5 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation in South Dakota

Here's why you need to visit the Black Hills and by the way, we're called the Black Hills because the trees are so dark they actually look gray. Anyway here are the reasons why you should want to vacation in South Dakota:

5. Crazy Horse, the next National Monument

They're building a monument to the infamous native American Crazy Horse and it won't be done for a long time, but still you can see part of history.

4. The Natural Beauty

Everywhere you'll find fishing spots and hunting grounds and hiking; locations unlike any other.

3. The Badlands

2. Mount Rushmore

Arguably the most famous monument in all of America, it's a spectacle that has to be seen in person to appreciate.

1. Me

The Best Gagger by far lives here. 👌🏻


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  • I prefer Montana and Wyoming

    • Lol Wyoming is literally the worst you can ask anyone who lives there

    • I've been to wyoming, I fucking loved it

    • I'm sure I like visiting but all my friends there hair it cause it's small cold and no fun things for kids

  • I was there Jared once. You probably where like 5 hahaha