Why would my husband send money to another woman?

so I found a money gram recipt in his pocket and I looked and he sent $65 to a woman named amber taylor and I got mad but when he woke up I told him about it and he said I didn't want to tell you because you would be mad. I called the woman of course and asked did you know he was married and she said yes and also said well I have kids and we talk about our kids all the time. I never the believed the woman anyway because she could lie and could of had an affair with my man but who knows. I can't believe he would send another woman money even though were not rich and on a strict budget. after I texted her and talked to her then she texts my man saying I don't want drama in my life. honest answers please.


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  • Ive dealt with cheating husbands my entire carrear, I made a proffession out of it.

    This is what I can tell you... Stop Freaking out...

    DO NOT CALL THE WOMAN. (cheating women will almost always stand behind the man they are cheating with)

    make believe you trust him and tell him its ok... put him at ease... don't confront him about what you see on his phone, because then he will start guarding his phone... (if he guards his phone normally then he is 99 percent cheating)

    does he sleep with his phone under his pillow.? is his phone on airplane mode at night? is his call log cleared? do messages to his friends dissapear? this will take 1-3 weeks have patience... in the meantime act cool... don't explode on him or accuse him itll only make things worse... because if he isn't cheating and you blame him... you could drive him away...


    Look through his emails (if you need help as to what to look for, tell me his email provider..)

    look at the web history is it deleted ? or does it have match.com or okcupid ... etc... ?

    you might find that perhaps this woman is just a friend who needed 65 $ and she was in a jam...

    my opinion he's cheating because if he wasn't he would of told you, or she wouldn't of said I don't need drama... she would be like "im sorry I didn't mean to cause truble.." my opinion he's cheating... but take 3 weeks to make sure... be sneaky and never revel your source.. don't confront... but place yourself in a position to find these things when they happen instead...

    • Good answer, agreed :)

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    • we argued one time and he showed me his camera and there were nude pics of 2 different women and he said he slept with them but after things cooled down he apologized and said that he never slept with those women and I will never believe what he says.

    • he challenged your defenses... when a guy does something like showing you something like that he is trying to see how you react. hopefully to see if you to like it. when you probably got mad and flipped out he was like no just kidding.

      So take it as it is. if you love him talk to him. what's done is done. he can't change it neither can you. work from here. if you love him maybe try some roleplaying or even allow him to bring a girl into the bedroom, even if its just to watch. find a compromise

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  • looks like he's cheating.

  • I honestly think, based off of that last ling of her saying she doesn't want drama, that your husband very well might be having an affair.

    It could also mean, that there is other reasons why he is sending her the money, and she doesn't want you to bring drama into her life when there is nothing going on.

    I would go with the first one based on my gut instinct. However, before coming to any final conclusion, if I was you, I would probably want pure evidence of infidelity before anything too serious goes down.


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  • 1. he's cheating

    2. his friend was in need

    ^ going by your scenario if she's a friend she probably got the impression you were thinking #1 so she just wanted to stay out of that mess

    • he said he didn't know her and I know most of his exes. she just popped out of now where.