Sand Hollow State Park Utah & South


I have shared several winter photographs, Snowstorm & Yellowstone

Now here is a location that is not usually that cold. Sand-hollow State Park

Sand-hollow State Park In Southern Utah

This is my take on it, with some of my photos. Here is an overhead Google Maps view, for a visual aid to the location.

I am a huge ATV/SxS fan, I have been driving & riding ATV four-wheelers since I was 7-8 years old on the family farm, and SxS for about 5 years.

I have been here to Sand Hollow on three different occasions. One of the main attractions is to go off-roading in the sand or rock crawling.

If you do not know what rock crawling is, or you just want to watch some crazy people do it. Check this out, it is a little long but well done.

My first time here was with the SxS Adventure Rally

Being new to an area it is helpful to have guided rides, to avoid any unfortunate deadly accidents, and have assistance should the worse happen.

Day 1, The Reservoir Staging Area

We staged near here
We staged near here

It was a very windy day on the first day. It is often windy, it's how Sand Mountain got created.

Who needs a road?
Who needs a road?
Getting lined up for the guided rides
Getting lined up for the guided rides

On the south end of the park, is what is known as Sand Mountain, a giant rock formation that catches the sand and has created sand dunes.

My boyfriend at the time, got us stuck in the Dunes three times, two of which were by the Reservoir in tiny 3-5 foot sandbanks. He decided it was best that he not drive anymore, as he wasn't very good at it.

I am glad we were part of the group and they were able to help get us unstuck.

I never got stuck in the sand ever, not saying it couldn't happen, I just never slowed down enough to risk it.

Climbing Up To The Top

There is a tunnel that takes us to the base of Sand Mountain from the staging area, at which point you either have to climb straight up the dunes to the top or go a roundabout way, which involves rock crawling.

We went the roundabout way, west then through the funnel, and various other obstacles.

Our first long break was a view looking Southwest towards St. George.

Hope you are not afraid of heights
Hope you are not afraid of heights
Looking South towards the edge
Looking South towards the edge

Top of the world.

Sand Hollow State Park Utah & South

Top of the world is known just as that for the park. Took a good part of the day to make it here.

Looking NE from Top of the World
Looking NE from Top of the World

In that little building there is a pit toilet built into the side just sort of hanging there.

Yep it hangs off the side
Yep it hangs off the side

You'll notice a distinct lack of trees or bushes, I am ever so grateful to have this.

After the nice long restroom break for everyone and lunch not too far after this, we moved onto the Flintstone house rock formation.

Flintstone house
Flintstone house

After here, we went a few more places, but no real long stops for pictures, or not enough room for everyone to stop at once.

Then we ended up going straight down the dunes to the bottom, we went pretty fast with quite a few times going airborne. That was pretty fun.

For those who have never driven on dunes, you slide all over the place, don't stop, unless it's harder sand or rock, don't slow down when you hit the tops of a hill, make sure it is clear before going.

I am a great Sand Dunes driver and an average rock crawler.

Day 2

The next day, we did a ride that did not climb up to the top of Sand Mountain, instead, it went west and all the way around it to the south.

This is outside of the state park, but still quite fun.

We were on top of that the day before
We were on top of that the day before

Fort Pearce

Fort ruins from a distance
Fort ruins from a distance

I enjoy history, was happy to be able to hike out and explore the old pioneer fort.

Someone has been camping here
Someone has been camping here

After which we headed Northeast

View of horizon
View of horizon

Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site

The last stop for day 2 was to visit a dinosaur track site, where you can see fossilized dinosaur tracks.

Long gone critter left its footstep in mud
Long gone critter left its footstep in mud

After which we went east and north back up into the state park and called it a day.

Day 3

This started similar to day 1, same direction but with harder obstacles. After almost crashing and my boyfriend getting too scared and bailing out on me, saying he was going to walk to safety, I got the machine through that obstacle without him and then we decided to freestyle it and take it easy. We just did some dune riding and exploring solo the rest of the day.

We made it very far south into Arizona and back.

If You're Going To Visit

There are two campgrounds, in the park or plenty of hotels nearby in Hurricane or The Washington/St George Area.

I personally stay in a hotel, to take nice long showers and get the sand out of all the places one would never think you could actually get it while riding.

I would not recommend coming here in the summer, well over 100 degrees, I went the first time in November and it was a comfy 70 degrees, the second time was Feb, and the third in March.

Take lots of water and emergency supplies. I always carry a PLB just in case. Even though your are not far from civilization, walking down for help could take a very long time.

Take a bandana or face mask to protect your lungs, lots of sand and dust.

Don't forget your flags, for safety as required by law for riding in Sand Dunes, and do please try to keep the tires facing down.

This was how my first time there went, the other two was all free styling, just doing whatever we wanted to do, successfully having loads of fun.

Sand Hollow State Park Utah & South
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  • ChrisMaster69
    Great write up and looks epic, something I would definitely do.

    I’ve done some dune bashing stuff out in Dubai, Oman etc.

    that’s mainly just rich people with expensive off road SUVs

    Also done a fair bit of snow and ice driving which is just mad lol

    If it’s crazy and involves ‘cars’ I’m up for it,
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  • exitseven
    Sounds like lot of fun.
    I had a International Scout and I used to do hill climbs. I wish I took some pictures of this. It was a lot of fun although scary when you didn't quite make it to the top before the wheels started spinning.
    Funny 1 Person
    • True, I did get a go pro later but takes freaking forever to process stuff, especially not having very good internet in rural America, could be uploading an 8 minute recording for 12 hours... so I gave that up. Sticking with still shots.

  • lightbulb27
    Good writeup, thanks for sharing!

    @midnightmoon05 fun?:)
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    • For sure. 💗 April is prob. our best bet.
      @Aeirssa_Jade great write up and thank you for the recommends

    • @midnightmoon05 Your welcome, have fun if you go there.

    • Do you happen to know if there are "less challenging" options. I don't need to climb mountains... just drive and see scenery. any recommended tour companies?

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  • Dragonpurple
    I've been there twice, well done in what you wrote up, in this mytake.
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  • BillyBalls
    Sounds like fun!!!
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    • It really is, although I like trail riding better than this, but that is summer time only in the mountains.

  • emperor90
    Looks intresting it is nice
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  • jimmy2
    Thank you so much its beautiful
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