How do we include transgender people in women's sports?

This is rarely discussed, people either think they are not allowed or they are. But how do we include them? They are people after all, and I'm sorry, but I think inventing an only-trans category is not a good solution, simply because there aren't many transgender people, so there would be few competitors.

Check out Maria José Martínez case:
A woman with XY chromosome, she didn't have male organs like penis, and didn't have an uterus either, but she developed as a woman generally, with breasts and low testosterone levels, so she didn't have an advantage against women, she was only excluded because of the DNA testing. Some XY women are perfectly passable as XX women.

Using only testosterone levels do not help either, what about women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Or the case of South-African sprinter Caster Semenya? She underwent hormonal treatment in order to stop her NATURAL testosterone production. Some XX women can naturally produce a lot more testosterone than the average woman, and why do we complain about them? We do not complain about Michael Phelps's longer arms, simply because he was born with them, why the same doesn't apply to these women?

Points to reflect, in men's sports, we only care about doping, anything else goes, it doesn't matter how different his body is, in women's sports on the other hand, it's this big mess.

I'll give my opinion now, I think we should allow transgender women to compete, okay I agree that it's strange to allow them before the transition, it seems unfair, I don't know, but after the transition, I'm perfectly fine with them, it doesn't matter if they have longer skeletons, it's not like your skeleton's size will be your trump card in all sports, actually it might even be a handicap depending on the sport (?). We don't complain about non-trans women with huge bones, why should we care about transgender?
How do we include transgender people in women's sports?
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