Bodybuilding kinda sucks!


It’s cool at first, you start working out and you feel noticeably better over time. You see gains and think: ‘this is great.’

But then something happens: you start to hate the gym.

After a while, repetitive lifting of heavier and heavier weights begins to feel like torture. You keep ripping and rebuilding your muscles — you experience long term fatigue; your body wants you to stop. But if you stop you lose your looks.

And so it becomes this unhealthy cycle of body image vs. body health.

All guys who are jacked manage to keep this nag at bay, but they have probably become addicted to their look in the mirror. The drastic diet plan required to maintain god-like bodies is actually quite rough. Repetitive eating of lean meats like chicken, plus carbs and vegetables like brown rice and broccoli as infinitum.

After a certain point you begin to wonder to yourself, ‘is it worth it?’

You’re never big enough, and eventually you may need to begin taking anabolic steroids to go to the next level. And so on forever.

Meanwhile you are starving your body of healthy fats and wearing down your joints — especially the wrists.

If you go into a gym and watch guys lift, they are not happy. They have become slaves to the weight rack all to impress a woman. At least it begins that way, but then it never stops.

It becomes all out drag war for glory where self-sacrifice for the title is the name of the game.

It’s definitely not healthy, but it’s also understandable. I have no opinion yet other than I feel the drag on my body as I continue the grind of lifting every other day, adding 20-30 pounds each few weeks.

My shirts don’t fit anymore, except for ones with perfect cuts.

But most oat of all, I miss the cardio I had as a varsity athlete. I think that’s what lifting should be all about rather than pure strength.

As such I’m probably going to grab a personal trainer to get me oriented for a sport rather than engage in aimless lifting all the time.

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest. ✌🏻

Bodybuilding kinda sucks!
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  • TonyBologna25
    As a former bodybuilder, I can say this is not true in the slightest. I loved hitting the gym everyday. Absolutely loved watching my body transform in front of my eyes. Went from 160lbs to 240 lbs standing at 6’1”. No it wasn’t natural after a couple years, but I loved training naturally and I love training on steroids. Your shirts don’t fit you? I sincerely doubt that. You’re not that big lol. When you’re jacked, you can make a $5 t-shirt from walmart look good.

    Bodybuilding taught me a lot about self discipline and consistency. The endless supply of pussy is a nice perk, but that wasn’t my reason for bodybuilding. It started out that way, but turned into so much more. Getting a pump for two hours at the gym is one of the most satisfying feelings. I could go on for days talking about this stuff, but you sound like a guy who can’t hack the bodybuilding lifestyle and now you’re framing everyone else out to be of your mindset when it’s not true. All of my training partners would disagree with you as well.
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    • Robertcw

      My photo was taken before I started lifting man. I'm 5'8" 180 pounds currently.

    • You said you’re slapping on 20-30 lbs of body weight every few weeks?

    • Robertcw

      No, I said total. Not every few weeks. That’s not realistic.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Secret6620
    Great take!!! I experienced a lot of this when I was bodybuilding. Very hard to keep upBodybuilding kinda sucks!
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    • jen_phils

      I want to be friends with you in real life. I need a no BS workout partner.

    • Secret6620

      Girl I got you 💪💪💪

    • Secret6620

      Thanks for mho 💙💜💚

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  • Ljd213
    I don't know about you but being fat really sucks. I use to be very fat and overweight and felt unhealthy and lazy. My back always hurted and couldn't walk for even a mile.

    I had to join the military to get into bodybuilding, and I have to say it was worth it.
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    • Robertcw

      I’m sure being unhealthy is worse than bodybuilding. But I think being an athlete is even better than being a body builder.

      Swimmers, gymnastics and sprinters and all in fantastic shape — arguably better shape that lifters.

      Soccer players and football players are also in pretty damn good shape.

      Essentially, anything that either involves sprinting, or twitch muscles under low oxygen (swimmers) will be ultimately healthier I think.

  • weirdoweirdo
    Been to the gym the last well now 3 years and Im more energetic than I've ever been. I hate the gym at first but now I love it. From my total of 250kg last year in August (Deadlift+benchpress+squat) I've grown to a total of 392,5kg right now and aiming to set a perfect total of 400kg on Friday.
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    • Although Im powerlifting... Not bodybuilding...

  • emmily2396
    Not really. I have been in the gym for 4 months now and it doesn't feel like torture. Also, a lot of the guys in that clip are on steroids. Natural bodybuilding shouldn't cause issues
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  • joeshi
    Yeah good take i hate when people bulk up to an extreme. Working out is about being healthy. I love going to the gym i think hating it would have to consist of people starring and no space. Also when I’m not seeing results!
    • What workouts do you do at the gym or at home

    • joeshi

      I’m barely starting so I have just been doing cardio n light on weights

  • NerdInDenial
    Those guys are dedicated and live for the pump. It’s a different mindset.
  • jessicarosen
    It is definitely a lifestyle. For me the hardest part was having my schedule disrupted with unexpected events, vacation, etc. I never stuck with it for longer than 6 months consecutively.

    But, great take, very true points!!
  • buttcrackjoe
    Id have a hard time working out at a gym that’s on fire.Bodybuilding kinda sucks!
  • genericname85
    maybe you should stop stuffing your body with protein and other questionable substances and figure out your ideal resting times, then body building is great.

    in my personal opinion, if you do body building to "get big", you're an idiot. body building to me is about getting the ideal physique. perfectly balanced and well defined. everyone can become a beefcake. that's easy. definition and symmetry is hard. finding the perfect esthetic, sculpting your body shouild be the goal, not blowing up your muscles as far as possible.
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  • 2shredded
    Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not everyone can handle it. “Everyone wana be a bodybuilder, but no body wana lift no heavy ass weight” -Ronnie Coleman❤️
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    • You forgot to mention the steroids, hospitalization, etc.

      Overall unhealthy and possibly catastrophic lifestyle...

    • 2shredded

      Yeah the steroids are pretty’s unhealthy but I think that only the top 1% should take them anyways. If you take them just to look better that a pretty bad idea 😅

    • Well, it’s not just the steroids. I’m not an expert, so hopefully someone reading this will correct or educate me, but I think the whole aspect of starving or dehydrating yourself before a bodybuilding show is horrific for one’s health. It seems like natural and unnatural bodybuilders are practicing this. Lifting weights is healthy, but the culture of bodybuilding specifically, is not my opinion.

      I’m sure you do bodybuilding in a healthy way, but I’ve seen a lot of negativity. Perhaps if you stay natural it can be good, but the more extreme you go, it becomes exponentially worse.

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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    Yeah I came to this realization, when I tried playing basketball a year ago
    I had put on about 20lbs of muscle, but hadn't really developed my cardio at all
    I was exhausted after just a few possessions. I still lift weights, but its just squats and some light arm work.
    I am trying to be a better athlete, thats what really matters

    Also the gym lost its specialness, Social media really destroyed the gym culture. I remember when there was no females in the gym. It was just a bunch of hardworking guys who werent so into themselves.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • patrickstarz
    Girls don't like those kinds of muscles on guya
  • Anonymous
    I don't lift weights, I do isomotion using a system that most people laugh about. Yet many times I've had people ask me about my lifting routine thinking I'm putting in hours in the gym. I'm not, I just do 15-20 minutes of isomotion 4x a week. It's so easy it feels like cheating, but at the same time it's the toughest routine I've ever done.

    With this system your muscles are under 100% tension period, it's like picking up a sofa and walking around with it. I guarantee if I show you what I use, you will think it's a scam!
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