What is the most important goal of the Democratic party DNC/CCP?

They want no babies born , complete open borders with no official nationality. No guns or ammo, no cattle industry , no oil industry , no individual businesses. Total green economy. No religions other than Environment. No free speech. No Constitution. One political Party rule. No national Flag. Corporations ran by Federal Government and Centralized pay with money created by Gov't. Food limits. No state rights but one centralized Federal Gov't making state decisions. A social point system that punishes anyone with independent thought and limits credit and pay.
What is the most important goal of the Democratic party DNC/CCP?
We are getting a big dose of it now. How are you doing? It is hard to afford Socialism. The Democrats have just about destroyed the country with high inflation, printing money , drugging people, killing babies, and high energy prices. They have limited Free Speech and even shut down state economies. They have handcuffed the Police and encouraged riots. They refused to prosecute criminals and allow smash and grab thefts in upscale shops. They will not allow people to defend themselves from crime with guns or anything else and prosecute those victims that try to defend themselves. They give certain people more rights and protection than others. They have made food impossible to afford. They have given China more power and control of the US. They caused Russia to invade Ukraine. They have made one sided deals with America's enemies. They allow these countries to attack US troops and don't do anything in response.
To abolish the Constitution since it keeps them from banning guns and religion
To ban all guns and ammo and make them illegal
To ban Christianity and make it illegal and to make Environment God
One Party rule and elimination Republican Party and all others
Abortion on demand to eliminate any new population. One child rule and forced abortions
Install communism to replace capitalism and have Gov't control all Business and Gov't prints money to pay everyone the same
All equally plus one mixed race of people
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What is the most important goal of the Democratic party DNC/CCP?
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