Why do White Liberals love to humiliate themselves?

It's more and more obvious that Liberalism has become a cult for regular Liberals and a huge source of power and profit for the Western elites, who can manipulate the sentiment of the masses.

We have no doubts that Liberalism is a religion/cult when we watch how its believers are so fond of doing religious stuff:

Kneeling and asking for "forgiveness."Washing somebody's feet and praying:Bowing down to others and licking their boots:Apologising for existing:I'm not 100% sure about why self-humiliation is central to White Liberals' identity, there's a duality between regular Libs and Liberal elites: to me, the former ones use self-humiliation performances as a power play while the latter ones are true believers and are expressing their religious nature. #LiberalCult

Food for thought: watch this video of Slavoj Zizek criticising White Liberals from his Left-Wing perspective:
Why do White Liberals love to humiliate themselves?
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