Why are there so many racist people in this platform?

I really don't know from where to start. I first saw a post about the Confederate flag, and how plenty of people called it the "Southern pride" flag, even though it was used to defend slavery. Then I see another post of a White man basically celebrating the fact a Black man was shot and killed for hitting up on a White dude's girlfriend at a club without knowing she had a boyfriend, and then leaving when he find out. Then I see another post about Black Lives Matter, and 99% of the comments under the post are racist and negative. I couldn't help, but notice the Elephant in the room. Just right down "Black men" in the filter, and 95% of the posts are negative. Why all the hatred? Sometimes it makes me think that this looks similar to a 4chan White supremacist thread. And they always gotta say that their opinions are "politically incorrect" but they want to cancel anyone who disagrees with them or calls them racist, for actually being racist. Why? If I as a Black man made such negative posts about White men, I would catch plenty of heat, but the double standard apparently doesn't apply to them. I'm at a point where I'm just fed up with stupid bs and I had to get it off my chest.
Why are there so many racist people in this platform?
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