Would you date a girl you didn't find attractive?

Insecurity complex coming up ...

But would you date a girl you didn't find attractive?

Basically there's a guy I've been getting to know for a while, we see each other pretty much every week at this club I go to, and then speak afterward at the pub. We talk a lot, he's funny, smart - a little bit obnoxious which I like ...

Anyway - he's always going on about how "He doesn't care about looks - it's the personality which is important." and yes - to an extent I agree, personality is the most important. But maybe I'm just being a bit vain ... I don't know; but I'd like to think a guy I'm seeing is at least attracted to me physically a bit; even if looks wise I'm not bang on 100% his type.

I mean, I know for me, he isn't my type looks wise, but I do definitely find him attractive in ways; and as I've got to know him, he's got more attractive to me. I guess my issue is - the first time we spoke it was his friend who approached me, he was just sort of there, and they were both - not drunk - but yeah they'd had a few.

So I don't really know what I'm getting at - but spare a few drunk comments over the first few times we met, he's never said anything about my looks; and is always talking about how they don't matter; and I can't help thinking that he's meaning - you're great - you just don't look it.

Would you date a girl you didn't find attractive?
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