The struggles of a college track star


So first I am so thankful to have a full scholarship for running. This is not me complaining. It's just me sharing.

After all the training all the sweat. All the tears from working your body beyond what you thought was your psychical limits. The fears of I was brought here for results. if I can't produce this might be it for me. The day comes to prove you deserve to be here.

The struggles of a college track star

You get in your lane. Your heart beats so hard it feels like it's going to rip out your chest. You ask yourself why are so afraid? You've done this a million times. You still feel like you have to throw up.

The struggles of a college track star

Now it's time. We take our position. OMG. Please don't jump. Please don't jump. I worked to hard to be disqualified. I close my eyes trying to calm myself. I'm just as good as these girls. I can beat them. I deserve to be here. I need a clean start and a fast start. I don't want to play catch up. 200m is not a lot of distance.

The struggles of a college track star

The sound rings out echoing in my ear. I feel like everything moves in slow motion as i take off. It's a clean start. Okay. I feel good. Keep my form. Don't bounce smooth strides. Don't get on my toes. Alright 2 ahead of me.

The struggles of a college track star

Do i have another gear. Is there something else in me that I didn't know i had. Push it. Come on. Push harder remember to keep your form. Lungs burning. I'm a machine. Machines don't get tired. They're human they get tired not me.

The struggles of a college track star

I'm closing the gap just 1 ahead of me it's me or her. Adrenaline takes over and this desire to be the best overwhelmes me. I will not lose! I can't lose!

The struggles of a college track star

I cross the finish line. Tears in my eyes. I can't see. Can't talk all I can do is look for the results. Did I win? I won! I begin to cry I'm so happy. I shake the hand of the girl who fought so hard. And know i will probably have to race her again in an hr or 2.

Now i must prepare myself that was just the first race. The rest will get harder today as we go deeper and the competition gets tougher.

The struggles of a college track star
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  • Avicenna
    Great Take. As a high school middle- distance runner who went to the Penn Relays but didn't get a scholarship, I salute you for what you've accomplished.
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    • NickiB

      Thank you🤗
      Penn relays awesome!
      You should also be proud.

    • Avicenna

      It was a great experience, one I'll never forget. I hope to be coaching track at the high school level in a few years.

    • NickiB

      That's awesome. I hope it works out for you.

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  • bklynbadboy1
    I love this my take
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Wowgirl30q
    Your a athlete too that's amazing no wonder we clicked. All props my cardio is crap I respect the work ethics
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    • NickiB

      Thanks what sports do you play?

    • MMA I'm starting to teach recently.
      But any one I can I will attempt

    • NickiB

      Yikes. I'm to scared of getting punched for that.
      But that is just awesome.

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  • CubsterShura
    I can't even run for 30 seconds how do you guys do it 😭😭😭 amazing take, it was such a good read ❤️
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    • NickiB

      Thank you. It's something you have to love.
      BUt start sprinting the straights and walking the curves. I still do that 6 days a week for an hr.
      But start slow and build yourself up.

    • Thanks for the advice ❤️ I try to sprint to lose some weight but I'm forced to stop when my ankles hurt 😂

    • NickiB

      2 things will help. Stretching first and get a pair of compression socks.
      They are a life saver.

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Wow this was a brilliant take! And I say that as someone who can't relate in the slighest because I'm not at all, athletic xD :) <3
    • NickiB

      Thank you🙂

      i was really feeling stressed and kinda just let it all out.

    • Yeah, I get that. Writing helps a lot. :)

    • NickiB

      It really does.

      You have amazing mytakes. I admire all the work you put into saving the libraries.

    Congrats on finding running NEAT! Cuz I've often wondered if in track the coach says "take a lap" do u GRT angry cuz u want to run 2 Laps instead? I personally think running is a punishment. Like if I screwed up in football they make u run. I'd guess you love Marathons & the longer "more running" the better? Again congrats on running like Forest Gump. I HATED WIND SPRINTS
  • ohshee
    Time out ,, rewind The day is here to thank them and to show them why they picked u up.
  • SilentWatchman
    This is a great myTake
    • NickiB

      Thank you. I was feeling stressed when i wrote this and kinda needed to vent.

    • You’re a good writer

    • NickiB

      Aww. Thank you. It is actually going to be my major.

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  • Thatsamazing
    Get it girl
  • Syrian_survivor
    Great take! Blood sweat and tears! 👍❤
  • Clinton321
    Glad you made it👍most times fear move you through
  • Nick2019
  • Anonymous
    As a trans female runner I get this.