Did Trump Think He Would Win?


When Trump began his bid for the presidency, he called just about everybody names throughout the primary. He sounded more like a playground bully than a candidate for America's highest office. And when he won the primary, he continued the name calling and bullying.

Did Trump Think He Would Win?

He continued the fight to win the election. But now his Trump Tower was the center of a no-fly zone and the tower was blockaded by heavy loaded dump trucks and police. It was a disruption to New Yorkers trying to go about their business, especially those who had space inside the tower. Then he won the election and told us that his wife and son will stay in New York until the end of the school year. His wife tells us, though, that she does not want to move to DC at all. She intends to continue living in New York. There still has to be a staff for the White House living quarters, and now a similar staff for New York. Of course, there is a huge security detail in DC. And now there is another in New York. And also duplication of vehicles and equipment. And the no-fly zone continues. Did they not discuss this at all before going for the White House?

Did Trump Think He Would Win?

And what of First Lady duties? The "First Lady" apparently will not be in the White House to greet visiting dignitaries and give them customary tours of the White House. For that matter, Trump will likely take a lot of time off from DC to be in New York. A lot! Maybe we should just sell the White House and use the money to protect the president running around New York.

Did Trump Think He Would Win?

We will have a whole new "White House"!

Did Trump Think He Would Win?

All this lack of planning. Did he really think he would win?

Did Trump Think He Would Win?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Saoirse_Nua
    I will probably get "Incoming" for this but I think you hit the nail on the head - Trump campaign never thought they would win until about 11pm on election night and they looked at the rally rhetoric (1500 binders) and then the policy binder, a blank page - The SNL sketch from last Saturday night summed it up perfectly
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    • Red_Arrow

      I missed that episode. Glad you posted it here. It does seem to sum a lot of it up. :-)

Most Helpful Girl

  • BrileyCat
    Trump doesn't know what he thinks until after he says something.
    Then he changes his mind after someone tells him to.
    Nobody knows what Trump thinks.
    He will have his cuckoo-loony cabinet and advisors do the thinking for him.
    For the next 4 years he will be a thinkless President.
    That's something the people should think about!
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    • Red_Arrow

      Within a few months we will see what is happening. We may not know who came up with the ideas, but we will know who enacted them. And we will begin to see what having him as president will do to our country. Some will change their minds, one way or the other. Some will still believe what they thought before. The only thing we can be sure about is that around half of the country (or more) will be unhappy about this presidency.

    • BrileyCat

      I'll go along with that.
      But look at what his candidacy and his election has already done to the country in the last 1 1/2 years.

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  • Elarra
    I think he believed he would win. I just think he didn't think it'd be such a time consuming job. And now he's going back on all these promises he made.
    • Red_Arrow

      If he believed he would win, then what do you make of all those promises. Did he think he could keep them? Or was he just saying whatever he figured would get him elected?

    • Tycwep

      People criticize every president and seem to think they can do a better job. Now that he actually has the job I think he is realizing it is a lot harder than he thought and he will have a Republican Congress so his job should be easier than Obama's.

    • Elarra

      I think he was just saying whatever would get him elected, which is what every non-Trump supporter was trying to tell the people who voted for him and they all just thought we were idiots.

      Well, jokes on them, now.

  • I have to wonder. I think he wanted to win and that was it. He didn't think about what you happen if he won. He just wanted to win. Now we've got another GW situation on our hands in more ways than one. He didn't win the majority and he doesn't know how to or actually want to do the job.

    Sure he's had fun show ponying around the people he beat infront of him making them beg for jobs. That's his dream. He will simply be a figure head and who is actually about to run this country is just now taking hold. God I actually pray for Mitt to get a seat at the table or anyone reasonable.

    Shit even Perry might be a hope at this point. Trump's appointments are troubling. I don't care that he has now tipped his hat at the fact climate change exists. His appointment of Eco Czar shows what he plans to do to the Paris Agreement.

    We are all just going to have to hold our breadth and wait for 2 years and then two more until the adults and the room can sort out whatever damage he manages to do. I'm counting on The West to float us until then. Canada- do what you must.
    • This is why no country wants to do business with of US of A.


      If you can't stand by your word it means nothing. There needs to be a Consitutional agreement against shit like this ever hapleneing again. It's too important and to US is too unstable to leave it on the shoulders of one person.

    • Red_Arrow

      This is so very true. We can't command respect or be a great country if other countries cannot trust us.

    • You'd better hope that Trump gets us out of that climate treaty or else our way of life will be over. Obama signed us onto that climate fraud without support from Congress so Trump can pull us out of it just as easily. You need to get your facts straight...

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  • TuMeManques
    I think he thought he would win. I do agree with some of the logistical problems you've brought up. Although Michelle Obama had a HUGE staff abd went on extravagant trips often. And Obama takes tons of time off so I doubt Trump will be much worse in that sense.
    • Red_Arrow

      If you doubt Trump will do worse, check out the proposed cost of his planned inauguration. Well beyond either of Obama's. And donated from corporate buddies. So much for "draining the swamp". Michelle had a huge staff and extravagant trips as part of her functioning as First Lady, meeting with foreign dignitaries, assisting in the promotion of programs to improve life for others. Trump;s wife will run up the bills just by existing and will likely do nothing as First Lady, based on what she has said.

    • How much time has Obama taken off? I had thought you had to stay in the white house.

    • Red_Arrow

      @SovereignessofVamps - Presidents do not have to stay in the White House. In fact, their duties often take them far away, such as to foreign countries for meetings. But they also can take vacations. Every time a president takes a vacation, someone with opposing views makes a big deal and claims they are taking more time off than they do. In fact, a bit ago Obama had to travel to Florida on official business. Flights, security, etc. costs a lot. While there he got to pay a round of golf with Tiger Woods. he's detractors added up all the costs of the trip (mostly business) and claimed millions were spent to play a round of golf. Presidents get vacations, but do not believe the bullshit about the amount of time and money on those trips.

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  • ginny_weasley
    Everyone was surprised. Especially him. When he found out he won, his face just says, "oh fuck. What happens now?" He also is surprised that he can't work from home or one of his resorts because that counts as a vacation. He was also surprised to find out he has to hire 4,000 people ASAP. He just assumed he got Obamas people. I wish he got obamas people. He keeps hiring religitards that will make life for an atheist like me, hell.
    • Red_Arrow

      One point I disagree with you on is that I am sure he never intended to keep on the people from Obama's terms. He made it very clear that he would get rid of them immediately. That was part of his "draining the swamp" plan. Of course, that also included not having contributors and lobbyists as his advisors. Then he immediately hired those people. I note that some lobbyists are dropping their registration as lobbyists, but that is still what they are. And then he puts people in charge of departments they want to get rid of. In 2011, then governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who was a candidate for the presidency promised he would abolish three federal agencies: commerce, education and a third that he could not remember, which turned out to be the energy department. Trump is now considering him for the head of that department which oversees America;s nuclear stockpile. Not and agency to do away with.

    • I got from the news can't remember which one though. He's not draining the swamp. McConnell and Ryan are the swamp.

    • Red_Arrow

      lol. Unfortunately they are only part of the swamp.

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  • Fathoms77
    Hard to say what he really thought.

    I do find it funny that this supposedly "misogynistic and racist" man has already asked for two women and a black guy to hold critical positions in his cabinet. Ben Carson should've been Attorney General but at least he'll be head of Housing and Urban Development. I have a lot of respect for that guy, as does the "racist" Trump.
    • Fathoms77

      Crap, I meant Surgeon General. :P

    • He did have many, many insults for all the different groups and hinted at sexual stuff with his own kids.

    • Red_Arrow

      I admit that his choices are raising questions. Many are suggesting he tapped Carson (who once said he would never accept a position in Trump's administration) because he is black and the title includes the word "urban". Interestingly, Carson is opposed to some rules in place to lessen segregation in communities and may kill them.
      But what comes down with his appointments remains to be seen.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    You're reaching more than a bit here dude. How much time have previous presidents (and/or their wives) spent on Martha's Vineyard or similar locations?

    Also, you are probably overestimating the amount of time that Presidents and First Ladies spend together, anyway.
    It's not as severe as the President and Vice President (who are strictly forbidden to ever fly together, for instance -- this is why there are Air Force One and Air Force Two)... but, the President and his wife routinely spend time physically separated from each other. It's not a new thing.

    I mean... If you have to reach THIS far for grounds on which to criticize Trump, then, honestly, you should be glad you don't have more substantive worries about him. 👌
    • Red_Arrow

      I don;t know how much time previous presidents have spent on Martha's Vineyard, and I doubt if you do, either.

      And I am not overestimating the amount of time that Presidents and First Ladies spend together. But they did not have to fly to New York at the end of every week away from them. Spending this much time apart WILL be a new thing.

      This was a take on how much thought he had given to the circumstances of winning. If you want to hear the more substantive worries about him I can write you a book.

    • Look, I hear ya, but the First Lady's main body of work has everything to do with the places she GOES, and essentially nothing to do with where she puts her head down at night.

    I think he knew that his chance of winning was greater than the media would lead the populace to believe, but that unlike Hillary, he was stealthy about it. The Democrat's undoing this past election was their own pompous arrogance. They underestimated Trump, playing exactly into his plan. As for the Trump Tower thing, that concerns me as well. In the end, I think Ivanka will move into the White House. There is no way a First Lady can get away with that.
    • Red_Arrow

      Two points. First, Trump's wife will probably "get away" with a lot. Second, Ivanka is his daughter. His wife is Melania.

  • G-Daz
    I think Trump won only because of an overwhelming amount of votes. If it were closer, i believe hilary would have tried to rig
    • Red_Arrow

      I have heard the BS about rigging the elections way too often! That was something that some groups believe about every candidate that Trump capitalized on and convinced his sheep that it was true, because he thought he would lose. And I did not look at your video simply because I have already seen way too many lies from that fake news group shown on his shirt.

  • rjroy3
    I think he believed in himself. There's believing and there's knowing. I'm sure he got discouraged at some point considering the odds he faced. But I think he always had faith in himself and believed he would win. He was interviewed on the very subject. Stated that if the people overwhelming didn't want him and he stood no chance, then he would drop out instead of staying in the race like Jeb did.
    • Red_Arrow

      I never heard that one. But you have to admit that many, many times he told us he would not accept the results of the election unless he won.

    • rjroy3

      His words were "we'll see". He never said he wouldn't accept the results. It was left open-ended. So that was an assumption by others. He never said that.

      Now at a rally he joked and said, "I'll accept the results of the election... if I win ". So you can extrapolate what he meant, but at no point in time did he say that.

    • rjroy3

      The news media blasted that statement all over the place tho.

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  • Jersey2
    He said many times that if he did not win it would be an incredible waste of time and money. He also reiterated that he was in it to win. He spent a huge amount of time campaigning tirelessly and especially in the last month. He was all over the place. People who don't expect to win don't put that extreme effort in. Of course he was in it to win, why would he want to lose and be humiliated. He was all over the rust belt securing it. He said we will win those states, and he did!
    • Waste how? He could have kept his donations... he could have made business deals for the campaining. In fact, he used his free social media for a lot of it and got millions of views that way.

    • Jersey2

      @SovereignessofVamps what would he do with donations. They guy has more than enough money. He also used a LOT of his own money. His properties and brand name took a hit. He was in it to win. He lives to win. And he did it again.

    • Or he was in it to make business deals. He obviously loves making more and more money, or else why would he be billionaire?

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  • TayTay21
    No, Trump spent almost two years of his life and millions of dollars running for an office he didn't think he'd win :rolls eyes:
    • Red_Arrow

      Actually a good chance of that. Many millions is just chump change to him, and even if he lost, it would boost his brand and increase his income. Look how many "promises" he has dropped or changes since he won.

  • martyfellow
    Yes, just like he blustered and glad handed his way with Daddy's help to business success, without much of a plan, he thought he would win, banking on Hilary's unpopularity rather than any ideas or policies he could put forward.

    And he was right, though just barely.
  • Thisperson98
    You understand that Obama has took many vacations right? Also remember Trump is not being paid to be the president.
    • Red_Arrow

      Every president has taken many vacations. But most of them, Obama included, have combined business trips with vacation time to better use the time and expenses. Add Trumps vacation times up later and we will see. Also toss in all his visiting home time which will not be "vacation time".
      And Trump is already capitalizing on his win with increased profits from his holdings, and has made it clear he will use the office to further his businesses (and profits). He has probably already made more from his businesses due to winning the election than Obama made as president over his whole two terms.

  • helloitsmethere
    I doubt he expected to win. Did you see his face when he won?
    • Jamesol1

      Everyone around him was clapping and he looked in disbelief.

    • @Jamesol1 ikr... he was probably like, "well what the fuck do i do now?"

    • Red_Arrow

      helloitsmethere you are probably right on! :-)

  • vishna
    It will cost tax payers a lot to keep his wife safe, the entire building safe, etc... ugh.
    • Red_Arrow

      If they could find a way to charge all the guys looking up her nude pictures online it would pay for all that. Think of it... our first nude First Lady.

  • Jager66
    Lol.. what lack of planning? Seems like this is less about planning and more about you not liking Trump regardless of pretty much anything. Just be honest no need for a scapegoat idea.

    I think he was probably a bit surprised, how could you not be after being elected POTUS? Especially after the 24/7 media narrative that was total bullshit.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I don't think he really wanted to, not until it was towards the end. Now he's gone back on so many things he said.
    • I think he went back on at least all the promises he made. So... right before the election I think he stopped making such ridiculous claims, and then he also acted way more serious for the 3rd debate.

  • SensualScribe
    I don't think anyone expected him to win. He is unprepared in so many ways.
  • BruceJender
    I predicted Brexit would win when Cameron offered the Referendum.

    I also predicted Trump to win a full year beforehand.

    Of course, I'm not psychic, but I could've made A LOT of money.
  • CheerGirl38139
    Valid points. Some of which I've brought up in discussions as well.
  • jacquesvol
    At state level , voters seem to like playground bullies.
    He failed to get the popular vote majority but got the Electoral college.
  • sp33d
    What amazed me then and still amazes me now - you have hundreds of millions of people living in USA. how on earth do you come up with those 2 people (Trump, Clinton) as presidential candidates.
    Presidency is like circus.
  • me no americano
    • Red_Arrow

      True. But you are smart and keep yourself informed about things around the world.

    • yea I try
      gag also helps with the update :P
      and honestly I don t see the point in pursuing smthng that long without really wanting and thinking you have a chance in winning

    • Red_Arrow

      It could have been for profit. Long before the general election his businesses and brand name all shot up in profits, and are still way up there.

  • TheSpartan
    Of course he knew. Any reasonable informed person could see it.
    • Red_Arrow

      Nah. "Any reasonable informed person" would have voted against him and not expected so many who are not reasonable and informed to vote for him. And he has shown that he himself is not reasonable and informed, so why would he think so.

    • TheSpartan

      Because he had superior persuasion skills and competence. You could see it from a mile away.

    • Red_Arrow

      If he had superior persuasion skills, he would not have had to change his arguments so often and continually resort to name calling instead of logical discussion. And if he had any competence he would not have provided such rich material for the many skits like those on SNL.

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  • xRoyalBluex
    This sounds almost like jealousy or bitterness

    Any fool knows you can't follow through on every promise. And considering Trump is not even a politician, it's expected he has to adjust to the subtle nuances of the political role. Obviously there is a learning curve here and an adjustment process. The candidates outline what they would like to accomplish during the campaigns not sign a contract saying it's signed sealed and stamped. Getting a little ahead of ourselves here?

    No wonder some of us are completely lost. We can't even get this part right
  • Tvana
    Melania and Barron will move to DC when his school year is up she and Donald has both said.
    • Red_Arrow

      From the Sydney Morning Herald: "According to the New York Post article, she did not want to disturb Barron's schedule by pulling him out of his Manhattan private school in the middle of the academic year, but it is possible the mother and son would relocate to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in future." Various sources have stated that she may stay till the end of the school year, till the end of high school, or that she "might" move to DC after he is done with school. She has been pretty vague herself.

      The Don apparently plans to spend as much time as possible at his penthouse at Trump Tower, and at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. Sounds like he will not be in DC that much himself.

  • RasmusAiken
    "What difference, at this point does it make?"
    • Red_Arrow

      What difference does history make? We learn from it.

  • bruce3
  • Adigelunar
  • Waffles731
    probably not
  • MissSakura
    thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    His election rigging claims and preemptive excuses suggest he thought he was going to lose. When he won, I think he was surprised as the rest of the nation.

    A hallmark of his presidency will probably be a lack of planning.
  • Anonymous
    Yes.. People who took him literally underestimated him. He talked like a kinder gardener and even now he made literal, LITERAL theater drama" to redirected attention from the court settlement and most people fell for it, including a lot of people in this thread and including suppose intellectuals like Sam Harris and Bill Maher.

    Mexico, Russia and a good portion of everyone who voted for him knew he was marketing himself and even tried explaining it. He's not a billionaire for nothing, he's a master manipulator.
  • Anonymous
    Here is the answer. www.cnn.com/.../
    • Red_Arrow

      Interesting, but not sure I can believe much of what Christie has to say about anything.

  • Anonymous
    If he didn't Hillary certainly did, in fact democrats chose her over the guy who had 6X her lead in the polls V Trump. Gotta LOVE that logic, hopefully they learn from this for next time, but I doubt it:

    • Red_Arrow

      You picked a Bernie ad claiming results of one limited poll as your authority. For a better comparison I suggest you look at presidential-candidates.insidegov.com/.../Bernie-Sanders-vs-Hillary-Clinton
      Also, Bernie was an Independent, but declared himself a Democrat to run in the Democratic race. After losing the primary, he immediately declared himself and Independent again. And he entered into the fray too late to pick up needed support. He was behind in most polls. And many did not trust his changing party stances, and that was proven to be a good worry as he immediately switched after the primary. If he had "come to the party earlier", he would have stood a much better chance of winning the primary.
      But none of this touches on the topic of this myTake.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how accurate this poll turned out though. And the only polls he was behind was in some democrat only polls where Hillary's Wall St. money had bought tons of advertising. Although technically an Independant, he Caucused with the dems, and was their best shot at, at least keeping the Presidency after losing both Houses of Congress. Not to mention he polled far better with Independents and moderates, you know people who actually decide the election, as they vote for the best candidate, not because they have a little "d" next to their name.

      For instance in those pesky swing states Clinton lost like Michigan (Sanders +43 among independents) Iowa (+44 among Independents) Ohio (+33 among independents) Pennsylvania (+46 among independents) North Carolina (+25 among independents) Wisconsin (+44 among independents) Missouri (+34 among independents).

      This also supports the general polls like the one I posted, as well a map of what could have been, if the dems had used their brain.

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  • Anonymous
    Don't insult Melania about not moving. She's not moving because of Barron. Okay? If you're a doctor or a medical student (as I am) then it's very obvious why she's keeping Barron as hidden as possible. So don't insult a poor child like him or even think that the inconvenience of some snobs compares to the pain she faces.
    • Red_Arrow

      I did not insult the child at all. For that matter, I did not insult Melania. I asked if she and "The Don" ever included where she and Barron would live in their considerations. And if she expects the child to go out the door for the rest of Trump's term, he will likely face much worse public inspection than he would at the White House. And the duties of the president AND the First Lady are important to the government of the USA and expecting them to be fulfilled does not make Americans snobs (like someone throwing out that they are a medical student). Americans have a right to expect the First Family to be the First Family. And that Americans should not be spending possibly as much as a million a day so she can have a separate residence.

    • Anonymous

      Who said the first lady has to be his wife? Ivanka can fill all the duties of a first lady.
      I threw out I was a medical student because I was giving my argument credibility. And as for being a snob being a doctor is the most selfless job out there. Hours are put in the hospital to save peoples' lives. That's real heroism.
      And it won't cost a million dollars a day (please no need to link some dumb liberal source that's trying to put as much negativeness into Trump as possible).

    • Why's she keeping him hidden?

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  • Anonymous
    Well he sure "trolled" his way there, as that is what it seemed to me.
  • Anonymous
    Just look at the protection Obama had before he was elected. You should be mad at the anti trump protesters
    • Red_Arrow

      I am mad at the violent ones. But by far most of the protesters were peaceful.

    • Anonymous

      Democrats protesting Democracy. Its like we are in the twilight zone. Id love to know how many protesters actually voted. Like if you didn't vote and hate Trump shut up already.

    • Red_Arrow

      It was Democrats protesting Trump. And look at how the Trump supporters protested Clinton.

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