Arm on the Chair?

So if I guy you are friends with puts his arm on the back of your chair during class what does this mean? Ladies, opinions would be nice and guys, what would it mean if you did it. Your arm never touched the girl, and the girl didn't seem to notice. You just stretched your arm out onto the chair and sat listening to the teacher and talking to the girl.


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  • if I was talking to the girl then it was a move to get close to her. if I wasn't talking to her then I was just stretching out lol, its a comfortable position, especially in small desks.

    • Makses sense. So, would you mind taking a look at my other question? link it's related to this one only I'm not getting many answers.

    • I'll take a look

    • Thanks

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  • It is either a motion to come hither or it is another expression. We can speculate as much as you want, but unless you ask the gentleman you will never know for sure.

    • Should I wait and see if he does it again? I mean, if he did it casually it's not like he's going to remember, right?

    • He's done it again...but he's done the same to someone else who has a bf, so I'm pretty sure he just does it to be comfortable.

  • its the classic arm around the chair move, if he does that, and you like him/feel comforted by him, you're supposed to move in, or closer, best case scenario of this is the movies, you see it all the time

    • Even if it's during class? What if you've seen him do it to friends as well?

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    • Lol I'll wake him up if he falls asleep. Thanks for the laughs

    • Lol, yw, I'm guessing you needed one

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