Social Media is Controlling How We Communicate

Social Media is Controlling How We Communicate

Why has meeting new people become a real task. These days it is hard to connect with people on a real/deep level. Often times it becomes easier to communicate with others online because you feel protected by the screen you sit behind. And because of that screen you can be whoever you want.

I am tired of talking to people via messenger or DM.

Social Media is Controlling How We Communicate

It would be nice just to have a conversation with a human being, whether it be small talk while waiting in line or a long conversation at a coffee shop. People are too preoccupied with technology to engage in human activity.

I want to make real friends and meet real people, is that too much to ask for??

Social Media is Controlling How We Communicate

I want to challenge anyone and everyone to go outside and meet at least one new person male or female, young or old, etc.. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new like take a yoga class, volunteer in your community, whatever it is one conversation could change someone's life and you could be that person.


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  • I know i just said "lmao" out loud to someone ugh what have i become


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  • social media controls a lot more than us meeting new people. it's a weapon of turning the tide in political battles, spreading false rumours, creating opinions that are not necessarilly based on facts and true information but rather on emotions.
    For example in Romania there is a movement called "#rezist". They rallied against the "update" of justice laws and reforms.

    Thing is that the actual main "anti-corruption" agency (would translate to NAcA - National Anti corruption Agency) is highly corrupt to begin with and their only target for "anti-corruption" are the people inside the party that won last elections with a crushing score. Plus this agency is highly linked to secret services into watching people and getting their help into creating penal accusations for the ruling coalition members.
    One of them who was also a candidate for 2014 elections (which he lost) proves he was spied on for 6 YEARS, 24/7. 6 years that they followed his every move expecting something that they could use against him. Which implies that you believe is is guilty of something to begin with, when you start listening, but mandate was provided simply because "you never know" :)))

    Last week audio tapes leaked on how these guys at NAcA were pressuring suspects to actually sign false statements about other politicians (that they never even MET in real life). That false statement following to be used at manufacturing a penal case against politicians that did not want to obey the system. So we have hours of audio tapes where NAcA prosecutors were manufacturing witnesses, evidence and actions that never took place.

    So the ruling party is currently trying to change the justice law, so prosecutors can be held responsible for their actions (which is the norm in western countries for decades), because at this moment, the law sees prosecutors as some kind of untouchables which is not right.

    NAcA and the secret services, hired hoards of people and trained them into manipulation. And here is where Facebook comes into play. These trained manipulators create dozens of accounts each, post on facebook, like each other's article about how the ruling party is trying to allow corruption to flourish. Articles on Facebook get trending and based on the algorithms they are recommended to people who read an article with made up facts about how the corrupt ruling party is trying to put a leash on anti-corruption efforts, see that article was liked by thousands and suddenly they believe that.

    • so if you've seen news about Romania protests, those were manipulated protests.
      It's a horrible time where people do not even bother to read the actual facts behind what they see online.
      Given that I personally am against the ways of NAcA, hearing people spew false rumours they read on Facebook is making me sick. Plus I can easily take their "arguments" apart because the facts used in the articles they read are simply made up. Those who make the articles simply count on "emotions" and not "rationality" of those targeted.

      One simple fact that should quiet all critics is: the changes in the justice reform are about 90% proposed by judges and magistrates, as their "guilds" were invited to take part into this change process by the ruling party.
      Yet this movement started by NAcA is highly poisonous and tries their best to stop the ruling party and remove them from power. It's like communism all over again with aid of modern day technology.

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    • I was looking through the answers I gave, as I always do and stumbled over this.
      Recently Cambridge Analitica was accused of manipulating people through facebook and one of the guys was recorded stating "we already did this in an Eastern Europe country and they did not even know it".
      One journalist found a document signed between mother company of Cambridge (called LSC or something) and the Department of State for funding of "anti-corruption study" in Romania at the same time the protests in Romania against "corrupt ruling party" started.

      One more interesting fact: before Cambridge Analytica was managed by this guy recorded saying they already used their "ways" in Eastern Europe, Cambridge was managed by a romanian guy, who died in strange circumstances.

    • Starting from the recordings that prosecutors were literally making up things & Given the anti-corruption fight stinks big time, some media outlets unleashed their journalists into digging up.
      proves there was a secret protocol between the secret service and the prosecutors, so the secret service agents were allowed, not only to spy on people as they pleased, but to get involved in the actual case when they had no expertise to do so.
      There were instances where "evidence" was brought up by the secret service, yet they were secret. Meaning? The judge was told "we have something, but this is national security stuff and we cannot actually present it, but we consider that prison sentence is the most appropriate". The suspect had no way of defending, the judge was forced to believe all those guys were stating. If he did not, he would risk getting charged or removed from doing his job.

  • Absolutely. I never see friends anymore. They all make excuses and say it is just easier to talk online. It's a chore for them to go outside and hang out.

  • Social media isn't controlling anything. You have every right to go outside and talk to your neighbor.

  • Well, I'm introverted and prefer online correspondence to in-person communication. So I would say that a large majority of people online are introverts.

  • Yes, it is obvious. Its the medium we are using to communicate. So of course its up to the discretion of the companies to control (in a way) how we communicate with other users on the platform

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  • I agree so much!! It has become such dominant idea in our society, that everyone needs an Smartphone/Tablet to be 'cool'. and Social Media is a Race of EGO BOOST and Self- centeredness... People don't call as often, because they are afraid or unsure on how to handle someone else reaction, although calling is 100x quicker and easier rather than texting 5 messages and waiting 'to know where we are meeting' or so...

    I see it on the streets, everyone is staring into their Smartphones, looking like zombies.

    At least in my old little town people still greet each other on the streets and you'd have a conversation with the next door neighbor. And worse of them all is the generation younger than us, all they seem to think about is 'how many likes did I get?' or 'Am I popular?' They literally get born with an iPad or iPhone.. URGH... i am not saying all of them are but lets just say 75%... It drives me crazy seriously, all this bullcrap on insta or whatever. Society gets so forced into 'sharing everything that happens' that they THEMSELVES are putting in danger, but then they complain about how they dont have any privacy.

  • I agree but how did this even get published? its a really small mytake


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