How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

Don’t get me wrong.

I wasn’t rooting for Trump at all. By a long shot. And I’m still not.

But now that it’s all said and done, I can look on things with a clearer eye. Yesterday I was already sensing that Hillary really wouldn’t pull this thing out like we all expected. It even got to the point that I was telling my brother that I already knew Trump was going to win before the polls started closing. Just a bad sense. And it turned out right.

The reason Donald Trump won this thing is because no matter what the rest of us think, a lot of us hated Hillary much more. We took Trump for granted and just tried to write him off early, expecting Hillary to come busting through with big success. And it didn’t happen. Is Trump still a joke? Absolutely, and this nation is gonna go to hell far worse than it did under Bush, especially since not only did Trump win the presidency, but the House stays Republican, and mostly the Senate too. So it’s red all over.

And whether some of us like to think about it or not, Trump actually did win this thing fair and square. Hillary had strings pulled for her to get ahead like she did. Trump didn’t. Nobody even believed in Trump, so it’s not hard to believe he could win fair and square. Hillary has a long history of corruption and ugliness, and that’s what appalled people a lot more than Donald’s cavalier mouthing off.

A stain on the Democratic Party…

For the first time in my life I absolutely have to say shame on the Democratic Party. I’ve always supported them and am registered as one but their corruption in helping Hillary to get ahead makes me shake my head. The Party was all in for her and doing what they could to push her forward. Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to step down as DNC head, and then Donna Brazil for coaching Hillary before the first debate! So at this point the Party that’s always enjoyed having a better image than Republicans has utterly shamed itself with this level of dishonesty, and it will probably face even worse repercussions in years to come, with people not wanting to vote as much for Democrats in future elections.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

And we could’ve had Bernie as president. A lot of people and political analysts had to admit that they KNEW Bernie was still the most suitable candidate to defeat Trump, and he would have. But the DNC was putting their weight behind their girl Hillary. Bernie’s record was practically as pure as Obama’s in comparison to Hillary’s dark political past, but the Democratic Party insisted that 2016 would be the year we’d get our first woman president. And it didn’t happen.

A failure…

No doubt, Donald J. Trump is foul and has offended women, but apparently Hillary offends them much more. She’s enjoyed touting a false image of feminism and care for women, yet let a rapist off decades ago when she was a lawyer. Not to mention her husband’s own sex scandals and rapes she’s avoided talking about. Hillary doesn’t care about women. Black people. Or anyone else. She cares about getting to the top so she can do whatever terrible things she had planned.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election

Not to mention she didn't even come out to concede the same night, but waits allllllllllllll the way until this morning. Even more shameful. When McCain lost to Obama in '08 he conceded rather quickly and gracefully. As did Romney when Obama also beat him in 2012. But Hillary waits all this time? For a woman full of bravada, snarky comebacks, and laughing at her opponents in a jeering way, she showed weakness and ran and hid like we've never seen. Probably up all night at her headquarters fighting and cussing with Bill about how in the hell he let her lose like that. Oh well. Just like they used to fight in the White House in the '90s.

While Trump will no doubt be a failure, maybe Hillary would’ve been a lot more destructive than we really realized. If you believe in the Illuminati (and I do), someone with some frightening knowledge once told me that Hillary has tried to get into the 'shadow government' for many, many years, feeling that she's had to prove herself as a woman, but that they've never accepted her. And if that's true they didn't accept her now. Bill was also involved with the De Molay Masonry as a young man, and even his connections couldn't win her the presidency. Maybe that says something a lot worse about Hillary than we think.

In the meantime, let's just hope Trump only lasts the first 4 years and doesn't do enough damage before the next candidate comes along.

How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election
How Donald J. Trump Won the Presidential Election
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  • Righttobeararms83
    Trump getting the Republican nomination, Bernie being cheated out of his shot, the clinton fund, the bullshit polls and the media bias towards Hillary the whole campaign seemed like the whole election was a giant set up to ensure Hillary woild win. Like any other democrat candidate could have beat Trump and any other Republican candidate would have beat Hillary. Its almost like Trump was given the Republican nomination to lose to Hillary. So I do believe there was some sort of election rigging and plot to get Hillary elected for what purpose I don't know.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rissyanne
    Democrats.. you did this to yourselves. The American people wanted change. All we would have gotten from Hillary is 4 more years of Obama. I think that was her biggest mistake. She was riding his coat tail.
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  • ginny_weasley
    Congratulations, conservatives the president you just elected has to go to court for raping a thirteen year old on December 13th of this year. I will be counting down the days. And yes we can blame the DNC.
    • Three facts you got wrong (two quite important). First, the date is December 16th (which, even if you're in a different time zone, you were off by a few days). Second, it was a conference with the judge... not "going to court". Third (and lastly, as it's the end), the lawsuit was dropped.

    • @ProbablyTooMature they don't like facts.

    • @ProbablyTooMature
      your candidate is accused of raping a girl, and you're worried about the date? Lol. No the trial was set for December. Like a real court room trial, hint lawyers are involved. She dropped the case because she got so many death threats from trump supporters. Yet the same people criticize Hillary for her husbands behavior.

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  • Glue-Sniffer
    I can understand why some people voted for him. Hillary was just so deep into the system that no one could believe she would make any changes when so many people believe that they are in need of change.
    I don't believe he could have won with all the things he did and said if he was up against someone like bernie sanders who wanted some reforms and came off as more authentic and was a rather fresh face.
    • ManOnFire

      Exactly my point :-)

    • Hillary was a HORRIBLE candidate in a day and age where the people hungered for serious change.

    • @BrunetteNYC i don't actually believe she was "horrible". She was the more qualified one. She was just too much in the public for the taste of most Americans.

  • Kiran04
    Donald Trump won because the DNC chose the only candidate in the world who would have lost to him, and they had to rig the contest to do it. All the whining liberal babies are mad that Hillary didn't win, but where were they when the DNC was rigging the primaries? Oh, that's right, nowhere to be seen. Now that an actual fair election didn't go their way, they're all uppidity. Sit down, buttercups. You had your chance. Now gracefully accept your bitch slap.
  • Spelling95
    That's what happens when you call me a sexist, racist, homophobe for not really liking Clinton. You can take that shit and stuff it with a Trump vote for me. Probably millions thought the same. That's how Trump won.
  • G-Daz
    The Lefties and liberals have been the ones with the power and repressive influence on society for over the last decade or so. What it allowed us to do was allow them to project their ideas and concepts into something tangible and visible. It's not just an atheist in the closet anymore, it's an entire group of lefties out there forcing everyone else to believe the same as them and if they don't. SHOUT racist, misogynist everything under the sun until you win the argument as loud as you can.

    Under lefty establishment, we have the worst levels of racist, we have identity based politics where wea re seperated into groups. We have the nanny state, we have the removal of pronouns slowly but surely, we have language policing and transgenrs. Not to mention eugenics becoming mainstream.

    It was lefties that created both Trump and Hilary and also lefties that helped Trump win the debate. Without lefties oppressing free speach and not allowing balanced discoursse. What we had was the same thing as Brexit. A vocal angry violent minority that owns the media narrative and punishes anyone with different opinios vs a silent majority. The same thing happened with the US election. The vocal minority brought the statistics of how hilary is winning and that there isn't much trump support. Meanwhile the people tired of the same political weak establishment and decadent culture actually rise out of nowhere.
    • G-Daz

      Lefties are also threatening to move to Canada which is interesting. One because they haven't and two because they're choosing Canada over Mexico or Even Venezuela

  • Paris13
    Legally, Thank God.
    He Has been this Honest John through it All, and No Bones about it, He made it to the Top, with No.. Slip Slop. xx
    • as9296

      The slip slops will come once he has all the power, don't ya worry Hun xoxoxox

    • Paris13

      @as9296 lol!! Thanks for the Vote, Level1 and Please, in the Future, I work better Alone at home, so feel free to comment in the Box provided for you so you don't "Slip up" again like this in the future. x

    • lumos

      I wouldn't really call him an honest John.

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  • BrunetteNYC
    It's nice to see a more honest assessment of how/why Hillary lost for a change - thank you for being smart and showing independent thinking.

    I was, back in 2008, a Hillary supporter, but this time around, I voted Trump. It seems since becoming Sec'y of State, Hillary's made several poor choices and brought in too much baggage as a candidate.

    Her campaign had NO real message - plus she ran a dirty campaign. I lost all respect for this woman.
  • ameliaadev
    I''m actually not that against Trump anymore to be honest... I am definitely not justifying some of his wrongdoings and his stained mouth... but some of his policies are actually pretty alright. He blamed immigrants for the country's national debt, but it is not 100% false. And by immigrants, I mean ILLEGAL immigrants, because they refuse to pay taxes and they live under goverment aid (such as financial aid, medical aid, food stamps, etc...) which means that the government would need more money for government aid, whereas there are still so many legal citizens of America who truly need the aid. And i know that building up a wall on the border of Mexico and America isn't a good idea, but i do agree that America need to tighten up security around the border to ensure that no illegal immigrants and/or drug dealer can cross through it. And besides, he is a successful businessman, if he really was stupid, i don't think that he'd be as successful as he is, seeing as he literally has Trump Tower and properties scattered all over the world. And about his foul mouth, i do think he needs to better himself (and definitely some of his plans for the country) but i guess that's it. As for Hilary, come on. We all know what she's done to the country when it wss Bill Clinton's administration. And definitely how corrupt she is. To be honest when I watched the first presidential debate, her arguments were good, she kinda sounded like a puppet and it sounded like all lies. And her campaign literally cost her $600 million (give or take), so who knows if she actually did pull some strings, and pay the media to misinterpret Trump's image so he'd look bad and therefore she'd win. Not entirely impossible for me if she really did that. All i'm saying is try to give Trump a chance. Because eventually, no president is perfect. But this is all just merely my personal opinion. Sorry for the lengthy paragraph too lol... and have a nice daaayy✌🏼️
  • BubbleQueen
    Eh.. good for him I guess.

    I wasn't really voting for either one, but I'm kinda glad he made it.
  • MrMysteryMan
    THIS is exactly what happened. You can't fool the American people, no matter how stupid or ignorant or closed minded you think some of them are. You can't hide shit very well because it stinks up the joint. And Hillary was shitting all over the place and not trying to clean it up.
  • SarahsSummer
    Maybe the government will actually get something accomplished for the American people this time around instead of just cross isle bickering and govt shutdowns. Wanting him to fail is like saying you want America to fail. That's not good for anyone. Dem or republican.
  • NJ_Casanova
    Easy... people are sick of the how things have been going under the democratic party for the last 8 years.

    Hilary is a liar and a puppet for big interest groups. She lied under oath just like her cheating husband. While Trump's Ego is so big... No one will tell him what to do.

    We need the president to focus on us... and democrats are always too focused on other countries and being PC.
  • TheFlak38
    You said one of the most important truth's in the Failure section.
  • BrileyCat
    Donald won because he ran against Hillary . Even I could have beaten Hillary
  • front2back
    He also won because:
    (1.) Hillary and her supporters over estimated how many minorities were actually going to come to the polls and vote for her.
    (2.) Everyone underestimated what support a populist candidate like Trump could get in rural areas.
  • John_Doesnt
    Electoral college. It's that simple. Hilary won the majority vote by a landslide, but the electoral college will always screw over minorities because the red states are mostly white.
  • jjesica346
    That is what really pisses me off how hillaries people pushed Bernie out of the way and now were stuck w this baboon!! Sanders would of slammed chump boy!!!
    • I feel sorry for Bernie, really do, BUT we are NOT SOCIALISTS. The Dems lost this election because the party has been hijacked by radicals. I grew up a Democrat myself but for so many years, the party has evolved so far to the left that many people had no choice but to become Republican - at least they're more traditional where today's Dems come off as lunatics.

  • RegularTK421
    This was fairly balanced and realistic. I agree that Sanders was the democrats best candidate to field. Rubio probably would have been the better Republican candidate.
    • Forgot to add I only disagree with the very bottom portion of the article. The Illuminati theory and that Hillary didn't concede in a timely manner. She did concede when the electoral college votes were enough to be decisive.

  • ProbablyTooMature
    From what I read she conceded at 2something this morning, shortly after the major media outlets began to call it over. I'd hardly call that waiting all night.
    • Right. I watched the polls go to Trump at 2 and by 230 she called

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very true take - The civil war in Democrat party has to be postponed and the campaign for 2020 starts today
  • JustWorthlessMe
    There was NO way the sad little sexist/racist white men of America were going to let a woman rule after having to impotently endure 8 years of a black man... was not happening...
  • dudeman
    the biggest reason is the nation is tired of all these pc left wing cry about a rock in their shoe mother fuckers.
    • For real, why the fuck is everyone so whiny now? Being politically correct is one thing, but being required? No. Just no. That shouldn't define shit because all we'd have would be stick figure candidates like we've had many terms in the past.

  • Benk111
    Hilary Clinton was a bad candidate plain and simple.
  • Jager66
    The DNC fucked over Berinie, they now get what they deserve, President Trump.
  • MrShinyPants
    I noticed there were still over 700,000 votes or so uncounted when they elected him, 7000 from my state were thrown out claiming to have signature issues
  • TheHunter90
    He won, because all the rednecks in the rural areas do not know how the business world works. Trump won, because he can lie and sell his ideas to people that are easy to get dope.
    • Uh sorry, that's liberal talking points garbage. I know people, well educated artists both in NY & LA that voted Trump.

  • Paul09
    Well it took millions of idios to vote for him, thats how. Good luck. Hope he doesn't make too many bad decsions.
  • red324
    Because he handed out full size candy bars for Halloween. :)
  • JudgmentDay
    Agreed, this was an election became about moreso whom someone would vote AGAINST than to vote for.

    The problems with both major political parties' candidates are that they are both very controversial and have scandals, and dirt. BUT that is something that Bernie lacked compared to Hillary and Trump!

    If he had became the nominee instead of Hillary, Bernie would have had the "voting against the candidate you don't like, trust, etc." situation tilting in his favor.

    In the end I ended up voting against both major political parties and opted just vote for a 3rd party since the 3rd party I vote for don't have the save controversies or scandals, despite I knew that they won't win.

    But now it won't matter anymore, and I was already to accept whatever the outcome of the election is as I really didn't give a fuck anymore.
  • jacquesvol
    1. the DNC computers were hacked by Russians
    2. Sanders supporters supported Trump's campaign when Sanders didn't make it
    3. Hillary still got the most votes but 19th century laws made to keep the Sudists in the USA give the South more voice and thus more votes in the election.
    4. a number of DEM men couldn't bring themselves to vote for a woman.
    5. The FBI played a mean game in favor of the Super Duper Trumpster.
    The mails on that laptop could have been compared in a few hours, before making a public statement.
    They first made an incomplete statement, then dropped an old empty file about Bill Clinton.
    Then they waited a week before admitting their 'trove' was empty. During that week, advance voting continued.
  • Skeye89
    I love this take unbiased and very truthfully by my
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    His opponent was a fucking idiot, thats how. And the DNC is even worse.
  • starryeyedkitten
    Guess i better practice my goose stepping
  • Adigelunar
    goood job
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    That's not why he won.
  • Waffles731
    I hope so
  • Anonymous
    he got half the women's vote. I used to think that whole "women like jerks" think was the ranting of teenage boys who couldn't get a date. But I"m starting to believe it because the evidence is all over.
  • Anonymous
    He won through intimidation, and instilling fear
  • Anonymous
    I totally agree with you on everything, except I didn't think Bernie could win against trump because he fought fair. We needed someone as nasty and cheating as himself to beat him, and she got pretty close too.
    Anyway, let's hope people learn their lesson this time and don't reelect him next term
  • Anonymous
    He won, because he used manipulation, and pretended to be "conservative".. he didn't win because of his competition, he won because he lied
    • ManOnFire

      But plenty of people liked it enough to vote for him.

    • Anonymous

      Not according to that popular vote

  • Anonymous
    White and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump, exit polls show
    Most white voters of both sexes and almost all ages and education levels backed the Republican.
    • Actually most millenials voted for Hillary.

    • Anonymous

      @steven7890789 1. Democrats took the millennial vote—just not among whites.
      Among the younger portion of the millennial generation, 18 to 29 year olds, Trump earned 37 percent of the vote to Clinton's 55 percent. Millennials of color were considerably more likely to support Clinton than Trump, Circle found, while young white voters actually threw more support behind the winner. Trump secured 48 percent of the white vote in the 18-to-29 age group, while Clinton won just 43 percent. Still, Republicans fared poorly with youth vote overall. The election had the fourth-lowest turnout by young voters for a GOP nominee since 1972.

  • Anonymous
    Trump won because Clinton had Bernie silenced and forced to stand down, assuming she would have no issue between herself and Trump.
    But Compared to Satan, Trump is just a big stupid asshole. But he wouldn't start WW3
  • Anonymous
    He won because the world is filled with a bunch of uneducated racist fucks.
    He told them he'd do a bunch of racist things,
    So they voted for him.
    Whether he intends to do those things is up to him.
    • Distant

      Racist things such as? Don't tell me about building a wall and deporting Muslims because, if that's your argument, you are not only seriously delusional but MONTHS behind on political events. This might come as a shocker to you but "Are you even aware that the vote has taken place"?

    • Anonymous

      you're the one who's late if you think that's all he's said

    • Distant

      Do go on. I look forward to reading all of your evidence. Oh, wait. You'll never provide any.

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  • Anonymous
    Probably because Democrats, Liberals, don't vote as much as Republicans, Conservatives do, people didn't vote for her as much in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
  • Anonymous
    Not enough people supported Hillary even though she had a fighting chance! Now if you excuse me I will now prepare for a World War III and The Hunger Games! Hopefully those who voted for him will see their mistake and regret their decision. I could leave the country but that's just running away from the problem it's probably better I and everyone else who agrees with me stand together and face Trump's wroth united as one!
    Also I personally don't think Obama was that bad of a president and George Bush was the real one who messed up.
    And there's this!
  • Anonymous
    I never will read this garbage, Hillary Clinton is trash but you're part of one old disgusting account. Go to hell, nobody cares for your opinion
  • Anonymous
    Ultimately, as someone else said, all political careers will end up in failure.

    That said ( as I mostly wrote on another thread):

    He was never my preference and I'm still fine with that. However, in less than two months, like it or not, he will be the POTUS.

    He's won fair and square. I'm was more than a little impressed by the graciousness of his victory speech last-night. If he meant what he said and hopefully he did, I say give him a chance and let's see what happens.

    Moreover, he won on a wave of very justifiable anger and resentment (if often expressed in wildly inappropriate ways), which I suspect ultimately stems from the hegemonic domination of this country's (and in varying degrees other countries) political and financial life by neo-liberalism (or in layman's terms, variously known as: Reaganomics, Clintonomics, Thatcherism, Blairism, Supply-side economics) which has dominated the Republican Party since 1977 (and influential from around 1964) and the Democratic Party since 1993 (though it was a significant influence from 1975 onwards). While this sort of politics surely has some real pluses, it definitely has a dark side to it too. Trump deftly capitalized on this anti-establishment resentment and he managed to humiliate both party establishments (which is one thing I like/admire about him).

    As for his electoral base, his voters will left stranded on the garden path he's led them to at his earliest convenience.
    Why? Well, while neo-liberal economic/trade/fiscal policies will utterly wreck communities (and leave dying, miserable, meth/alcohol/STD/suicide plagued communities in its wake) which we then call "Rust Belts", those same policies actually prove quite lucrative for billionaires like Donald Trump, who will very predictably act in his own self-interest

    I suspect that given the gist of Trump's documented pre-2015 political history (a pro-Choice, pro-Marriage Equality, pro-Single Payer healthcare, Democrat and occasional dabbler with the Reform Party) his administration will prove a moderate surprise for both Democrats and moderate Republicans. In other words, it'll very likely prove to be more of the same elitist BS we've been unceasingly subject to since January 1981 and which has continued unabated (albeit with varying nuance) for five Presidencies.

    However, let's give the Donald his chance and I do hope that I'm proven wrong!

    • I would agree with most of what you said but as for him being elitist or acting that way in the presidency I'm not so sure. Not that I am saying he is a great person, he is a blowhard and an asshole but if you look at his history he has basically wanted renown for quite some time (he has literally done everything he can to try and be the biggest thing out their (schools, tv, business even candy's) it might be that this need to prove that worth will possibly push him to act in the best interest of the people (even if its really for himself). For instance Michael moor even pointed this out that he was doing something others politicians didn't, when he was in Michigan he called out the auto industry, he told them that if they whent through with their plan to ship their manufacturing plants to Mexico (these being the back bone industry of the middle class) that he would put a 38% terrif on all products sent back ensuring no one would ever buy them.

    • When the bail out happened and these same men whent to obama for a hand out, he gave in. So he actually, at least at this point stood up to a group that no one else did. I think that his force of personality might actually be beneficial in this as it will essentially require him to follow through with his threats, I don't think he would be able to resist holding back. I think democrats have done a lot of damage (not that conservatives haven't but I feel conservatives are more prone to sit back and let things deteriorate while democrats have a tendency of breaking things in an attempt to fix them) and maybe trump will break things enough that we can have a chance to put things back together in a better way. Prefferably one where people will be less hostility divided and more prone to talking to each other. But I guess we will see.

    • Skeye89

      Ain't that the truth