Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT


Dear Mr. Aaron Rodgers,

You don't get to throw a temper tantrum. You do not get to play QB and General Manager at the same time. An NFL team should not be organized by whatever the QB wants.

You see Rodgers, you NEVER needed a WR in the first round of the draft. This past MVP season with basically the same receiving corps pretty much proves that the issue was not WR talent.

Didn't you go to the NFC Championship Game 2 years in a row? Seems to me the Packers have a solid management team that THEY put together for YOU. For all your complaints about management moves and how little influence you have...seems to me that a management team that has assembled 2 SB caliber teams knows what they are doing. Maybe the problem is YOU. Aren't you 1-4 in NFC Championship games with very low QBR numbers? Don't you stink up the joint when the Super Bowl is on the line? Even in the Super Bowl winning year didn't you have a really lousy Title Game against the Bears and only went because Teddy Bear Cutler was so hurt he road his bike on the treadmill?

The Packer way is developing talent rather than spending splashing free agent cash. It saves money so they can pay YOU $30 million/year. Brady and Mahomes restructured their contacts for LESS money to help their teams sign better players. Did you? Nope.

It's a GM's job to plan insurance for the future. It happened to legends: Unitas, Montana, Favre, Manning, and Brady this year. All the greats are one hit away from being done. Rodgers, weren't you injured for 2 years and it screwed the whole season for the Packers? You are 37 years old. Maybe the possibility of you getting injured is why you draft and develop Love. Not because you are bad at your play but to save a season if you get hurt.

The NFL is becoming an Antonio Brown league and it is NOT GOOD. So go ahead and pout on Jeopardy. Go ahead and retire at age 38 and grow a year older and see how your trade value plummets when you try to come back and play for a new team.

Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT
Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT
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