Why does everyone hate on black women?

Seriously there are different types of black women, with different nationalities... Every time someone thinks they know where I'm from they assume I'm African American... When in reality I'm a half white half Nigerian new zealander... IM KIWI. My father is one and I'm one... Nobody in my family is African American, then my mothers great grandparents are actually Asian Indian. So let me get to the point... Why does everyone few all black people the same as African Americans , what the hell. I'm not saying African Americans are bad but what the hell even African Americans don't wanna be African or whatever. I don't really look like an average black person anyways I look more Hispanic but why do people always talk down black women like we are branches or hyenas. I dont even know why I am considering myself black when I should consider myself biracial because of where I'm from but of course I have migrated to the us so that has to be changed. Please someone explain to me why a lot of people view blacks as ghetto like an African American when an average African is not ghetto at all.
I view all blacks as African amer and I don't hate them.
I don't view them the same
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Why does everyone hate on black women?
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