Why do you think some people believe in conspiracy theories?

Why do you think some people believe in conspiracy theories?
Regarding all aspects in human life (health, economics, history, religion, politics, science, medical, etc) And some people who belive in those get their facts and info from You Tube, Internet; IG, Tik Tok as their sources for their "reliable information". I mean not everything you read in Internet is true anyway, many are fake news. And do all or most conspiracy theories had turn out to be totally true?

A current example that the world is facing now: Corona Virus

Many anti-vaxxers and theories conspiracy followers I had read so many things they say on the net like: It changes your DNA, men wil get infertile in the long run, it is the new world order, it contains a chip, the Illuminati wants to control us, they want to control us, it is the Apocalipsis, they may contain "alien blood", this is the most stupid one I had read,. Another one is that Bill Gates and the big pharmaceutical companies are in agreement for something fishy in order to gain more money from this virus.

A senior lady who I know and care and who is very religious and she believes in God, she does not believe much in the vaccine cause she says it may be way for hospitals and doctors to track us down with a chip with our personal information the vaccine may contain and she stick by her theory and she won't like to be vaccinated.

Many people I have talked to say they believe people who mostly believe in conspiracy theories with no proof is beucase they have low level of education (im not saying this always apply I say this based on what I had read from many people) and they believe more in what people tell them in gossip or what they read in Fake facebook news, You Tube as many information posted there could be fake but they believe everything they read in the Internet rather to really inform themselves with reliable sources somewhere else. This also applies not only with the Corona Virus but in other conspiracy theories fields.

I mean really, Are some people that naive?
Why do you think some people believe in conspiracy theories?
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