Why shouldn’t girls play football?

For those Europeans out there we’re not talking about soccer we’re talking about American football. This is why women shouldn’t play football against guys.

the simple fact of the matter is football is A dangerous sport for men. in 1971 Charles Frederick Hughes was died on the field in a game bears vs the lions. We all know that football has been an issue with male injuries not to far back there was a conservatives about concussions gotten from playing the game and men literally becoming vegetables or having a hard time functioning in retirement, You get hit over and over again by guys who are 250-400 pounds. QB and kickers tend to be the smaller athlete on the field around 245 pounds linebackers can get up to 300 pound and linemen average 350. Your average fit women is 168 pounds (mussel weighs more than fat) men who are 250-400 have issue playing the game without come out with some sort of damage to there brains or bodies. You average women who is fit being 168 pound would literally be killed if she tried to play the game, Sarah fuller had she been hit by someone of the opposite team would have woken up in a hospital if she had been hit by a member of the opposite teams.

in conclusion football is a really dangerous game even men have a hard time walking away unscathed I personally have had two concussions from playing football in high school I honestly believe that if you allow a woman to play against men in football the woman’s going to get killed I don’t want Women to get killed I could care less about man this is why women should never play American football at least against man. If she want to join a women’s only league go for it but women playing against men when it comes to football will end in nothing but death and lawsuits
Why shouldn’t girls play football?
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