Donald Won - Why It Happened

Donald Won - Why It Happened

Before we get started - nope, don't care for Hillary nor Donald. America could've definitely done better in both cases.

Donald Won - Why It Happened

America - as you all know - is a land of diversity and a true melting pot of sorts.


But, it seems people are giving up on that notion. They've become fed up with racial sensitivity, female empowerment, and they're giving their lives into the hands of a person whose ideas and notions look very much like Hitler's notions.

Donald Won - Why It Happened

Something you should take into consideration, now that you no longer have a choice:

Research has shown Donald has won due to all of the uneducated people who voted for him.

Since the majority of states who voted for him have a low level of people with at least a Bachelor's Degree. With this being said, all we can conclude is that people who voted for him don't really like to think for themselves (or they can't) ... and are okay with it because Donald will think for them. Reminds you of someone?

Education plays a big role in a person's life - undeniably so. It shapes the way they see the world, the way they interpret people's words and claims, the ease with which they can be tricked and convinced of other people's beliefs. Learning to think is important. No matter what anyone says.

Donald winning can only mean that people who voted for him not only feel like he will keep his word, but are banking on it. Meaning: they're more than alright with his slurs, sexism, racism, sexual abuse and probably support it.

If he does everything he says he's going to do, America might become a Nazi sort of Germany; a bit more liberal, but also way too restricted to mesh well with what Americans have been used to up until now.

But will he have that much say? Probably not.

Will he be respected and loved well into the next 4 years? Depends entirely on him.

One thing is for sure. People who didn't vote for him will be watching him very closely. Keep in mind: impeachment!

Good luck, America!

You voted, you got it!

Donald Won - Why It Happened


Coming out of this election I can honestly say I only wholeheartedly dislike one person: Ted Nugent.

Donald Won - Why It Happened
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