Should Black People Pay White People Reparations For The Trillions Of Dollars White Taxpayers Paid Them?

Since President Johnson's "War on poverty" started over 50 years ago government has come up with an endless procession of programs that were supposed to lift black people out of poverty and promote their success.

But now, after over $25 trillion in taxes paid overwhelmingly by white people, more than the inflation adjusted cost of every war the United States has ever been in since the Revolutionary War, and hundreds of failed welfare programs which politicians created to help black people, they aren't one bit better off than they were 50 years ago. The taxpayers were soaked and got absolutely NOTHING for their money. Yet, the money is still being poured into black communities like a tidal wave to this day with no end in sight.

At some point aren't black people ever going to take responsibility for their own destiny?

Black people have more opportunity in America than white people. All over the country there are colleges drooling over the chance to admit black students, human resource departments dreaming about a qualified black person walking into their office so they can hire them, governments searching far and wide to find black people to hire on the taxpayers' payroll. Never in the history of the world have black people (or any people for that matter) had more opportunity to prosper than in the United States of America today. They have more opportunity than I do. So what is the problem?

Slavery? I had nothing to do with slavery and neither did my ancestors because they weren't in America until after 155 years ago when slavery ended. But my family has paid a FORTUNE in taxes for these useless programs over all these years and is still paying for it even though we didn't have a thing to do with black slavery. I think WE are the slaves.

Should black people be required to pay reparations to white people for all the years and trillions of dollars they wasted on these useless welfare programs getting nothing back for their money?
Should Black People Pay White People Reparations For The Trillions Of Dollars White Taxpayers Paid Them?
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