Why are black women, hated on so badly?

I know the people here on gag will probably give the typical response - "every gets hate not just black women!"


Then why do I see entire forums in the internet dedicated to putting them down, why do I see people calling them "monkeys" and shit?

Let me show you this forum I saw - it was the first thing that popped up when i searched black women,

"Reasons Why White Women Will Always Be More Attractive Than Black Women

- White women are natural with their looks while black women try so hard to imitate them.
- Black women are the least desired women out there. Any other race of men can get a black woman with the snap of their fingers, it's just that easy.
- White women are natural in their views, while black women are frauds. They try too hard to be white.
- White women are freaks in bed while black women have to be the most sexually boring women out there.
- White women are everyone's trophy/prize. The same can't be said about black women.

I still love my black women and I just finished smashing one. I'm just keeping it real. It's a new dawn and I've promised to be as real as I can be this year. Honesty is the best policy. "

Like is this a joke? And then there's this stupid article


I always find it funny how people like to say that black women have bad attitudes and such.

Well let me ask you something - How do you expect black women to react to this?

Why is it acceptable for a white woman, Latina women, or Asian women to defend themselves against this stuff - but black women are expected to be silent and "not aggressive" as people talk about them this way?

What? Am I just expected not to defend myself, because let's be honest no one else will ( not even black dudes)

Why shouldn't I get to call BS when I see it?

There's a difference between having your preferences, and then having the basic respect to treat someone like a human being.
Why are black women, hated on so badly?
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