How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

Don’t get me wrong.

I wasn’t rooting for Trump at all. By a long shot. And I’m still not.

But now that it’s all said and done, I can look on things with a clearer eye. Yesterday I was already sensing that Hillary really wouldn’t pull this thing out like we all expected. It even got to the point that I was telling my brother that I already knew Trump was going to win before the polls started closing. Just a bad sense. And it turned out right.

The reason Donald Trump won this thing is because no matter what the rest of us think, a lot of us hated Hillary much more. We took Trump for granted and just tried to write him off early, expecting Hillary to come busting through with big success. And it didn’t happen. Is Trump still a joke? Absolutely, and this nation is gonna go to hell far worse than it did under Bush, especially since not only did Trump win the presidency, but the House stays Republican, and mostly the Senate too. So it’s red all over.

And whether some of us like to think about it or not, Trump actually did win this thing fair and square. Hillary had strings pulled for her to get ahead like she did. Trump didn’t. Nobody even believed in Trump, so it’s not hard to believe he could win fair and square. Hillary has a long history of corruption and ugliness, and that’s what appalled people a lot more than Donald’s cavalier mouthing off.

A stain on the Democratic Party…

For the first time in my life I absolutely have to say shame on the Democratic Party. I’ve always supported them and am registered as one but their corruption in helping Hillary to get ahead makes me shake my head. The Party was all in for her and doing what they could to push her forward. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to step down as DNC head, and then Donna Brazil for coaching Hillary before the first debate! So at this point the Party that’s always enjoyed having a better image than Republicans has utterly shamed itself with this level of dishonesty, and it will probably face even worse repercussions in years to come, with people not wanting to vote as much for Democrats in future elections.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

And we could’ve had Bernie as president. A lot of people and political analysts had to admit that they KNEW Bernie was still the most suitable candidate to defeat Trump, and he would have. But the DNC was putting their weight behind their girl Hillary. Bernie’s record was practically as pure as Obama’s in comparison to Hillary’s dark political past, but the Democratic Party insisted that 2016 would be the year we’d get our first woman president. And it didn’t happen.

A failure…

No doubt, Donald J. Trump is foul and has offended women, but apparently Hillary offends them much more. She’s enjoyed touting a false image of feminism and care for women, yet let a rapist off decades ago when she was a lawyer. Not to mention her husband’s own sex scandals and rapes she’s avoided talking about. Hillary doesn’t care about women. Black people. Or anyone else. She cares about getting to the top so she can do whatever terrible things she had planned.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

Not to mention she didn't even come out to concede the same night, but waits allllllllllllll the way until this morning. Even more shameful. When McCain lost to Obama in '08 he conceded rather quickly and gracefully. As did Romney when Obama also beat him in 2012. But Hillary waits all this time? For a woman full of bravada, snarky comebacks, and laughing at her opponents in a jeering way, she showed weakness and ran and hid like we've never seen. Probably up all night at her headquarters fighting and cussing with Bill about how in the hell he let her lose like that. Oh well. Just like they used to fight in the White House in the '90s.

While Trump will no doubt be a failure, maybe Hillary would’ve been a lot more destructive than we really realized. If you believe in the Illuminati (and I do), someone with some frightening knowledge once told me that Hillary has tried to get into the 'shadow government' for many, many years, feeling that she's had to prove herself as a woman, but that they've never accepted her. And if that's true they didn't accept her now. Bill was also involved with the De Molay Masonry as a young man, and even his connections couldn't win her the presidency. Maybe that says something a lot worse about Hillary than we think.

In the meantime, let's just hope Trump only lasts the first 4 years and doesn't do enough damage before the next candidate comes along.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election
How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election
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