My girlfriend won't let me see her social networks?

My girlfriend is always on twiiter and Facebook. She won't let me see them anymore. the reason why is because I would look at them and get mad. She would talk to guys like she was dating them! she would call them cute nicknames and flirt. She new I could see it yet still did it. I started to get really mad about this. I don't think that it is right. She is also on the social networks all the time around me and I find it disrespectful.

I have tried talking but all she does is get mad and tell me they are just friends. I don't mind guy friends but I will not allow flirting.

Should I be more giving? Should I just let it go? I feel like now since she won't let me see them she is saying things that would be really bad what should I do?


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  • Throw her out like last season's shoes, hun.

    Okay, not really.

    You obviously see a problem, one in which your girlfriend is not willing to fix though.

    She's your girlfriend, yes? So you two should have respect for each other.

    She's a human and therefore has rights? Yuppp. So she can technically do whatever she would like but that doesn't make it right.

    Does she have the right to give you reasons not to trust her and ignore your requests? Yes, but that doesn't mean you should accept it.

    Sounds like she cares more about her social networks then you.

    I don't care if they're "just friends" or not, if you're in a relationship, she shouldn't be flirting. It's absolutely disrespectful and shows she doesn't take your relationship seriously.

    However, people define "flirting" differently. What exactly was she saying?

    Frankly, I feel bad if someone (Guy A) asks me if I think they're cute, but I'm interested in someone else (Guy B) who is also interested in me, and we're close, more-than-friendsy, but not official because I'm a stubborn, slow butt when if comes to going into relationships.

    But I don't feel bad for the guy asking (A), I feel bad for the guy that shares my feelings (B).

    I always think of how I would feel if the other was doing what I was doing,

    If you aren't happy with how your relationship is going, and she is not willing to help the relationship, you can either be a girlfriend-pleaser and accept it or move on and find someone who will treat you better.


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  • A relationships is mostly about negotiating things in order to get a greater benefit for the couple. If she is too close minded about changing that habit, or about respecting your place in the relationship, you simply don't need that. You can do without her.

  • Yea I've been in this situation and I was you. Got to the point where my ex just didn't "hear" me anymore and would continue to text and message girls in front of me and behind my back. However, we weren't happy with each other to begin with and didn't have much in common.

    Take a look at your relationship despite the social network issue. Is there a lot of complaining and arguing? Do you think she feels appreciated and loved by you? Do you go out and find fun things to do together? If not, she will seek that appreciation from other guys.

    You also might be coming off as clingy and it's pushing her away. Maybe you spend TOO much time together.

  • Question: What is a hole in the wall called?

    It's rectangular from the ground up, sometimes wooden, sometimes metal, anything?

    It's great for entering, and exiting, and ... just about anything, like kicking out no good significant others who don't listen.

    What is it?

    Bing, bing, bing,BING!

    CoNgRaTuLaTiOns! It's a DOOR! You have won yourself a new freedom!

    *random confetti comes out the ceiling, guys doing random back flips come out of no where*

    KICK ... HER... OUT... THE... DOOR!

    > o <


    All joke aside, if she's not listening to you hun, then you need to give her the boot!

    That'll be less stress off you in the long run. = )

  • Honestly, if this is the way that she is, either accept it, or move on. What one person may see as flirting, another may see as being only friendly. Although, if she knew it bothered you so much, any respectful person would tone it down. However, I don't know the things that bothered you. Were they minor little things? It is hard to know exactly without seeing what she was writing, and how you were responding.

    • She was calling this guy a pet name and then asking him to come eat lunch with her. and she just says things that arnt her

    • I meet up with friends for lunch all the time, so that could mean absolutely nothing. I also tend to call people stupid pet names, but I do it with ALL my friends, even girls. So, if she is limiting it to one person, that can be a red flag.

  • First of all, your girlfriend is aloud to do whatever she wants. She's not married. Two, assuming that she already had a Facebook and twitter account before you guys were in a relationship, she should be able to obtain that, you have no authority over that. Now, If she's 'flirting' as you say, well obviously that's a problem. Maybe you're taking it a bit far, she says they're just friends so trust her on that. If you're having doubts, why are you together?o.o

  • That's a form of cheating get rid of her


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  • If she won't change, and you can't get over it, maybe you should break up. If I thought she were flirting and wouldn't stop, I'd probably leave her too.

  • She is mad because she is cheating on you, she has no respect for you, she has no self worth. I am a Private Detective I see it all the time. dump her and move onto someone who can respect you for who you are.

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