I'm really shy. So how do I talk to my crush on Facebook?

I've asked a similar question before but didn't really get many answers, so here goes again. Hope somebody can help.

I've liked this girl for a while, but only recently had the guts to add her on Facebook. We do know of each other, but not even enough to say hello on the street.

Anyway, so I added her on Facebook and she accepted, but I'm too scared to strike up a conversation with her. I've tried once and made a complete hash of it. I sent her a random instant message, then pretended it was intended for somebody else.

I thought this would break the ice and I could start up a conversation, but she just replied with "No probs" and before I could think of what to ask her next, she went offline.

What I don't want to happen is for her to get creeped out. That's what I'm so worried about. I really like her and want to get to know her better. So how the hell do I do that? Please help.
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Umm, I guess I should mention that neither of us are still in School, and she's a few years younger than me. Basically, the only time I ever see her is on the off-chance we both happen to be in the same bar. That's why I see Facebook as my best bet.
I'm really shy. So how do I talk to my crush on Facebook?
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