What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


A year ago Trump stated there would be a “Deportation Force” to remove illegal aliens en masse. Recently he stated that again, though he said he would go after the “criminal” ones first (drug dealers, rapist, etc.), followed by mass deportations of other undocumented aliens. Paul Ryan just recently said that there would be no “Deportation Force”. He is Speaker of the House, which controls the money and the laws.

So what happens here?

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


As for “Obamacare”, Trump and the GOP stated a year ago that they would completely get rid of it. More recently, Trump has stated he would keep the parts for people with pre-existing conditions to be able to get “affordable” coverage, and for keeping people under 26 eligible to be on their parents’ medical coverage. These are two of the most important and costly (to insurers) parts of Obamacare which the GOP has been saying they would get rid of. Now Trump says he will keep them. Ryan states that Congress has a plan for a $25B pool for those people and is rather evasive about how that would be paid for.

“We can have a health care system in America where everyone, regardless of income or health condition, can get affordable health insurance, get affordable health care.”

Note the word “affordable”! “And you can have this system without a costly government takeover, like Obamacare, that is cranking up premiums, that is making the deductibles so high it doesn’t even feel like you have insurance.” Obamacare does not set premiums of deductibles. That is the insurance companies, and what Ryan proposes turns them loose to do even worse. So the new administration will keep parts of Obamacare that Trump supporters wanted gotten rid of, and put in new, worse rules that will cost the insured even more.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


As for the Supreme Court, Trump can make many changes to laws even before appointing a new Justice, with just the stroke of a pen. Executive orders, such as those requiring health insurance plans to include birth control coverage, can be rescinded, as well as requirements for clean energy. Trump is one who has continued to call the scientifically proven fact of human contribution to global warming, accepted by almost every scientist in that field, a global hoax. So to allow the energy companies to continue to endanger our lives for their own profit, he has made it clear he will get rid of requirements for clean energy production. And this will likely kill the worldwide effort to clean up our air, which has so far been effective in bringing even the most contentious countries on board up till now.

And his list of likely nominations include justices that are known to lean farther to the right than the already right leaning Supreme Court Justices. The Court was right leaning before the latest opening, but his choices will send it farther to the right.

Another likely victim to these Court changes will be the limitations on corporate contributions to political parties which are basically buying the elections.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


There are laws requiring no conflicts of interest exist between duties and personal financial concerns for employees of the executive branch. The law excludes the president and vice president because of situations that require their attention without recusing themselves. But Trump claims he is turning over the running of his businesses to a blind trust, which is a person or group that has no personal interest in the decisions. Rudy Giuliani insists that Trump has accomplished this. How? He turned the running of his business over to his children, who are also part of his transition team and trusted advisers on political matters. How many are foolish enough to believe he has turned the businesses over to a real “blind” trust?

While I have hope for a "fair" presidency, and there have been some indicators that Trump is backing down from his terrible declarations of his early candidacy, there is still much uncertainty. What happens when he takes office? And what follows? I fear that his arrogance will cause him to openly do many impeachable offenses, but that a Republican Congress, so deep in his pockets, will refuse to do anything to hold him to the law. I am curious how you see these evolving matters and what you think will happen in the next few months.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now
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  • meowcow
    Trump's campaign was based on harnessing the anger of America by making false and grandiose claims. These false claims included what he said was wrong with America, and also what he would do to fix it.

    American isn't declining because of foreigners.
    America is declining because they are lazy as fuck.

    Of course I don't mean everyone. I am referring to the bottom half of the population (low income) who are able-bodied, but refuse to work and feel entitled to a lifetime of welfare. The government systems are in a financial shithole because politicians feel compelled to continue these programs to gain votes. All the while, millions live below the poverty line on purpose because they think it is better than working. You end up with millions who have never worked a single day in decades, but able to afford basic food and housing... nothing extravagant. But it gets them by. And then they blame the government that they aren't given more (see videos for examples).

    The problem that Trump is encountering now is that he is realizing that all of his grandiose claims are actually not legal to do. In business, there are few rules to restrict a person. However, in politics, progress is slow because it requires the approval of not just the president, but the House, Senate and the American people. Because Trump has no political experience, he did not know that everything he proposed is likely impossible to achieve. Now that he is elected, the GOP is explaining to him why they can't do the things Trump promised, and this is the reason he is backing off of almost everything he said he would do.

    He can't build a wall. The ecological disaster to wildlife alone would stop such a project. He can't "Stop and Frisk" for no reason because it is against the constitution and illegal. He can't deport all the illegal aliens because he has no idea how to find and identify them. He can't ban all Muslims from entering the US because there is no way to identify a person's religion unless that person tells you. There are also repercussions of such actions like the retaliation from the UAE, Saudi Arabia... etc. He can't renegotiate NAFTA because the US has already signed the Act. He can't do anything about China's currency either because China has so much financial leverage that China essentially holds a royal flush (China can set the US in recession if it wanted to by selling US bonds).
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    • Red_Arrow

      Your arguments sound great, EXCEPT...
      He does not care about ecological disasters. He is already setting up to get rid of the watchdog for that, the EPA, so he can continue to ignore science and go back to harmful energy policies.
      He is not worried about constitutionality because he has lined up choices for the Supreme Court who will redefine what is constitutional. His first pick will be in shortly and will tilt the Court to the right. Wait a bit and the next choice will send it farther right.
      And he does not worry about sharing the playground with other kids. He has already made it clear he has no qualms about dumping our allies and isolating us.

      Really, I see your points, but his messages of hate and bigotry have incited many to support his views and unless a lot of those people in high places realize how badly that direction can take us, he will be able to put things through that we would not have believed possible before.

    • meowcow

      The answer is in the details. Even if the EPA is distracted, the eyes of the 300 million Americans is not. When a pipeline can't be built between a few states, neither will an impenetrable wall across the entire country.

      The constitution cannot be changed easily and it is not decided by the courts exclusively. Even with the house and the senate in the hands of Republicans, a change to the constitution requires 3/4 of the votes from Congress. Such a change would need to be favored by both republicans and democrats, and it very very rarely changes. The last time the constitution changed was 1992.

    • @meowcow Perfectly stated. Not to mention the cost, manpower, and legal challenges such a mass deportation would cost. It's not feasible, but was just campaign rhetoric for votes. Both sides use rhetoric and make promises they break or keep. When Obama campaigned against Hillary, one of the major differences was he wasn't going to have an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. As we all know, he went back on that campaign promise, along with the anti war promise. True we significantly drew down in Iraq, but we are entangled in Syria and Ukraine. We will see what the next four years bring us, only time will tell.

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    This is what I said. He said all of that shit to get votes, now he's back-peddling on all of his promises.
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  • Elarra
    I kept telling my friends he was a liar and they kept saying he wasn't with those dumb ass signs in their yard saying he's the only candidate not for sale when he was. It's just instead of paying him in cash, you paid him in votes.
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  • TuMeManques
    I think its premature to say he's broke promises when he hasn't been sworn in as President yet.
    The 2 things he's leaving in the health care plan Republicans never disapproved of. That was common ground with President Obama.
    As far as having a conflict of interest, that's always been a major concern of mine with him but Hillary wouldn't have been any better, she's proven that with the Clinton Foundation.
    He hasn't done anything yet that's raised a red flag for me as a conservative.
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  • ginny_weasley
    I was tempted to make a my take about this but I am feeling lazy. One more promise he's going back on is overturning gay marriage. He thinks it's law now and shouldn't be changed. Mike Pence is livid.
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    • Red_Arrow

      There is enough unsureness and confusion over so many things, that I hope this really is his position now. America can do without that fight again. Unfortunately, when he is impeached (oops, I meant if he is impeached) the Pence would likely start that battle again, if that is how he feels.

  • BrileyCat
    Trump reversing himself? . Who knew?
    Does anyone know Trumps record in how fast he reversed himself on any issue?
    Was it 1 week . 2 days . 1 day . 4 hours . 20 minutes . 30 seconds?

    His Presidency will be so toxic and confusing . He'll say anything about anything .
    Then reverse himself . Because he knows nothing about what he speaks .
    Then have his henchmen run the Government . Unreliable? . Naaaaah
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  • Jager66
    Campaign rhetoric is always different than actual policy after election. Once elected he's not automatically a dictator who can do any damn thing he wants, there is a system of checks and balance's in place and who ever is elected is going to have to compromise and work with other people who have very different views.

    Why are people still surprised buy this?
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    • Red_Arrow

      We are not surprised at that, but he has not even entered office and tried to accomplish anything, yet is already making changes to the program he put forward to get elected. And by the way, I do believe that with his background he has come to believe that he CAN do whatever he wants and the "checks and balances" will fall in line with him.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    I think we will get a toned down president Donald much closer to the establishment Republican views whether he lied or not, that is for his supporters to decide - Roger Stone is already grumbling about Reince Priebus.
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    • Red_Arrow

      Toss in Steve Bannon. Definitely heading downhill.

    • Red_Arrow

      The old saying "Time will tell" is showing that he is far from toned down. His own base is dwindling down and Republicans in Congress are afraid to speak out against him, yet afraid to go with him.

  • gapminder
    Well trump is a fucking piece of shit that probably won't get re-elected. The only people who voted for him were tricked into doing so by his Tomfuckery. We will see if he amounts to anything but the people he is appointing are some of the biggest pieces of shit the world has ever seen. It WILL set women's rights back decades and will worsen environmental quality for certain.
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    • Red_Arrow

      I don't know if he will do much damage to women's rights, but he will surely try to decimate the environment to allow higher energy profits (talk about a conflict of interest for a president!)

    • gapminder

      I agree a total conflict of interest

  • QuestionMan
    Pre-existing conditions were always going to be kept he said it in the primaries.
    Just read the transcript

    I don't recall him mentioning the part about families being on the same plan. That's an addition.
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    • rjroy3


      He hasn't changed anything.

    • Read this take owner. This fellow knows it

  • loveisbeautiful
    You know what I find funny, how people act like it's just him who said things to get votes. When you run for President, you say things that appeal to the masses in order to get them on your side, that's the name of the game. So, it's not a shock him may of said things he's changing his mind on now. However, there's a huge difference between words and actions. So, he can say whatever he wants but until it's proven in actions, you can't really know what he's going to do because what you say you're going to do and what you actually do, is two different things.

    For everyone going "I knew he was a liar", logically speaking do you really think if Hilary would have won it would have been any different? It wouldn't have, I'm sure she said things to get votes too and so has every past candidate and so will every future one. So, it's not just Trump, it's all people in the polictical realm. That's why honest Abe is so unique because truth and politics doesn't usually go hand in hand.
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    • I agree with you they say things to get elected.

    • @CyberToothTiger Yep.

    • Red_Arrow

      Politicians say many things, true. But they stick at least close to what they are really about. To list many things that you promise to do if elected, and start unpromising them before getting into the white house is a bit over the top. Would Hillary have been different? Yes. Most of what she was promising are things she already is doing or fighting for.

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  • nalaa
    It's pretty normal for presidents to go back to election promises. What I think is outrageous is that he said he was gonna build a wall and people believed it.
    Most of the things he said were too extreme to ever get implemented. Most people make at least an attempt to sound reasonable when making election promises. But Trump didn't and Trump supporters didn't care. That's what concerns me

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Trump is an idiot, blind faith and ego drives his followers.
    Some hardcore conservatives i know don't even want him in power.
    Anyways my prediction is that pence is running things, trump is simply a face.
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    • Red_Arrow

      Can't believe that. Pence was chosen because he agreed with much of what Trump said. And Pence has a history that is in many ways worse than what Trump is suggesting.

  • cinderelli
    very nice take.. he fooled people into voting for him.. he's all about filling his own pockets.. even during the campaign his promises weren't believable.. he didn't believe himself lol.. he knew he just had to spread bs all around because people will be desperate to see a revolution.. and he succeeded in doing that..
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  • FakeName123
    No elected politician ever held all his promises. Duh. Election is all about show and such.

    What really matters is if he stands by the key aspects of what he said. Clear immigration rules, improvement of economy and better international relationships.
    For now he at least held true about abandoning the TPP. Everything else is to wait and see if he can hold up or not.
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  • front2back
    He's a POPULIST. Populists can either be left or right (Bernie Sanders is a left example) and they say grand, amazing things that they will do that appeal to a certain part of the population.
    Populists rarely accomplish most of what they say, they say things to get votes and when they aren't possible, efficient, or wise they abandon them. Trump's presidency will probably be very tame, as he'll most likely just do what his advisors and congress leaders tell him and a lot of the things he proposed aren't really possible. Trump has also been shown to have liberal beliefs in the past, do you think he just 180'd within the past 5 years all of the sudden? Nope. Just easier to pretend to be a conservative.
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    • Red_Arrow

      I agree with much of what you are saying. BUT... he a[[ears tp have no ability to do what his advisors tell him or he would have shut up months ago. He keeps going off script, refusing to follow what his advisors have laid out for him. And his tweets... Holy Cow! They wrested that away from him, but here he goes again. As I said, I cannot see him following much of any advice given him, till after he shoots himself in the foot many times.

    • front2back

      I noticed that too. What I mean is his advisors once he's actually the president. You could tell by his recent speeches and meets with Obama that he's "calmed down" just a tad. I predict that trend will continue.

    • Red_Arrow

      We will see soon enough. Or too soon if you see it that way. lol

  • MidknightRyder
    Ignorance at it's finest coming from a 69 year old man. How sad. Do yourself a favour and do the same for every president then come back and write another post and before you do, look in the mirror and understand the ignorance and remember it

    The title alone is stupid worthy. Focused on negativity. You are a negative man that can't see the positive outcomes. Nothing you can say can surpass Hillary. America has spoken. Get on board or hit the curb
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    • Red_Arrow

      Comparing then and now is neither negative nor positive. The title is a title, neither smart nor stupid. What positive outcomes are you speaking of? So far it is just his words and they are changing, but no outcomes at all.

      You came on here and have nothing solid to attack. No misinformation here, no lies. So you attack my age, suggest I will see ignorance in the mirror, and call me a negative man. Wondering what motivates you I looked at your profile. You are on many questions offering nothing to people, but criticizing, name calling, and spreading discontent wherever you can. I am not interested in that kind of conversation so you are blocked.

  • TheDevilInside
    He is a raisin with hair. Has balls the size of a raisin. When he wasn't expected to deliver, the raisin opened his. mouth wide and kept on wagging that ugly raisin tongue. Now? The raisin has shrunk further.
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  • jacquesvol
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    • jacquesvol

      And his Mexican Wall...

      The Mexico–United States barrier is a series of walls and fences along the Mexico–United States border aimed at preventing illegal crossings from Mexico into the United States. The barrier is not one continuous structure, but a grouping of relatively short physical walls, secured in between with a "virtual fence" which includes a system of sensors and cameras monitored by the United States Border Patrol.[1] As of January 2009, U. S. Customs and Border Protection reported that it had more than 580 miles (930 km) of barriers in place.[2]

    • jacquesvol

      I like your take!

    • Red_Arrow

      Thank you.

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  • LoveHorses
    He's a businessman, they're sell their ideas very well. I know, because I will be a businessman someday. A great amount of people that voted for him are lower working class people from the rural areas that have zero clue about the business world. So, they were easy to fool.
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  • Righttobeararms83
    He backed down on outlandish promises. He has certainly business intrests but so does Hillary who has according to Obama taken more corporate money than any other US politican in history. Trump would have to do something serious bad and in public to be impeached. Even Bill Clinton who committed purgery while president was not impeached. Republicans hold the senate and the house that doesn't mean they are in Trump's pocket, the old order of the Republican Party didn't want Trump as President and Trump isn't really a Republican, The Republican party thought Hillary was going to win no matter who they put against her so kust let him run to get beat.
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    • Red_Arrow

      Impeached means charged with something by Congress. Bill Clinton WAS impeached, but he was acquitted. The old order of the GOP did not want Trump as their candidate, but since he won, they have been jumping into his circle and accepting political favors like crazy.
      And please give me a source that states that Obama said that Hillary has taken more corporate money than any other US politician in history.

    • You were right about the impeachment but the fact that Bill was able to slip out of it demonstrates the dirty politics tge Clinton's have played for years. didn't work on Obama in 2008. I can't believe you dont remember the bad blood between Hillary and Obama in 2008, after running the usual Clinton dirty tricks campaign on Obama, he just cooly called her out on her and Bill's actual political record and called Hillary out on her lies, it was iconic.

    • Red_Arrow

      Thank you for that video. I did not remember that.

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    umm that's what campaigns are all about? don't you remember what the past campaigns were like?
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    • Red_Arrow

      Nothing like this one. Hatred and violence over race religion, sexuality, etc. And he just appointed a White Supremacist as his head counsel.

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