How long do you think it'll take for and and all Contact Sports to get feminized out of existence?

According to the feminist Karens who now seemingly dictate policy to restrict and regulate every facet of our lives, in their never-ending quest to eliminate risk and masculinity and wrap everything up in soul-destroying cancel-culture-cotton wool, any and all physical contact is barbaric, harmful and represents too much of a risk to be allowed. And eliminating all contact from any and all contact sports, which have always represented the most popular, enjoyed, widespread and successful showcase of masculinity, has always been their highest-priority target.

We've seen this progressively getting worse every year without fail for decades now, in every single contact sport around the world- they already succeeded in purged it out of sports with the most 'progressive' fan-base demographics, Basketball and Baseball, a lot time ago, and they've massively picked up the pace in the last year, with the fans removed from the scene thanks to COVID-19. We're already witnessing the few last traces of legal contact being over-penalized with extreme prejudice, and cancelled from the game, in American Football and Soccer; and it's only a matter of time before, even for sports like Ice Hockey, Rugby, Boxing and MMA, the Nanny State re-writes their rulebooks or cancel-cultures them out of existence for refusing to dance to their tune that "physical contact is CRIMINAL, physical contact is EVIL, we have to make it all illegal!"

So then, the question isn't whether it will happen- it's all but inevitable at this point, since today's society's been entirely emasculated, governed over entirely by pathetic simps and their handlers- but when. Will it be in the next 5, 10, 20, or 50 years, that the last instance of legally being allowed to initiate physical contact with another person in professional sports finally gets stamped out by the misandrist lifeophobes?
How long do you think it'll take for and and all Contact Sports to get feminized out of existence?
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