Good Things About Pakistan that Everybody Should Know (Part 1)

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Pakistan which is a fertile South Asian land. Pakistan has produced many rare talents. Thereโ€™re a lot of things everybody should know about Pakistan. Pakistan is not famous only for terrorism but thereโ€™re very awesome things to know.

Science and Technology

Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was a Pakistani student and computer prodigy who, in 2004 at the age of nine, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. She kept the title until 2008.

And now a six-year-old boy from Pakistan has claimed the title of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world.

And yet again Ayan Qureshi is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the tech giant's exam when he was just five years old.

This 14-year-old Pakistani hacker made it to Google's hall of fame.

Waqas Ali has won a Bronze Medal and Microsoft Office Championship.

LUMS faculty won US patent on Advanced Radar Technology credit to Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvia and Faran Awais Butt.

Pakistani Researcher, Haris Aziz, has solved one of the most significant Mathematics problems of the 20th century. He made Pakistanis proud by adding his name to the list of AIโ€™s 10 to Watch last year published by the IEEE.

Imran Khan, a NUCES-FAST graduate, took part in discovery of gravitational waves

A five-person team of undergrad students from National University of Sciences and Technology has made Pakistanโ€™s first ever Formula Electric Car making Pakistan one of the 6 countries to be a part of the Formula SAE Lincoln 2016 competition.

15-year-old Pakistani wins $1.2m Dota2 Asian Championship.

Why Good Indian is writing this Take ?

We had received Great Response from G@G community on our Previous Take.

Things India and Pakistan can Do Instead of Fighting.

Response of Few G@G members.

"*Pakistan is a real shit hole*"

"*Pakistan is literally *$@# country full of terrorists.*"

We are doing Research Work on this topic.

India Believes That Our World is One Family.


It is not that whether Pakistan is good or India is good for that matter any country. Ultimately the main point here is that each citizen of the respective country would be PROUD of everything the country does. And I believe that each country is good and has its Own Goodness. It is only because of a FEW of citizens that the name of the country would be spoilt. But in this world there is always a GOOD and BAD side. So let's not condem any country and accept and respect its greatness.

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You can Read Part 2. Our research is still WIP. We will update you.

Thanks to G@G community who is providing us International Platform.

Media / News companies are more concerned about the TRP & viewer engagement rather than just the actual news.

They need to spice it, glamorize it, overwhelm it, create a controversial view point, so as to get the viewers attention.




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**The author of This Take (Being a Good Indian) is Hindu (Religion : Humanity)

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  • I am a Pakistani and I must say I really appreciate your efforts. India and Pakistan should resolve theor politicak differences amicably (especially kashmir issue) and live in harmony.

    • Thanks for your appreciation. We all are living on HEAVENLY EARTH. It's possible. We are youth of our countries. If possible share on Social Media.

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  • I don't have a problem with Pakistan per se, its the military government that sows this poison. Their radical approach to an Islam governed country won't enable them to progress much, they don't have so many of the problems that India has which could have been used to their advantage but they suppress any sort of ideology they find 'insulting' to Islam.

  • Previously, I was brainwashed by people around me about Pakistan.
    I used to hate it. butI always believed that all people are not same.

    Then , about 2 years before i started to know more. I discovered that Pakistan is very famous for FOOD and MUSIC

    Nowadays some people in Pakistan are trying to adopt Arbi culture...

    The pattern on naming has laso changed a lot.

    But now i add COMPUTER SCIENCE to my list.

    Ek Bharat , Akhand Bharat
    Just let us live together.

    Bharat Maa ki jai

  • Eh so some Microsoft related stuff is not much to talk about. If you want to talk good things about Pakistan why the heck you didn't mention how good they are in the cricket? None of the things you mentioned seem really that special to me, but you have one of the world's best cricket teams.

    • Thanks For Sharing Your Valuable Opinion.

      *"You can Read Part 2. Our research is still WIP. We will update you."*

      We had already mentioned in our Take. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Pakistan Zindabad!!

    India Jai Ho!!!

  • I just have one question. Why is it that only Pakistanis have tried to kill me?

  • At least someone is promoting friendly relationship with the neighbours

  • Nice mytake ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Unfortunately i don't know much about pakistan but i heard it's not a good place to live. What could you say about this?

  • I am not drawing back my handshake, but i am never letting my guards,
    there are assholes in every nation,
    we trust the good people and let the guards down, that is when As$hole strikes and conflicts arise..

  • Interesting thanks

  • Amazing.

  • Lmao