Why I have issues with transgender people? ?

Look my issue isn’t that your dress up as a women or want to be called Stacy or Bob it’s not even the fact that you want to be called him or her (if you are a big-name official I’m going to keep calling you or him her but in private conversation I will call you by your preferred pronouns). Like kaitlyn Jenner I will call IT because he is a guy not a women if you are born with a penis you cannot be a true woman.

The issues I have is transit sports transit bathrooms and locker room that don’t match their Genitals and military.

Why I have an issue with trans in sports. As much as people want to believe that there is no difference in men and women very are major differences in men and women. The most important being physical men tend to be more physically powerful and faster then women, this is why Venus Williams and Serena Williams lost to a retired tennis player who would be ranked number 200 in the world, they are amazing at what they do as women but they cannot compete with men. So if you allow trans women to compete with women you’ll end up making it impossible for real women to go into professional sport they will all be men who think they are women.

bathrooms and changing rooms. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my daughter taking off her clothes in front of a bunch of horny men who claim themselves to be women. You’re a 16-year-old girl in a locker room you deserve to have privacy you don’t deserve to have a biological male in your locker room getting hard from looking at you in your underwear. I also don’t need my daughter getting potentially molested from men in the women’s bathroom. Who to say this won’t happen? There are sexual predators everywhere even in the trans community.

issue with the military I don’t want to pay for your hormone therapy or your surgery. You can pay for that yourself and the way I’m paying for it is through my tax dollars. There are also many mental disorders that prevent you from entering the military ADHD is one of them,
Why I have issues with transgender people? ?
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