 4 yr olds. Can an infant even give consent? What do you perverts want? I encourage you to watch this Doctor give a description of the damage to this babies genitalia after being raped. I want to warn you. It is very upsetting. I wept hard for over an hour. So proceed with caution.This is what liberals want. Thry are bringing pedos into libraries we pay taxed for and canot use to hold a bible study at but 2 and 3 yr olds are watching grown men teach them to twerk. Thry are coming for your children people. It is time to wake up.
Do you think pedophilia should be legal?
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