What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


A year ago Trump stated there would be a “Deportation Force” to remove illegal aliens en masse. Recently he stated that again, though he said he would go after the “criminal” ones first (drug dealers, rapist, etc.), followed by mass deportations of other undocumented aliens. Paul Ryan just recently said that there would be no “Deportation Force”. He is Speaker of the House, which controls the money and the laws.

So what happens here?

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


As for “Obamacare”, Trump and the GOP stated a year ago that they would completely get rid of it. More recently, Trump has stated he would keep the parts for people with pre-existing conditions to be able to get “affordable” coverage, and for keeping people under 26 eligible to be on their parents’ medical coverage. These are two of the most important and costly (to insurers) parts of Obamacare which the GOP has been saying they would get rid of. Now Trump says he will keep them. Ryan states that Congress has a plan for a $25B pool for those people and is rather evasive about how that would be paid for.

“We can have a health care system in America where everyone, regardless of income or health condition, can get affordable health insurance, get affordable health care.”

Note the word “affordable”! “And you can have this system without a costly government takeover, like Obamacare, that is cranking up premiums, that is making the deductibles so high it doesn’t even feel like you have insurance.” Obamacare does not set premiums of deductibles. That is the insurance companies, and what Ryan proposes turns them loose to do even worse. So the new administration will keep parts of Obamacare that Trump supporters wanted gotten rid of, and put in new, worse rules that will cost the insured even more.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


As for the Supreme Court, Trump can make many changes to laws even before appointing a new Justice, with just the stroke of a pen. Executive orders, such as those requiring health insurance plans to include birth control coverage, can be rescinded, as well as requirements for clean energy. Trump is one who has continued to call the scientifically proven fact of human contribution to global warming, accepted by almost every scientist in that field, a global hoax. So to allow the energy companies to continue to endanger our lives for their own profit, he has made it clear he will get rid of requirements for clean energy production. And this will likely kill the worldwide effort to clean up our air, which has so far been effective in bringing even the most contentious countries on board up till now.

And his list of likely nominations include justices that are known to lean farther to the right than the already right leaning Supreme Court Justices. The Court was right leaning before the latest opening, but his choices will send it farther to the right.

Another likely victim to these Court changes will be the limitations on corporate contributions to political parties which are basically buying the elections.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now


There are laws requiring no conflicts of interest exist between duties and personal financial concerns for employees of the executive branch. The law excludes the president and vice president because of situations that require their attention without recusing themselves. But Trump claims he is turning over the running of his businesses to a blind trust, which is a person or group that has no personal interest in the decisions. Rudy Giuliani insists that Trump has accomplished this. How? He turned the running of his business over to his children, who are also part of his transition team and trusted advisers on political matters. How many are foolish enough to believe he has turned the businesses over to a real “blind” trust?

While I have hope for a "fair" presidency, and there have been some indicators that Trump is backing down from his terrible declarations of his early candidacy, there is still much uncertainty. What happens when he takes office? And what follows? I fear that his arrogance will cause him to openly do many impeachable offenses, but that a Republican Congress, so deep in his pockets, will refuse to do anything to hold him to the law. I am curious how you see these evolving matters and what you think will happen in the next few months.

What Trump Said Then vs. What Trump Says Now
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