The Positive Side To Pakistan :)

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Often in the media, we see the oppression that goes on in Pakistan. And there is no denying oppression goes on in Pakistan- oppression happens all over the world. In even in first world countries such as the UK and the USA- opression happens.

And of course we need to speak out about oppression which goes in Pakistan and around the world.

My main problem is, I feel like a lot of the time, Pakistan is shown only for it's oppression. And that's what people see Pakistan for, only for it's oppression.

I know many on here are American so I'm going to use the USA as an example. Oppression goes on in the USA. Imagine the only thing reported to the world about the USA was sexual assault that goes on there, the racism that goes on there, the poverty that goes on there. How would the world, and I as someone born and raised in the UK view the USA? I'd view it as oppressive, and so would other world citizens.

But while sexual assault, racism and poverty are problems the USA faces - like many other countries, the good things about the USA also get reported. We hear of wonderful things about the USA too, like how it's fighting against it's problems- and we see good things that happen there.

And because I see the positive reports as well as the negative ones that leads me over here, in the UK to think: "In instances the USA has problems. But I don't think it's fair to think it's problems solely represent the country, because actually, good things happen there too, like any other place in the world."

When it comes to Pakistan people think: "Pakistan is an oppressive country." And I'm going to hold my hands up and say, even I as a British Pakistani thought of it as an oppressive country for sometime.

But thanks to the internet, I've been able to see things about the country- the good things. And I want to share that with you guys.

I think it's important to share these things so the people within Pakistan don't get stereotyped for being a certain way, and if we show the good side to things, all the people trying to end the oppression in Pakistan get to be known and their work only gets amplified which is a good thing.

So without further redue let's get into this!

I found a few videos on YouTube which are actually pretty cool, and show a side to Pakistan which I think not many across the world get to see- so I'm going to be sharing and discussing these videos with you.

#1 "The Rise of Women in Pakistan"

This is a video by a YouTuber called "Drew Binskey" who is amazing, this man has an aim to visit every country in the world- which is in my eyes, admirable and the best way to beat ignorance. He reports well too, stating facts and his own experiences.

I love this video because it shows amazing Pakistani women, of a diverse range of professions and I think these women are doing an amazing job of fighting for equality, and killing a stereotype within their country!

#2 "Traveling Pakistan: What the media doesn't show you"

The dude who made this series of vlogs is called "Alexander Daniel" and I honestly believe he deserves an award for his journalism. He speaks better Urdu than me- and I'm British Pakistani lol- but saying that where my family are from in Pakistan we speak Mirpuri which is like a mix of Urdu and Punjabi- but even then, I'm not that good at speaking it lol.

I just love how instead of following the media, like a sheep, he decided to venture out into Pakistan and speak about the stereotypes what Americans believe about Pakistanis and the stereotypes Pakistanis believe about Americans.

And by making these vlogs, he is killing the stereotypes what Americans believe about Pakistanis, and he is showing the Pakistanis the stereotypes what they believe about Americans are wrong too. He's uniting all around. Total respect to this guy.

#3 Pakistani Female Boxing Club

I remember watching an RT documentary about this, with my dad and even as British Pakistanis- we were surprised this existed. With what the majority of the media portray to us about Pakistan, a lot of us would never believe female boxing clubs in Pakistan existed.

And what I really love about this is firstly the hardwork and dedication of these girls in Pakistan who box, and secondly, what a boxing coach called "Mohammad Yunas Qambrani" said in this video:

Our country's progress and our girls' progress lies in getting equal opportunities so they can move forward, shoulder to shoulder with men. Only then progress is possible. So my wish is girls should come out into the open.

And seeing that there are men supporting these girls in learning a male dominated sport like boxing, eliminates the stereotype that "Pakistani men believe in oppressing women".

#4 Cassie De Pecol about Pakistan

This girl is a Guinness World Record holder. She became the first woman to travel every country in the world in the shortest time period.

She claims the most surprising country she visited was Pakistan. She claimed that the media leads people to believe that Pakistan is dangerous. When she went to Pakistan she went to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and she says she felt like she was "take into the arms by the people" in Pakistan. She says she felt "completely safe and fine" even when she was walking around on her own, and she said that she didn't have to "cover-up" in Pakistan either.

Once again, she is an amazing woman killing massive misconceptions.

#5 Two American Women Visiting Pakistan

This was such a lovely vlog to watch. They looked like they were having such fun, they visited some beautiful sights in Pakistan and even raised awareness about pollution in Pakistan. They even claimed their favourite part about their visit to Pakistan was the people.

Amazing women. :)

#6 English Girl In Pakistan

This awesome girl tries making roti in Pakistan, and she looks like she's enjoying herself. When we make roti at home, we don't make it like this, so it's cool seeing it being made in a different way and I want to try this myself one day :)

#7 Why is Everything FREE in Pakistan?!

This amazing guy (another Drew Binsky) showed us that in Pakistan the hospitality is so sweet that people he met - and not just his friends, even strangers would not let him pay for anything because he was a guest in their country.

Hospitality to guests is apart of Pakistani and Muslim culture. I had a friend who used to walk with me to secondary school, and sometimes we'd pick our younger siblings up from their primary school together. She came to our house, almost every morning and my dad would give her breakfast even if she said she didn't want it because my dad feels bad if we have guests and they don't eat from our house. So she'd eat breakfast with us. :)

That's all I have time for, today...

I showed you guys 9 videos today but there were so many more on the internet showing a positive side to Pakistan. I am really thankful that these videos exist, and these vloggers post these videos because even as a British Pakistani I have always been worried about going to Pakistan because for a long time, I've only seen it being portrayed in a negative light. I have never been outside of England before, by the way.

But these videos have actually shown me, it isn't as dangerous as the majority of the media claim.

And actually I think I'm going to write these types of MyTakes for more countries than just Pakistan because I have wrongly held prejudices (which I am not proud of) about certain countries because of my ignorance. I would love to learn more about the world, rather than just believe what I hear from person X.

These vlogs make me want to travel the world, but right now, that is wayyy out of my budget so for now, I'll just stick to watching and reviewing the vlogs- from independent vloggers.

And for those of you who might say "Well if they went to certain parts in Pakistan it wouldn't be very as nice" or something along those lines- what I have to say to that is like any country Pakistan will have good parts and it will have bad parts. It's not fair that we empathise the bad and dismiss the good. Because the good could help heal the bad.

I'm sure there are good parts in America which I also want to visit. But if I went to a part in America where say the KKK was, and they could get away with harming me- I'm sure they would. That doesn't mean I let that bad part of America, represent the whole of America.

Anyways, I enjoyed writing this MyTake, I hope you enjoyed reading it- and I think these travel vlogs are becoming my new addiction.

Thank you for reading :)

The Positive Side To Pakistan :)
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  • motownplayer2000
    Trust, no one, especially the media will care about the positive side to anyone that isn't on there agenda. Ask the multitude of cultures and counties that get trashed, but have a lot more to offer.
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  • Tyladron
    There was a Pakistani transfer student in my highschool two years ago, and I quite enjoyed hanging out with him, as well as learning about his home and culture. I'm very open minded
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Most Helpful Girls

  • NickiB
    Great mytake. It's true media always focuses on the negative because it draws the viewers that if you're not from there you don't get to see how nice a place it can be.
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    • The only non-ignorant comment on this post

    • NickiB

      Thank you. Don't let judgmental people get to you. There's a lot of close minded people in this world.

    • NickiB

      Thanks for mho

  • Pamina
    Nice myTake. We should never forget all the positive sides of *any* country, no matter how much bad we hear from it.
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  • Katerina_Belle
    I’m sorry but I disagree. I’m half Pakistani and I have been to Pakistan. Whilst life for the rich is amazing there - like for any rich person in any country - the life of the poor however is worse than an animal in the UK. The UK has taxes and it uses these taxes to fund education, nhs, law and order, housing, benefits for the disabled and unemployed and many many more essential things that is available to every British citizen free of charge. Pakistan treats the poor like shit, if you’re disabled and alone you would die without care and medication. Not to mention the crimes also. Honour killings, child marriages, and many things go unpunished and as freely as one would go shopping. Yes these crimes also happen in the UK but in the UK the law punishes these perpetrators and it’s definitely not easy to get away with any crime without being caught here.

    I know your post was to highlight the positives in Pakistan but this only applies to the rich and privileged people in Pakistan. Pakistan is not a safe country for a young girl.
    • You're misunderstanding who this post is about.

      It's about the people of Pakistan. The point of this post was to highlight the Pakistani people who want change. These vloggers didn't look like they went to the rich in Pakistan.

    • Twenty2

      I agree with you @Katerina_Belle plus, it doesn't matter if you're rich too, nowadays rich girls from Hindu, Christian or sikh families are being abducted, converted and married off to some old man and then the court gives its verdict that no one can leave Islam or the girl belongs to the husband and it's husband's choice!

    • agree with you yaar to some extent :)

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  • Sevenpointfive
    girl your family fled pakistan to get away from it!!! be grateful you didn't endure what your family did. i sometimes don't understand your love for pakistan
    • My grandparents didn't flee Pakistan because of they had fleed they would have never visited Pakistan regularly. My grandfather went last year again, and one of my uncles who is British Pakistani visited regularly.

      My grandparents were called over, like many other Pakistanis, to work in Britain and because there was opportunity for them in Britain, they took it.

    • i would certainly question as to why they are moving back and forth. i'd like to pm because the picture painted of pakistanis in britain isn't so clear anymore.

    • for those downvoting i'm trying to understand the situation. i've never met a pakistani i didn't like

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  • ginger_supremacist
    'Sexual assault' in the USA that you use is example for 'opression', is nothing compared to normal treatment of women in Pakistan. I hear recently four girls were murdered in Pakistan cause there was a video of them dancing with boys. I'm sorry but you just can't compare the two. Plus it constantly harbors terrorists.
    • Exactly. "You hear", hear from where? If you'd bothered to watch the videos I'd shared you'd see a woman was dancing in the middle of the road with a Pakistani man, they didn't murder her.

      "Plus it constantly harbours terrorists" if it did then why are American people visiting and coming back completely fine?

    • Incorrect. The government hiding terrorists is not the same as everyone being a terrorist. The streets being safe in big cities doesn't mean that rural areas are.

      The five (not four) girls lived in the village 'Kohistan'

      If you Google 'pakistan dancing girls murdered' countless articles about it will be the first result.

      by the way. Some of them were just clapping.

      You can complain about the west all you like but no where in the free world will you be killed for clapping.

    • Kalwar


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  • Twenty2
    Plus, there are blasphemy laws which can kill the person even if there is no solid proof!

    It's a simple logic if a rapist donates 10% of his income doesn't change the fact that he's a rapist. Pakistan was established on the basis of religion and minorities suffer because of this. The country's only goal is ghazwa-e-hind
    • The video you have provided is a biased source. Did you hear about the Asia Bibi case? I didn't agree with locking her up, nor did I agree with the Pakistani extremists. I thought there needed to be justice and they did not need to lock her up for 8 years, the way they did.

      Thank Allah the Pakistani supreme court came to the correct decision and IK has warned the extremists:

    • Twenty2

      Imran Khan is doing these actions in order to get pakistan's name off of FATF grey list! Other than that, he doesn't gives a shit. The links that I have provided are true. That's shit is happening that too in UK!

  • deadman69
    Well people believe too much of what they see on the news. They don't even do research. They think that what the news said is written in stone. There's dark sides to everything. But there's also a bright side as well. People should do proper research. Talk to the people. Before just slapping bad terrifying and horrible on their whole community. Brilliant take by the way
    • Thank you- even after showing these videos- most of which are independent people still choose to be blinded by ignorance. Now you live in Pakistan, you're not from a rich family- and you're not any of these negative stereotypes. I honestly think you should write something as a person living in Pakistan.

    • deadman69

      Haha not a great writer🤔

  • Kalwar
    So far I know, Pakistan is a Dangerous Country to Go and Travel, Government of Most Countries issues a Advisory to tourist to either No Go or take extra Precautions to Visit Places Like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Middle East because lot's of Terrorist organisations are Operating from there.
    • I suggest you watch the vlogs I've shared.

    • Kalwar

      And I think the Safest Country in the Middle East is UAE, Dubai is quite Popular amongst Tourists.

    • Why not you watch the vlogs I shared?

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  • DevilsAdvocator
    Nice sentiment, but you really need to understand that Pakistan today is shittier, more backwards, impoverished, uneducated indoctrinated and inbred than the region has ever been, over the course of human history. Pakistan IS an oppressive country- but by nurture, through more than half a century of misgovernment and deliberate social engineering, rather than by nature.
  • esotericstory
    You only choose to address the progressive side of Pakistan. Not any of the traditions. What kind of traditional dress does Pakistan have? Its folk songs? What about its pre-Islamic religion? We haven't learned anything about these topics. I suppose its all part of the bad side of Pakistan.
    • I'm talking about Pakistan today. Pakistan was founded as a Muslim country, the traditional dress is salwar kameez which originally comes from Turkey, but Pakistan adopted it- nothing wrong with that, I have some lovely sets of salwar kameez myself. Pakistan doesn't really have 'folk songs' but I guess an equivalent to a 'folk song' in Pakistan would be 'Dil Dil Pakistan' which means 'my heart is Pakistan'.

    • What makes you think tradition is not part of today?

    • It is apart of today- and some of the videos showed that.

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  • WalterRadio
    A Pakistani tried to murder me.

    I am not amused.
    • One may have tried to murder you- but that doesn't mean the whole nation is that way.

    • WalterRadio

      Just what do you think would happen to me if I were to go to Pakistan for a few months?

    • It depends on which part you go to I suppose. But if you went to the places the vloggers went in these videos- you'd probably get treated the way they did.

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  • pewdiepie_
    Pakistan has produced finest Terrorists in the world.
    Who can forget Osama and World Trade Centre?
    Pakistan violates daily cease fire with India. Terrorists come from there and kill people, soldiers etc.
    Not to mention the Feb Pulwama Attack.
  • SpacedCharr
    You have missed the point.

    I have a friend who lives in Tel Aviv. He calls me when his house shakes due to the conflict. He works at a bookstore and all he wants out of life is to live it.

    There is no "pro-Palestine", there is no "pro-Israel". There is peace. And nothing else.
  • weirdoweirdo
    Well I would be killed for my political and religious beliefs in Pakistan... So not that great tbh.
    • Were any of the vloggers killed for their political and religious beliefs?

    • Do you think they would update you if they were?


      Because Im a athiest I should be executed according to Pakistani law. Great isn't it...

      "The thirteen countries that had law against atheism or blasphemy, to be punished with death, were all majority Muslim countries;









      Saudi Arabia



      United Arab Emirates


      All of these countries, except Pakistan, allow for capital punishment against apostasy, while Pakistan imposes the death penalty for blasphemy - including a disbelief in God." Death penalty for not believing in "God" what a great fucking country...

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  • AkshiJanjua
    Pakistani people are crazy and always trying to create problems in India by terrorising innocent Indian civilians
    • Yeah, you keep stereotyping. Just remember it wasn't the Pakistani PM banned from going to the USA for a certain amount of time, it was Modi- who was also apart of the RSS a Nazi inspired group.

      Nothing against the Indian people though, I know many are against Modi.

  • Pipeliner87
    Don't care much for pakistan it's a place where women and tourists go to get raped and killed. Any questions? No? Good because it's true.
  • lucas262
    They still harbored Osama bin laden, and the Taliban. Not the populace as much as their government.
    • The Pakistani people have done nothing of the sort.

    • lucas262

      I said the people didn't, their government did and their intelligence agency i think its csll isi knew bin laden was there

  • Shamalien
    You are pretty smart, but you're too damn young and too damn brainwashed. Stop regurgitating this bullshit propaganda at us, please, enough is enough, it's every few days with this shit, seriously, STOP

    To anyone reading the comments, or anyone who's looked into the laws of pakistan, or the history of pakistan, the blood soaked earth upon which it was founded (sorry sihks) you will know it is not as safe a place as the media makes it out to be. You see articles from forbes titled 'why pakistan should be a solo female travel destination' despite the well known rape gangs and the general culture around rape there.

    As in most muslim countries, the victim is more than blamed, they are shamed, they have insults thrown at them, it's truly disgusting, these people are morally reprehensible and I've had it with your ignorant idiocy. Sometimes I'm not sure if you are even just a useful idiot, maybe your taking money
    • I'm not brainwashed. And this is not propaganda these people are independent vloggers. I'm not saying Pakistan is perfect- and in terms of rights of certain demographics yes, it needs to change.

      It's funny how you talk about Sikhs, what about the Sikhs today in India advocating for Khalistan? Why are they doing that?

      And no I'm not taking any money, my bank account is less than three figures.

      The point of this MyTake was to show you while Pakistan has it's problems, there are people there PAKISTANI PEOPLE advocating for change.

    • Shamalien

      Lol I love how u just sidestep the sihk point, muslims came and brutally slaughtered them and took their homeland less than a century ago

    • A century ago. And I don't agree with that. But today, Muslims are standing with them, advocating for Khalistan one way or another. I as a Muslim believe Sikhs deserve Khalistan.

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    Trekkies and Trekkers alike support the respect of all cultures. The Trek Fish Emblem simply says that we can continue to discuss our origins but, as a species, we should focus on what is to come.

    "If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear." - Gene RoddenberryThe Positive Side To Pakistan :)
    • That's an amazing quote <3

    • That's why I love Star Trek we are about inclusion not segregation. We defend each other because of our humanity not our religion, our nation, and never is it about bigotry.

    • Haha I guess I never saw that side of Star Trek. To me it was just an old movie. xD

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  • KieranByrne
    Struggle keeping up with the Country I live in; Thank you for sharing though!
    • You live in the UK? Me too xD

    • Thought you were based in 'NY' or something, as talked about the city University's.
      Yes I am UK based too! 👋😄
      South West, Country side boy.

    • I talked about NY uni's? When? lol xD

      I'm a Yorkshire lass xD

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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    All countries in the world have some good qualities.
  • LimitBreaker
    Was this post written by fucking AL-QAEDA
    • Nah, this post was written by a British Pakistani girl, who actually watch what travellers who have been all over the world have to say about Pakistan.

  • Reddyy
    I love Germay!!!
  • Razal
    Positive and Nice Take