Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT


Dear Mr. Aaron Rodgers,

You don't get to throw a temper tantrum. You do not get to play QB and General Manager at the same time. An NFL team should not be organized by whatever the QB wants.

You see Rodgers, you NEVER needed a WR in the first round of the draft. This past MVP season with basically the same receiving corps pretty much proves that the issue was not WR talent.

Didn't you go to the NFC Championship Game 2 years in a row? Seems to me the Packers have a solid management team that THEY put together for YOU. For all your complaints about management moves and how little influence you have...seems to me that a management team that has assembled 2 SB caliber teams knows what they are doing. Maybe the problem is YOU. Aren't you 1-4 in NFC Championship games with very low QBR numbers? Don't you stink up the joint when the Super Bowl is on the line? Even in the Super Bowl winning year didn't you have a really lousy Title Game against the Bears and only went because Teddy Bear Cutler was so hurt he road his bike on the treadmill?

The Packer way is developing talent rather than spending splashing free agent cash. It saves money so they can pay YOU $30 million/year. Brady and Mahomes restructured their contacts for LESS money to help their teams sign better players. Did you? Nope.

It's a GM's job to plan insurance for the future. It happened to legends: Unitas, Montana, Favre, Manning, and Brady this year. All the greats are one hit away from being done. Rodgers, weren't you injured for 2 years and it screwed the whole season for the Packers? You are 37 years old. Maybe the possibility of you getting injured is why you draft and develop Love. Not because you are bad at your play but to save a season if you get hurt.

The NFL is becoming an Antonio Brown league and it is NOT GOOD. So go ahead and pout on Jeopardy. Go ahead and retire at age 38 and grow a year older and see how your trade value plummets when you try to come back and play for a new team.

Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT
Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT
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  • WhiteSteve

    Rodgers is wildin’ right now. I think he sees Brady going down to Tampa Bay and the Bucs going all-in to win immediately for Brady’s last couple of years, and he wants that for himself. I’m a Pats fan, it of course sucks to see Brady leave, but that was his choice and it is what it is. The Pats always rolled the same way, build through the draft and find treasure in other teams’ trash, but it was rarely flashy moves to bring in top tier talent. Belichick is tough to play for, so I think Brady (and Gronk) just grew weary of it, and now want to play out their final years with a coach who will let you run around and play grab-ass in the Florida sunshine. Plus the Pats were in salary cap jail the last couple years, and a few of the recent drafts didn’t pan out as well as they should have, and he just didn’t want to play for divisional titles in the twighlight of his career. But the Bucs have probably somewhat mortgaged their future to make a few title runs, please believe they’ll be in the basement again in 5 years. But they got it done this past year, they’re returning all 22 starters in 2021 and look poised to make another serious contention (I don’t think they’ll win it all but will at least make noise in the playoffs), and 2022 will probably look good too, if Brady doesn’t bow out. I don’t know if Kyle Trask will be good or not but they at least have a dart to throw at the board when Brady retires. The money will all catch up to them at some point, but for now, they have a video game offense, and the GOAT under center.

    So Rodgers is probably hearing his own career clock ticking, he’s a big ego guy, probably thinks his legacy should include at least one more Lombardi. He probably still sees himself as a Top 5 QB in the league and thinks he can waltz in and make some decent team a title contender, or they’ll go all-in and spend like the Bucs did for Brady. I just don’t know where that would really be. We were hearing Denver for a minute but I don’t see them as being on the cusp, especially being in KC’s division. He was too late on the Rams, they already made a move for Stafford, plus I think they’re starting to wilt from going all-in on that 2018 team, Aaron Donald’s contract, etc. San Francisco could work but he has that whole grudge against them for not drafting him, and Shanahan probably wants to get Trey Lance in sooner rather than later, although I think he’s a year away from being a year away, he’s only 20 and played FCS ball. Maybe New Orleans? I don’t know, but I agree, I don’t like all this bullshit where guys pout/shoot their way out of town. Green Bay has had a pretty good window the last ten years or so, and maybe the Packers should be more disappointed in Rodgers than Rodgers should be disappointed in them. I think he might just be one of those guys where it can never be his fault. Like you said, he’s shit the sheets in enough conference championship games where it’s tough to complain. Even Matt Stafford, who wouldn’t put on Rodgers’ level but I think is a pretty good QB in a vacuum, I’d get it more if a guy in HIS previous situation was demanding a change, watching his career waste away, the Lions never put it together around him, it was Calvin Johnson or bust, and he tapped out early, probably recognizing the futility. Get the bag and cash out. So, yeah, Rodgers is kind of acting like a jabroni in my opinion.

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  • jaybee281

    One thing's for sure - Aaron Rodgers won't be able to sleep tonight thinking apope16 is talking shit about him💀

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  • NathanDavis


    I completely agree with everything you just said.

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  • LeftHappy

    It was pretty dumb what they did though, it was just like Seattle not using Lynch to run the ball on the goal line in the Super Bowl... that seem to be the real issue here!

  • princeofromance

    Nobody honestly cares about Aaron Rodgers or Packer's Management. They both have over inflated egos.

  • Anonymous

    Hate this American shit.


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