Did I kill the attraction by waiting too long? Or is it all on her?

About two months ago, I was at a dance with my boys and we were all over the place. I saw a girl, a stunner, and sort of just took her, and we started intimately 'grinding' if I may say. (Yes, we are in highschool.) She was smiling, holding my hands, and grinding very intensely dor a long period of time. After that she kept posting online "Aww man I wish the dance wasn't over." I was then at a basketball game during the day and she walked in along with her friend. As soon as we made eye contact, her pupils dilated insanely. We did not speak during the game, and as they were leaving, without the girl noticing, her bestfriend eyed me, smiling and pointing at the girl I danced with. Basically acknowledging the dance. I laughed it off. I later got the courage to go up to her and talk to her in school a couple times. However I became discouraged as she was with this guy at her locker almost everyday. I tried to interrupt him and basically pull her away, but I wound up awkwardly talking to him and leaving her out. A while after that, I just asked her for her number but she claimed to be in a hurry, seeming flattered and asked me to message her later online. Anxiously I messaged her that day fearing that waiting any longer would kill attraction, and I recieved no reply.

Keep in mind, this was all over the span of two months. So, what happened.. Did I do something wrong or no? She talks to this guy seemingly alot, but they have many classes together.. she seems to be desired by a quite a few men. But she eyes me whenever I see her and even my friend noticed this, as she eyed me even while talking to the guy. I hope I gave enough detail for a good answer. What happened!?

(p.s. both me and the guy are considered 'good looking' in our own respective ways)
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Did I kill the attraction by waiting too long? Or is it all on her?
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