Girls: licking your lips or sticking your tongue out? How much interest is this?

So, I was out tearing up the dance floor doing some swing dancing the other night and found two girls -- one was an out-of-towner, one was a newbie local -- and got some good dancing in with a couple of girls I had just met that night.

One of them licked her lips a couple of times while giving me a look while dancing. She was quite cute and a bit tomboyish, plus we'd read quite a few of the same books, and she was getting educated in biology, and that just makes me want a girl so bad.

The other stuck her tongue out at me basically every time she went by. She also kept talking about her friend ditching her, the fact that she lived out of town, and so on. She was also incredibly eclectic educationally and career wise, she seemed VERY interesting.

I danced with both of them two or three times, they went quite well. I then collapsed way before the dance was over (oh dear god having a job) and went home alone. D'oh!

Still, barring my obvious mistakes on not following up on indications of interest from attractive women that I dance well with whom I found very interesting, what level of interest/flirtation does this indicate for most girls? I wasn't really thinking about it at the time as I usually flirt/date/hook up with girls from parties rather than from dancing, but what level of interest would that typically indicate on your part? Licking your lips and giving sultry stares? What about stopping to have a conversation with a guy, sticking your tongue out at him about 3 times every time you catch his eye, and continually talking about how your friends ditched you?
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I can't even believe what a lazy idiot I am. Wow.
Girls: licking your lips or sticking your tongue out? How much interest is this?
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