Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools? Why or why not?


For some that do not know, corporal punishment which is sometimes referred to as physical punishment/physical discipline and has been defined as the use of physical force, no matter how light, to cause deliberate bodily pain or discomfort in response to some undesired behavior. That means in most schools corporal punishment takes the form of a school teacher or administrator striking a student's bottom with a wooden paddle.

And when you were in school did they have corporal punishment or not? And if you were a parent/are a parent how would you react if your child's school decide to use corporal punishment as a discipline?

When I was in the fourth grade, my math/science teacher (at the middle school I attended teachers taught two subjects at once) was a firm believer in corporal punishment. He had this wooden paddle that was taped up cause in the past he did break it while paddling the students and depending on what the student did he would tell the student to go out in the hallway and there he would paddle them. In my class, it was mostly the boys who were paddled and rarely us girls. I was never given the paddle and all I had throughout fourth grade were writing rules so many times on either the chalkboard, whiteboard, or on paper (I wrote "I will not talk during class" probably multiple times).

In the fifth grade all through junior high school, the punishment was both the paddle and ruler except it would be the principal/headmaster doing the punishment. Sometimes the teachers would be allowed to paddle the students but it was the principal/headmaster mostly.

Since I am from the south, corporal punishment is still legal and the school does have the right to administer it if they feel the need to, and while in high school I had some teachers that did.

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Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools? Why or why not?
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