Do you (still) support BLM?

For the first time since the movement went mainstream, polls put voter support of BLM at 43% less than the opposition at 44%.

So after seeing the violence, embezzelment, looting, arson, and riots invading and attacking "white neighborhoods" while their self proclaimed marksist leaders spend the donations on Hollywood mansions in "white neighborhoods" like Beverly Hills... Some people are changing their stance.

To be clear, of course every life matters. That isn't up for debate. The question is, do you support the messages and actions of the BLM movement?

Because, I don't see them coming back from this. The sad truth is almost every supported BLM at the start, and even wanted to expand the movement to include Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, even white people who have been opresed or discriminated against. But that isn't what people saw. People are finally figuring out the whole thing was an emotional con to usher in violent chaos, racial segragation and communism.

And, it looks like a coincidence that these numbers came out just a few days after Kendi shot himself in the foot posting the truth that white people are actually the most discriminated against when it comes to college enrollment, then decided he didn't like the truth and deleted it. It's like... The fact that he posted that in the first place makes you question if he even understands what he is preaching. Remember, he literally doesn't know the definition of racism.

But the surveys were probably taken before that, and that's just going to put another dent in their crown of purity and social justice.

So, again of course black people matter. We all matter equally. But does anyone want to come out and explain why they still support BLM? After the violence, after they robbed their donors and spit in their faces, after they started segragating schools, admitted white kids were the ones who had to lie about their race to get accepted and then took it down to hide the truth.

Cus, thank God, most people don't.
Do you (still) support BLM?
6 mo
Wow, I really appreciate you all. I don't know what to say, my faith in humanity grew three sizes today.
Do you (still) support BLM?
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