Donald Won - Why It Happened

Donald Won - Why It Happened

Before we get started - nope, don't care for Hillary nor Donald. America could've definitely done better in both cases.

Donald Won - Why It Happened

America - as you all know - is a land of diversity and a true melting pot of sorts.


But, it seems people are giving up on that notion. They've become fed up with racial sensitivity, female empowerment, and they're giving their lives into the hands of a person whose ideas and notions look very much like Hitler's notions.

Donald Won - Why It Happened

Something you should take into consideration, now that you no longer have a choice:

Research has shown Donald has won due to all of the uneducated people who voted for him.

Since the majority of states who voted for him have a low level of people with at least a Bachelor's Degree. With this being said, all we can conclude is that people who voted for him don't really like to think for themselves (or they can't) ... and are okay with it because Donald will think for them. Reminds you of someone?

Education plays a big role in a person's life - undeniably so. It shapes the way they see the world, the way they interpret people's words and claims, the ease with which they can be tricked and convinced of other people's beliefs. Learning to think is important. No matter what anyone says.

Donald winning can only mean that people who voted for him not only feel like he will keep his word, but are banking on it. Meaning: they're more than alright with his slurs, sexism, racism, sexual abuse and probably support it.

If he does everything he says he's going to do, America might become a Nazi sort of Germany; a bit more liberal, but also way too restricted to mesh well with what Americans have been used to up until now.

But will he have that much say? Probably not.

Will he be respected and loved well into the next 4 years? Depends entirely on him.

One thing is for sure. People who didn't vote for him will be watching him very closely. Keep in mind: impeachment!

Good luck, America!

You voted, you got it!

Donald Won - Why It Happened


Coming out of this election I can honestly say I only wholeheartedly dislike one person: Ted Nugent.

Donald Won - Why It Happened
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  • xHoneyxBeex
    Completely disagree for multiple reasons.

    1) Comparing Trump to Hitler is just beyond irrational. I can't even take that seriously.

    2) I completely disagree that Trump won because his voters are "uneducated" or "lack the ability to think for themselves." In contrast, most Trump supporters voted for him due to their ability to be free thinking individuals and not blindly believe everything the media spoon feeds them. The media was never on Trump's side, that much was obvious. This election just proved that people are fed up with the mass media in America AND the political establishment.

    3) I fail to see how Trump is against women or minorities. As a woman, Hillary makes me feel like I *should* be a victim. I don't need anyone telling me when I should be offended by something. Telling me that as a woman I should be offended by mean things Trump said is beyond condescending. Hillary and other liberal politicians act like being a woman is inevitably a downfall in America so I should use my gender as a crutch. I fundamentally disagree. I voted for Trump because I am an empowered woman who CAN think for myself. My political views and values align FAR more with him than the opposing candidate. Under Trump, I don't have to worry about losing my 2nd amendment right to defend myself. I am responsible for myself and my own personal safety. I don't rely on the government to take care of me.

    4) The term "educated" is relative. Just because someone goes to college doesn't mean they are smarter than someone who doesn't. It depends on the individual and what they chose to do with their own life. There are MANY people in America who did not attend college and therefore, do not have college degrees, but that doesn't mean they are stupid.

    This myTake pretty much reinforces why he won. Ultimately, this happened because people got tired of being labeled as a "racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot" for NO legitimate reason. Name calling people is not the way to garner support for your opinions, being able to hold a mature conversation as ADULTS is. Therefore, maybe people on the political left should take the time to reflect on the outcome of this election and their strategy, and maybe next time they will have better luck.
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    • Sexual abuse isn't a 'legitimate reason'? People today scare me...

    • + contradicting a holocaust victim that knew, first hand, what Hitler was like - is incredibly delusional.

    • Did he go to court and was found guilty of sexually abusing someone? Accusations aren't the same as being found guilty and let's not pretend Hillary is a huge champion of women either. When women came out and accused Bill of rape and sexual assault, she did everything she could to silence them. Ultimately, both candidates were shitty but I based my vote on POLICIES, not emotions. I figured out which candidate I had the most common political views with and it wasn't Hillary.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jjpayne
    wow, that is pretty straight forward. I know there are various reason people voted for trump, one being that the republican party has ethical views that support christian beliefs, I have been told that trump will bring Judges that help support christian views with him into office. There is also the debate with Hillary, was her laundry too dirty and could she be trusted? I think that many people voted on improper impulse and should have been more careful to fully look into trump. But I know a lot of smart people , one specifically that started his own business, has been put into a magazine and still runs that successful business. I think there is more to this then simple mob logic. I can't tell you actually how but I know it for a fact. But this was a bad election with two people with a lot of baggage. A lot of people seemed to settle with trump but there should have been people looking in to the negatives from both sides and judging from there... I felt there was a lot of bias in this election. Honestly though, we were going to lose either way, both lie and both had cover ups and both had too much dirty laundry
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  • Righttobeararms83
    I feel like the notion that a lack of college degrees in the states Trump won in is very elitist. I dud encounter a very privileged elitest class in college that seemed to believe that a degree in liberal arts somehow made them experts on everything and better than the ordinary working "Plebs".
    The main reason why Hillary didn't win was pure and simple, while the most of conservatives/republicans voted republican as they always do religiously a large section of the population thats more inclined to vote Democrat just didn't bother voting as they often dont. 50% of Americans didn't vote, now there are many reasons for this:
    1. Many believed it didn't matter because the media, polls, statistics and Hillary campaign had been hammering home that a Clinton victory was all but inevitable. Very ironic that her PR was so good tha folks were so convinced they didn't vote.
    2. Many democrats felt that Bernie Sanders was their candidate and that Clinton cheated him with a dirty tricks and pulling backroom strings.
    3 Loss of the Black vote. Many Black Americans think Trump Is racist but also believe the Clintons are as bad or worse. Hillary has links to the KKK, Bill put many Blacks in prison for non violent crimes. Then there's Hillary's 2008 dirty tricks campaign against Obama. Then there was a quote involving known racist LBJ and Martin Luther that was seen as a back handed racist comment. There is also southerner Bill Clintons links to approving the flying of a confederate flag while governor.
    4 Loss of the female vote. Trump got 40% of the women's vote who ultimately along with the women who didn't vote rejected her, they weren't willing to vote for her just because she was a woman. Women remembered her history of covering her husband's sexual abuse, that Hillary threatened Bill's victims, her defending of a paedophile by putting a 12 year old on the stand and saying she wanted to be raped later laughing about in a bar.
    5. She called tens of millions of voters deplorable. Never heard of such a thing.
    6 Corruption. Due to her taking more money from corporations than any other candidate democrat or Republican she was seen as corrupte.
    7. Criminal investigation. The FBI is just the latest of criminal investigations that have dogged her and Bill for years.
    8 Incompetence. She was seen as incompetent.
    I could go on all day.
    Hillary lost an election that any other democrat candidate could have won and thats how she will be remembered by democrats.
  • Fathoms77
    Well, first of all, a college education is no longer any measuring stick for intelligence. They're a dime a dozen in this country and frankly, the education our kids receive at most of these places is a complete joke. Employers are starting to figure that out, by the way, and it's why experience is becoming far more valuable to businesses than degrees. I know a lot of college graduates who are, in point of fact, complete morons.

    Furthermore, as colleges are SO far left, it stands to reason that people who went to college (especially recently) are far more likely to be democrats.
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    • You can't blame smart people for wanting the government to be as less involved with their lives as it can be...
      But I do agree - about the education nowadays.
      The problem is - not only 18-30 year old people voted.


      thank you !

      so tired of people making condescending remarks about how going to college makes people more intelligent than others when the reality is that these idiots get indoctrinated with liberal bs on campus by crooks like bill clinton.


      and um littlesally, American campuses have been left since the 60s... you heard of uc berkeley?

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  • RationalMale
    Trump won because of race. For decades, the Right has been trying to play politics as a game of ideas. The Left has been playing it as pure race/identity politics for decades, and Obama blatantly sided with Black Lives Matter even at the funeral for the Dallas cops.

    Problem is, whites are realizing you play the same game or you fall behind. So the GOP has become the white party and the DNC has become the black/brown party.
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  • Longshoreman
    I've seen several times people saying Trump won because of uneducated people voted for him. With that being said let me pose this question. If that was the case wouldn't that prove that our education system is bias and is teaching students what the people in charge want them to believe.
    • Nope. It's teaching them to think for themselves.

    • It's kind of a nature thing, to think for yourself. I would think most would know that by now, to think for themselves. Education, only enforces that

    • @thissiteisforpervs my experience of college was that mos students were sheep looking for someone to lead them and tell them what to think, anyone that thought otherwise was ostracised.

  • Thisperson98
    I am in college now, and almost none of my classes have anything that could affect how I voted. I do not need any history classes, I just need one economics class, that I already had in High School. Also I know plenty of people who do not have a college education and they are extremely smart.
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    • Guy down the street from me, is a high school drop out. Picks garbage for a living, racist as all fuck

  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    The Donald won.
    Nobody cares what you think.
    The End.
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  • gotc147
    Well, it appears the liberals did not learn their lesson...

    You are the personification of why Trump won, you don't have even a sliver of proof that the vast majority of Trump supporters are racist, sexist or anything else that you said they are. People simply got tired of being called all those names with ZERO merit.

    I STRONGLY suggest you take this election as a learning experience and re-evaluate the way you think of and interact with people who think differently than you.

    Keep up this BS and you'll be hearing "President Trump" until 2024.

    And as a side note, impeachment votes take place in the House, which is controlled by Republicans, impeachment hearings take place in the Senate, which is also controlled by Republicans. The hearings are overheard by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is a Republican. I suggest you abandon this harebrained idea NOW.
    • Good point maybe liberals should get off their backsides and vote the next time.

  • jakebrake7
    Sadly a lot of educated folks voted for him too. This proves that education can't fight ignorance.
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    • So you think that anyone that voted for trump is ignorant?

    • jakebrake7

      @Longshoreman It's a fact that most trump supporters don't believe in basic scientific facts such as global warming.

    • What does global warming have to do with anything?

  • Zorax
    Outstanding Take, svaka čast zemljakinjo, slažem se 100% :D
  • Saoirse_Nua
    A little bit harsh in describing DT's base, I think a lot of it is frustration with Washington - One of the striking things about CNN's exit poll was 72% said they wanted change and had decided their vote in the summer - If Bernie had won democratic nomination and ran against a mainstream republican candidate, he might have got a similar wave - Who knows maybe Donald can pull it out of the bag and be a president for the half that didn't vote for him as well as delivering some of the promises to his base.
    everyone who voted to save the country is uneducated? lol ok sure whatever you say. getting brainwashed by leftist ideologies makes a person smarter than others? what a crock of shit.

    you don't know what it's like to grow in a working class family in america especially in a diverse area. i'd like to see you try to live in the hood for a few days.

    if you don't shut up and know your place you'd get gangbanged in the parking lot at school while girls and guys stand around to film it and laugh and tell the guys to keep going. that's what happens in my hometown in california.
    • righties think lefties are brainwashed and lefties think righties are brainwashed. until they get along, this will always happen

  • FakeName123
    Comparing Trump to Hitler. Stopped reading here.
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  • Marinepilot
    I disagree. I think he will be good.
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  • Adigelunar
    thats good