Will women ever be safe?

In the UK there's been a big topic of conversation in the media about women's safety on the streets following the sentencing of Sarah Everard killer.

If you are not aware of Sarah Everard and her murder basically what happened was during lock down in the UK she went out to visit some friends. On her walk back she was kidnapped by a off duty met office police officer who pretended to arrest her for breaking lockdown by using his warrant card. He then raped her and strangled her to death and set her body on fire.

I think everyone should be in agreement but this man is disgustingly evil and deserves nothing but pain and misery in his life.

It's also made great tension and distrust in the police with the general public especially with women. How are we ment to be safe when the people who are ment to protect us are the ones doing the harm. To make things even worse when they held a candlelight vigil for Sarah during lockdown. The police arrested and attacked women who were simply showing there respect even Kate Middleton went to lay flowers for her.
Yet when BLM protested and rioted during lockdown nothing was done by the police and they let chaos endure on the streets.

Following Sarah Everards cause there has been 4 more high profile in the UK media of women being murdered and search sexually assaulted by men on the streets most recently Sabina Nessa a school teacher who was attacked and murdered walking back from the pub which was a 5 minute walk from her house.

This makes me so angry because I know there will be people out there who will blame these women instead of looking at there killers. No matter how much we adjust the way we live as women to protect are self's we will still be worried and there will still be bad men out there who think they are entitled to attack and rape us without consequence.

Men aren't told not to walk alone, to worry about being followed, to learn how to defend themselves and they have no idea how it feels.
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Also this is not me saying all men are bad people but all women one way or another have experienced so form of harassment from a male and been made to feel unsafe. It's us women who are the ones who are told to change not the men who are constantly abusing women. I'm aware men get abused too but not nearly at the same level as women do and a lot of reason men aren't taken serious when they are abused is because it's so uncommon and not expected.
Will women ever be safe?
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