The Truth About Donald Trump Protesters and Anti-Trumpers


This 2016 Presidential election is by far the most heated (and entertaining) election of my lifetime.

People on both the Democrat and Republican side feel very strongly about their candidates, and the attacks on each side are vicious.

The Truth About Donald Trump Protesters and Anti-Trumpers

What has been most surprising to me has been the way in which people who don't like Donald Trump make their argument.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but it seems like the people who are so strongly opposed to Donald Trump have a really tough time defending their position with facts.

Rather than giving supporting evidence or an explanation as to why they feel so strongly about their position, almost 100% of their energy goes into attacking whoever dares to confront them and suggest having an actual discussion or debate.

I have no problem if someone has an opinion different than mine, but if you're going to bring your opinion out into the open in a public forum, please be able to provide some sort of evidence to support your position!

Shouting "Racist!" "Sexist!" "Unqualified!" "Hateful!" proves nothing, other than that you've bought into the (false) narrative that the mainstream media or your friends have fed to you.

If you're old enough to be able to vote, then you're old enough to be able to debate the issues.

My experiences with in-person Anti-Trumpers

I've been to several Donald Trump rallies over the past year and have encountered protesters at all but one event. It's amusing to watch, but revealing to experience. And kind of sad, too.

My first observation is that many of these protesters go to great lengths to hide their identities. Bandanas, face masks, holding signs in front of their faces... They seem to want to avoid being identified for some reason.

Many refuse to talk, as well. I've approached many a protester who's holding a sign, whether it's "Release your tax returns!" or "Trump = Hitler" or any of the other typical Anti-Trump signs, and tried to start a conversation.

I'm genuinely interested in debating with these people, maybe coming to a better understanding of why they feel the way they do, and maybe helping them to understand what I see differently about Donald Trump. Even if neither one of us changes our mind, I think by having a brief, civilized discussion about whatever the issue is could make people realize that even though we disagree about some things, at the end of the day we're all wanting pretty much the same thing. And who knows, maybe an opinion might change in the process.

Usually the protesters keep their mouths shut, or continue to scream the same annoying chants over and over again.

"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Donald Trump Has Got To Go!"

Sometimes there is one person in the group of protesters who appears to be the official spokesperson. Usually they are wildly misinformed about what their position is, but at least they're willing to talk.

No, Donald Trump has never said anything about shipping blacks back to Africa.

No, Donald Trump is not against immigrants.

No, he has not gone bankrupt 4 times.

And no, his tax returns won't contain any bombshells that disqualify him from being the President.

These are all topics that can be talked about though, so if someone is at least willing to have a discussion, I can respect them for that.

Many protesters accuse Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters of being racists, bigots, intolerant, and violent...

...yet these same protesters are the ones who will scream "F**K YOU!" in your face if you're wearing a MAGA hat or a Trump shirt, will rip the Trump sign out of your hand and tear it up, and in some cases get violent and attack you or your property if you have a different opinion from them.

My experience with online Anti-Trumpers

Online discussion boards (such as this one) and comment sections of blogs and YouTube are an interesting place for political debate.

What I've found is that whenever the topic of Donald Trump comes up, there is an immediate reaction from many people to respond with comments like "He'll destroy the country, he's a hateful racist with no experience whatsoever" or "He's the next Hitler, I'm moving to Canada if he's elected"

And with great reliability, these people respond very similarly when confronted.

Usually it goes something like this:

Anti-Trumper: "Donald Trump is a terrible racist who hates Mexicans!"

Trump Supporter: "He wants to stop illegal immigration, when has he said that he hates Mexicans?"

Anti-Trumper: "You've got to be kidding me."

Trump Supporter: "No, really... When and where has he ever said that he hates Mexicans? What evidence do you have that he's a racist?"

Anti-Trumper: "If you can't plainly see that he's a racist and hates Mexicans, you must be a retarded racist too."

Trump Supporter: "Okay, but can you give a quote? post a video? give an example of when he's said that he hates Mexicans or thinks one race is superior to another?"

Anti-Trumper: "I don't have to give any examples. I don't have to back up my opinion. Clearly you're a moron because you don't get it. I'm not going to waste my time or my energy telling you how Donald Trump is a racist who hates Mexicans, I have better things to do. You must be a loser who has nothing better to do than make demands for someone to back up their opinion, you're probably a racist who hates Mexicans too. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah"

I've seen it on this site many times, exactly like this. The person accusing Trump (and me, because I support him) of being an ignorant racist who hates (insert minority here) refuses to provide one quote or one specific example of why or how Donald Trump is a racist (or a business failure, or incompetent, or Hitler, or whatever other insult they can think up), instead they respond in 3 or 4 one thousand character responses about how they have better things to do and don't have to explain why Trump is (insert accusation here).

I've gone so far as to help them out by giving an example of what they could say to defend their position (usually a one sentence quote is all it takes).

Usually the response is another long winded "How dare you ask me for evidence to support my claim, you racist loser!" followed by me being blocked by the user. So typical.

The Truth About Donald Trump Protesters and Anti-Trumpers

Only ONCE on this site has someone given a specific example to back up her position. And when she did, I let her know how I understood the cited incident and why I felt differently about it, but thanked her for the civilized debate and let her know that I respected her for making up her mind based on actual facts and being willing to actually engage in a conversation. I understood her position, maybe she understood why I felt differently about it, and we could agree to disagree...

My point here, and really, all that I want, is for people who make sweeping accusations about someone or a group of people to be willing to back up their accusations with some sort of facts!

I don't care if you feel differently about something, I don't care if we disagree 100%... but please! If you're going to attack someone and accuse them of something in a public forum, either in person or online, at least have the courtesy to provide a shred of evidence to support your position!

That is all.


The Truth About Donald Trump Protesters and Anti-Trumpers
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  • madhatters4
    i think what you've described is characteristic of all supporters and anti-supporters. some are rational, some are irrational, some are informed, some are not informed. typically the person shouting the loudest in any group is the person with the least valuable opinions so i would never bother to go to a rally to discuss politics with people as those generally the people who simply go to spout their position. if i want to talk to someone about something in earnest i find a quiet place to do so

    addressing two things specifically:
    "No, he has not gone bankrupt 4 times."
    -- no he personally hasn't but his corporations have. it's sort of splitting hairs. If microsoft declared bankruptcy we could't really say Bill Gates is bankrupt, but the company he is chairman of did. the simple point I think people are trying to make about bankruptcy is that companies he runs or puts his name on have gone bankrupt. so the question about his ability to manage is wrapped in that.

    "And no, his tax returns won't contain any bombshells that disqualify him from being the President."
    -- how do you know there aren't bombshells? are you his accountant? maybe there are bombshells maybe not... but that aside the real question is why won't he? every presidential candidate in the last 1/2 a century has released their tax returns. it's a simple act of good faith to your voting public. the reason why politicians typically do it is to uncover who a candidate may have financial ties and obligations to. Like did he really lease property to Qaddafi, has he truly done business deals with various middle eastern states that have been known to sponsor terrorist groups... if there is nothing to hide then releasing those tax returns as all other candidates have done would easily prove that
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    • Very good response.

    • You're right, there are plenty of bonehead Trump supporters too. I cringe every time I see one of them being interviewed by a news station in line at a rally.
      Funny how there don't seem to be very many Anti-Hillary protesters at her events, or Anti-Bernie protesters when he was in the race...

      Out of the many hundreds of businesses and ventures he's been involved with over the years, he's used the bankruptcy laws when it made sense. I see failures as part of what you run into in life, he's playing at a very high level and he's not perfect, and sometimes there are external factors that come in to play as well. What's important (IMO) is that he's been able to come back bigger and better every time.

      If there are any big issues with his tax returns, the IRS will find them and take care of it.
      Nothing good can come from him releasing his returns, the media will find every way to use it against him, so he's smart to NOT release them.

      Just my 2 cents, and I'm w/ you 100% on your 1st point!

    • why is he smart not to release his tax returns? the media isn't the only group bringing this up but also people who understand politics and presendential elections. people in his own party have said he needs to release them. his own previous campaing managers have said he needs to release them. again EVERY SINGLE PRESEDENTIAL CANDIDATE in the past half century has done it.

      you say the media is looking for anything but it seems like you are willing to excuse any action of his. why blindly support? why not ask the simple questions we ask of all presendential candidates. this i the guy who questioned and still questions Obama's citizenship despite plain evidence that he is a citizen. this is the guy who has stated that Obama is Muslim despite no evidence to support it aside from his name. this is the guy who says Obama created ISIS despite the fact that there is no evidence to support it...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rissyanne
    Great, Great Take. The anti Trump protesters are nuts. They love to scream racist. It is like they can't think of anything else to say.
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    • I sincerely do feel bad for most of them (the younger ones, especially), because they are fed this false story about Donald Trump on most of the mainstream media outlets, and even on social media. I think many of the millennials especially haven't really known about what racism really is... Sure, they see the stories on the news about a cop killing a black man when lethal force wasn't really necessary, and they might learn about the civil rights revolution in the 60's, but I honestly think that people growing up in the 90's and 00's are so far removed from REAL racism, that being "racially insensitive" is practically the same thing as being a klansman.

      I think it's hard for people to imagine when blacks couldn't eat in the same restaurants or drink from the same water fountains as whites. Now we have a black 2 term president (elected by mostly non-blacks) and Trump's a racist for bluntly talking about legitimate problems?

    • Rissyanne

      What Trump said was true. Blacks just dont want to accept that things aren't better for them since Obama came into office. Or better for anyone.

    • Rissyanne

      These idiots on here would defend Hillary even if she murdered someone on live TV. They are like sheep.

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  • meowcow
    I don't think you're listening very hard if you have not heard of the evidence against Trump. Here's a few:

    1. Trump has no political experience.
    This comes to no surprise. He is a businessman, and his lack of political experience shows whenever he opens his mouth. In multiple public speeches and debates, he has demonstrated complete ignorance of world issues. He said Russia would never enter Crimea. Yet, Russia is currently occupying it. He suggested Japan should get its own nuclear weapons to protect against North Korea, which goes against every nuclear proliferation agreement in the world. The list goes on...

    2. Trump is the only presidential hopeful that you can bait with an insult or a tweet.
    As a person looking to become the president of the most powerful nation on the planet, you'd think a candidate would show a bit more leadership and a lot less pettiness. If you are a public figure in Hollywood or sports, you can basically bait Trump into a childish namecalling battle by insulting him on Twitter. I'd expect more from a presidential candidate. This not only shows pettiness, but also a lack of restraint and common sense. When nations are at the brink of war, I wouldn't want my president distracted with a retaliatory tweet because Ellen Degeneres tweeted that Trump was a dick.

    3. Trump is rich, but his money is small beans.
    Among Republican candidates, Trump is by far the richest. Despite being a carnival act in the early race, he bought his way to the top. Basically, he paid the media to put him in the center of all the posters with the other candidates behind him. But in the grand scheme of things, Trump is a billionaire, while nations deal in trillions. A single trade deal between the US and China is worth trillions of dollars. Trump's wealth means nothing to other nations. China and Russia have its own billionaires that put Trump's riches to shame. In short, his money holds no leverage to people outside the US. So take Trump's money away, and he becomes a petty namecaller.

    4. Trump is rich, but it is the result of business failure rather than business success.
    I have to give credit to Trump for this one. He is a master of US bankruptcy laws. Trump knows how to navigate the legal landscape of company bankruptcies and knows how to hide assets to avoid paying creditors. It is through his bankruptcies that he became rich - stowing cash away when he owed others.
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    • meowcow

      5. Trump is a racist, and a huge one.
      The only group that Trump has not insulted during the presidential race is white American males. Most minorities in the US have been verbally insulted at some point of the race including Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese. This extends to people of religious backgrounds - particularly muslims.

      6. Trump has no answer when he gets caught.
      Trump makes statements on the fly to get through each debate. If you catch him red-handed, he is a master of deflecting it by insulting the person. Watch his personal interviews when he is asked a question he knows he can't answer. He will change topics, attack the asker, or make it about Hillary. The only time I've seen Trump completely dumbfounded was on SNL when he was claiming to "Make America Great Again" and claiming to bring jobs to America. As he advertised his Trump ties and dress shirts, it became known they were all made in China. He sat there with a stupid look on his face with no response.

    • meowcow

      7. Trump would not last 2 seconds with other world leaders.

      This has more to do with his insulting nature, rather than his political incompetence. So far during the race, most nations have already shown a distaste for Trump, with the exception of Russian president Putin. China, Japan, Germany, UK have all indicated that Trump is too incompetent to lead the US. The insulting manner that Trump goes about his way is not going to make friends with world leaders. To most other nations, Trump would lose face. When you lose face, you are disgraced and it's very hard to regain the respect of others. China in particular has so much economic power today, if Trump loses face, China can trigger the next US recession if they wanted to and collapse the greenback. It's as simple as selling the trillions of US treasury bonds that China owns. China didn't invest that money to buy US... they bought it as an economic hostage and negotiating leverage.

    • meowcow

      8. Trump is big on words but small on details.

      An analysis of Trump's speeches shows that he uses words that the average 5th grader can understand. A testament to the low level of education of the American public. While he say big things, and promises great progress, he has not produced any details on how he would achieve his promises.

      Q. If you ban muslims from entering the US, how will you identify these people?
      Trump's response: We will ask them whether they're muslim.

      Q: How are you going to pay for this wall (across the US/Mexico border).
      Trump's answer: Mexico is going to pay for it. How? I'm going to make them.

      Wow, great plan for the nation.

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  • Nothanks700
    Okay, let's debate.

    "No, Donald Trump is not against immigrants"
    Fact: Donald Trump said in a Meet the Press interview in August 2015 that he would deport naturally born citizens born to illegal immigrants. There are numerous other statements like this. Please consider that statement alone though. He is literally talking about taking children, who have a constitutional right to be here, in the only home they have ever known, to ship them off to a country they have likely never been to with no means of support. It's a notch above genocide, and obviously stems from a place of hating immigrants- at least on some level he blames them for more problems than are likely fair to blame them for.

    But consider also the facts of illegal immigration in itself. Illegal immigration is of economic benefit to the US on multiple fronts, mostly because the labor force would not be there without them. No, most people are not willing to work meat factory jobs, they'd rather file unemployment. Even if wasn't, building a wall is completely implausible, absurd, and not effective. We know this; everyone agreed on this before Trump came.

    "No, Trump did not declare bankruptcy 4 times"

    Fact: no, Trump himself has never declared bankruptcy. His companies have declared bankruptcy 4 times however, which is just as bad, if not worse considering how much he touts his business success. Once is everyone makes mistakes. 4 times is you're just shitty at running businesses.

    "His tax returns don't contain anything to disqualify him"

    Probably true, at least in terms of litteraly disqualify. However I'm not too hesitant in assuming Trump pays as little tax as possible, and his marginal rate would likely affend even McDonals workers who pay a higher tax rate and don't have suites made of gold.

    Finnaly, I do get your point. Our country has less of a PC problem and more of an anger issue, from both sides of the aisle. People don't know how to handle themselves.

    That said, your candidate is probably the most selfish, ego centric, mysogenist, unqualified clown to ever get this far in a race. People are scared; I don't think Trump is Hitler. But there are striking similarities in their campaigns. Most people didn't take Hitler seriously until he was in power. I'm sorry, but the things his guy has said are frightening, and not just to immigrants, but to our overall economic health. His ideas aren't left or right, they are just non sensical and completely void of reason.
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    • Game on.
      Deporting the kids of illegal immigrants makes sense for the exact reason you say. If the parents are here illegally and are to be deported, isn't it best for their children to leave the country with them even though *technically* the kids are citizens? Or would you rather the parents leave and the kids stay behind?
      What if a parent shoplifts a gaming console for their kid's birthday and somehow gets caught later. Does the kid get to keep the console because they received the gift without committing a crime?

      As for the wall, Hillary was in favor of physical barriers and tough border control as well as deporting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. Trump takes a slightly firmer stance, though he's willing to listen to other experts and figure out the best way to deal with otherwise law abiding illegals. He's giving a speech on immigration on Wednesday, let's see where he is now on this issue. I bet it's pretty reasonable.

    • Bankruptcies: He has used the bankruptcy laws when it's made sense in his businesses. Four might seem like a lot, but out of the many hundreds of businesses he's built and owned over the decades, it's not really that many. When you consider that something like 50% of new businesses make it past the 5 year mark and 33% make it past 10 years, for Trump to have been successful MOST OF THE TIME, he clearly is doing something right.
      Furthermore, people learn from failures and mistakes. I'm comforted to know that Donald Trump knows what it's like to have a business go bad, he's seen what can happen, and I imagine he won't be making those same mistakes again.
      More importantly, he was able to bounce back and be successful over and over again AFTER those "failures".

      Maybe it's because I'm a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I can relate. I've failed many times, and I keep getting back up and moving forward again.

      Trump's had many many more successes than failures.

    • And as far as taxes, I bet he pays a LOT less in personal income tax than people would expect or want to see. He's a smart guy, and he can afford to hire the best accountants to find every possible way for him to save money and pay the least in taxes as possible.

      Is this a bad thing?

      Would you choose to pay more in taxes than you had to?

      Finally, if he did anything illegal to get around paying taxes, won't the IRS find out and handle it?
      The IRS has been auditing his taxes for years, so far there doesn't seem to be any evidence that he's broken the laws. I doubt they'll find that he's done anything illegal this time around either. We all want to pay the least amount in taxes possible.

      Yes, he's ego-centric, but not selfish. He doesn't have to run for President. He could spend the rest of his days having fun doing business, playing golf, and being a granddad. But instead, he puts on a bulletproof vest and goes out every day to win votes so he can fix our broken country.


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  • QuestionMan
    Best speech ever

    Nigel should be Trump's speech coach.
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    • Yep, that was such a great speech, so many parallels.
      My walking boots are on, and I've got a group together that are hitting the streets to get more people onto the Trump Train. The polls are getting close, even in the swing states.
      A lot of people are going to be surprised in November, I've got a lot of friends who are in denial and still think it's impossible for Trump to win. I say to them, wait and see.

      This really is a movement.

    • Although I completely opposed Brexit when people asked me if I thought it was going to happen I said anything could happen. I don't trust the polls ever since they're usually inaccurate.
      Who knows Trump might win, I'm just hoping Johnson gets into the debate.

      Did you see Hillary's alt-right speech? It was pure bs. Alt-right people think Trump is soft and hate that he supports Israel.

    • Yeah I watched the speech, at least the first 20 minutes of it before zoning out and letting it fade into the background. As Donald Trump said in his Manchester, NH speech right before, the "racist!" card is the only thing the Democrats have left. She can't talk about her record, she can't talk about her policy (Obama round 3+), so instead she spent her speech insulting everyone on the right.

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    I'm not going to debate, so if you want to respond, go, but these are reasons

    1- 70% of the shit he says is false... That's not an opinion, that's straight fact

    2- he doesn't know how to talk. Ironic for me since I'm blaming on the word (I don't know how to spell it). But he says 1 thing only to backtrack because he can't concisely state it the first time around. Imagine how fucking dangerous that is. " I think we should ban Muslims and blow up china... What I meant was that we should stop terrorism and not push the red button

    3- in congruence to 2, that just lets him have an out and for his supporters to say, I didn't mean it. What if a neighbor says he's going to kill you? You call the police cause it's a threat (which is against the law depending on the circumstances). The police show up to investigate and the dude says he was just joking with a knife in his hand 😑

    4- I honestly find it really weird that people are against "the establishment" and mad off people screwing hard working Americans over by backing a billionaire who made supposed billions fucking hard working Americans over... No one else finds that the least bit ironic?

    5- his policies
    A- have absolutely no substance beyond words... It's easy to say I'm going to colonize Mars in 3 years, but don't ask me how... Which leads to b
    B- they make absolutely no fucking sense from a logical or economic standpoint...
    Trump: Fuck taxes! Lets build a wall to block Mexico!!!
    People: Cool
    Me: Who's going to pay it?
    Trump: Mexico
    Me: why would they want to pay for a wall you want
    Trump: cause America!
    People: fuck yeah!

    Nice logic 😑. And I can keep going

    6- he not only has a history of discrimination, I'd campaign CEO is the CEO of fringe society that are clearly racist

    7- the dude clearly only cares about himself. I can go on and on, but look at that tweet he had 2 days ago. This goes back to 2, 3 and 6 (to some extent) as well. He made a post about d wades cousin who just died... sounds great except
    A- he didn't even acknowledge the person's name
    B- didn't acknowledge condolences
    C- proceeded to make it about him claiming he was right and a reason why black people should vote for him

    8- hypocrisy. 1 example is he's insistent on the birther thing with Obama despite him showing his citizenship even after 8 years, yet won't release his tax statements. Also, the Clinton foundation donating to foreign countries and people, yet don't release tax statements... To which he donated to also

    To be cont
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    • 9- Almost everyone not a WASP hates him. Going back to other points, he made fun of disabled people, vets, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women and more

      10- his own party hates him. Didn't help he made fun of virtually everyone in his own party. Even the most respected leaders on the GOP thinks he's a disgrace. How can they see it and supporters don't? Especially since most are Republicans anyways?

      11- this idea about the "establishment". To be fair, Washington is corrupt. But if he's going to be the president, he can't do what he wants. He needs these people to get shit done, especially since projections show a possible Democrat majority

      12- going back to 7 a bit, everyone but his own fault. He literally complains about the media always... Half of it is him being him. I get some criticism being unfair, but if he can't take responsibility for anything, what does that say?

      to be continued

    • 13- he's bitch made, this goes to most people in general, especially Republicans, but they are fine saying others need to stop complaining and stop being PC and shit, but the big bad media hurts your feelings and you want an apology. Boo-fucking-hoo 😭 hey pot, meet kettle

      For that 1 dickhead who's going to get butthurt with rage, I'm not Republican or Democrat. I have no political agenda. I just pick and believe in who and what are the best options for this country. My stances have nothing to do with politics. So if you wanna call me a libtard, save it. Real recognize real and I don't support bullshit. Trump and Clinton are the epitome of bullshit. For those who can't see it, it I judge y'all way harder than trump. It's not his fault y'all believe in the youth fairy. I also got a bridge to sell ya, 😏

      Anyways, I think that's all for now again, respond if you want, but I'm not answering. You asked, I answered. Peace home slice

    • Waffles731

      Was going to say something similar but you covered it.

  • NatashaJ
    So are you for Trump and your ok with half the things he says?
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    • NatashaJ

      and he has said racist about Muslims but funny how no trump supporters ever brings that up and only say he not racist.

    • I'm not a Trump supporter but I feel like I must respond.
      1. Muslim is a follower of Islam it is not a race. You mean Arab.
      2. Trump only spoke about a moratorium on immigration from high risk countries

    • NatashaJ

      @QuestionMan Any race that could be Muslim people hate on them I know its not a race but he is racist towards brown people who are Muslim. and no he said some fuck up shit like shooting Muslims with bullets cover in pig blood and shit like that.

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  • Puppylove94
    Awesome take. completely agree with everything you said

    Although I will say he has gone bankrupt a few times, this is just due to good business strategy though. Most successful business owners have done the same thing
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    • Just to clarify, he has never gone bankrupt. He's used the bankruptcy laws for some of his businesses, and there is a difference.
      Obviously you understand that this isn't the end of the world, it's just an option that's available to people and businesses and sometimes it's what makes the most sense.
      I'm not sure if many people understand how bankruptcy laws work and what it really means, they just hear the word and it means "failure" to them. I wonder if it would get the same reaction if it was just called "Debt rearrangement".

      Thanks for your input, @Puppylove94 :-)

  • Aeon_Flux_21
    Lovelinefan please understand that liberalism breeds sociopaths. Those sociopathic liberals don't care about facts, logic or honesty. If for some reason they do debate you be warned that they'll use worded manipulative tactics and prey on weak minded peoples emotions for support.

    Last is they work in massive groups. Liberals will always gang up on an individual and then play the victims card.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    I agree, we just hate Donald Trump,800x800,075,f.jpg
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  • AleDeEurope
    Most anit-Trump supporters have no real reason why they hate him. They've been told by the media and the left/liberals that it's the right thing to do, so they do it.
    They're like sheep, that's why they have no answer to questions about why they hate him.

    I don't consider myself a Trump supporter, but I prefer him over Hillary. The reason I side with Trump often is because of his haters, the hypocrites that start violence and then say it's Trump's fault xD
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  • Nelson_MP
    I'm not American and I'm not a big Trump fan, but I must admit that almost everyone that I've saw attacking the man usually full retard after some time. The correlation between positioning yourself against illegal immigration and hating mexicans is probably more xenophobic than Trump.

    This people need to understand that, basically, if you don't agree with him, it's not because he's racist, sexist, homophomic, islamophobic that have mexicans. It's simply because you DON'T AGREE WITH HIM. Lots of people, including Trump, have different opinions than you on several issues, and you have to deal with it.
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    • Nelson_MP

      *that hates mexicans

    • Yep. Even Trump supporters (like myself) disagree with some things, but I don't think ANYONE is going to agree 100% with anyone else.

      What's funny is that when talking about many of Trump's positions with the average person, if they think it's somebody else's position, they agree that it makes sense.

    • Nelson_MP

      The American left and the media really have done a great job demonizing Donald. They've been doing it quite right everywhere.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Just keep parroting the same garbage that every Trump supporting myTake has ever done.
    You want facts for why Trump is racist?
    Or how about Trump's recent speech about black people?

    As for facts about why he'd screw over the country financially: he can't even deal with his own $500 million dollar debt. Here's his debt problems:

    Are those enough Liberal facts for you? I could go on all day about how he sunk his casinos, he's made racist comments about jews, blacks, hispanics. How he's made sexist comments about women.
  • TadCurious
    Great post. A lot of the people who show up to protest at Donald Trump rallies are bought and paid for by groups financed by George Soros. They're little programmed robots. But they can be dangerous. At the rally Trump had in San Jose, for instance, these people chased down and physically assaulted Trump supporters as they came out of the rally. Many of these protesters were illegal aliens from Mexico who were waving the Mexican flag and even burning the American flag. (It's always struck me as pretty pathetic that those people wave the flag of the country they don't want to be sent back to.)
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    • Right on. I've encountered the Mexican flag protesters here on the east coast as well, they seem VERY proud of their home country, but they want to be here in our society.
      I don't get it. Fine, be proud of your heritage, but quit trying to turn the United States in to North Mexico. If Mexico is such a great place to live, why don't they go back?

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I don't like him and I think his policies are dumb. Why do you care?
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    • I care because I see the direction that our country is headed and don't like it, and feel strongly that Donald Trump is the right person to get our country headed in the right direction. I'm in favor of nationalism (putting our own country first) not globalism, I'm against getting involved in wars that we don't need to be involved in, our country is going further and further into debt, more and more people are deciding to let the government take care of them rather than taking care of themselves... Donald Trump is the right guy for the job to turn things around, the media has been EXTREMELY unfair to him, and many people who don't know any better just blindly buy into the false stories that are put out there about Trump and don't really understand why they don't like him, they're just going along with the false narrative that they hear on the news.

    • Out of curiosity, what don't you like about him and what specific policies do you disagree with?

    • I don't like either candidate. I think he talks out of his ass and won't do any of the things he says. Sure he says that he will deport illegals, but I doubt his policies will get passed by Congress. I think it's all an act to get people to vote for him. Hilary too.

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  • Dred1614returns
    Phenomenal take. I've had similar experiences at Trump rallies.
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    • The funny thing is, if Donald Trump supporters are the uneducated, racist, intolerant, violent people that the media has tried to make us out to be, wouldn't we be seeing videos from Hillary rallies showing angry mobs of white rednecks with confederate flags heckling minorities and everyone else lined up to see Hillary speak?

      But nope, nobody waving confederate flags, nobody throwing eggs, nobody vandalizing cars... and actually come to think of it, nobody lined up to see Hillary speak either! (On the rare occasion she does come out of hiding to do a public event)

  • macix670
    The only problem I have with Mr. Trump is the way he insults people. His entire campaign is about personally attacking his opponents and anyone who dares to call him out. He never debates the issues at hand like Bernie does.
    You seem like a sensible person, so how does such a child like temperament appeal to you? I'm genuinely curious. I'm not being condescending or rude.
    • I love it!

      I don't think it was child-like temperament, I think it was a combination of well thought out strategy and decades of experience in branding and self promotion.
      And obviously it worked.

      Not only does he go straight to the point, no matter how bluntly it has to be said, but he does so in a way thats funny!

      Oh, and debating the issues and going in to the details gets you nowhere in a political campaign. Look at how far someone like Rand Paul got, or Ben Carson.
      That's not saying that it's right or wrong or anything, but the fact is that elections are not won by presenting compelling charts and graphs and detailed reports.

      How do you feel he's been acting since winning the election?

    • macix670

      He hasn't changed. He attacks people on Twitter which is immature to me and not very presidential. This is not the way a President Gould behave especially with people who disagree with him.

    • Sorry you feel that way.
      Come back in 4 years and tell me if you're alright with President Trump acting the way he does.


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  • jacquesvol
    You're complaining that some people aren't politically correct about Trump. He asks for it, in my opinion.
    I quote Trump 09/23/15 03:27 PM EDT
    "A seemingly exasperated Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, "I'm so tired of this politically correct crap," telling a crowd of South Carolina business leaders that he's still the straight-talking, shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy that surged to the top of the polls this summer."
    Read more:
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    • jacquesvol

      No, he didn't file for PERSONAL bankruptcy. Companies Trump *owned* filed for bankruptcy. Employees, investors and taxpayers lost money through it. And he got richer from it.

    • You really love to post that graphic which is full of bullshit. I'll go ahead and copy what I already responded to it with the last time so people here can learn:

      Trump Tower NEVER went bankrupt.
      "3 Trump Casinos" and "Trump Entertainment Resorts" are all one in the same
      Trump Travel and Trump Mortgage did NOT go "bankrupt", and they were simply low-risk affiliate / brokerage companies matching buyers with sellers for a fee, so even though they did not last, they certainly did not go bankrupt or cost Trump any money. He probably made out pretty well with both of those deals.
      Trump Shuttle (airline) went down along with Eastern and Pan Am, because of the economic recession of the late 80's/early 90's which caused companies to cut back on business travel, AND the gulf war which caused oil prices to skyrocket.

      "Trump AFL" you mean the New Jersey Generals, which Trump bought for a bargain as a long shot gamble, and as a way to have some fun. Also, it did not go "bankrupt".

    • You obviously do not understand what an "affiliate" or "brokerage" is, so let me educate you.
      And affiliate marketing company or website, such as Trump Travel, allows someone to advertise and attract customers looking for a product or service, then basically re-direct them to another company who fulfills the order. The affiliate gets a percentage of the sales generated from their website or marketing. Trump Travel was basically a re-branded Expedia. com and aside from the cost of building the website and any advertising that they did to promote the website, it was probably a very low overhead business with no creditors or investors.

      A brokerage, which is what Trump Mortgage was, is a similar. A mortgage broker connects borrowers with lenders, and gets paid a commission for loans that they arrange. A mortgage brokerage license ranges from $750-2,000 depending on what state, so aside from advertising and office costs, there were not major expenses, nor investors / creditors.

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  • Phoenix98
    Yup it's true I've seen it countless times actually.
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  • Mustang1919
    Trump will win and all liberals will commit suicide.
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    • what will conservatives do if an when he loses? since essentially all the polls that matter show about a 70/30 disparity in favor of clinton

    • @madhatters4 Can't barrage the farage

    • so i guess i have to repeat? if liberals will kill themselves if trump wins what will conservatives do if (and more than likely) trump loses?

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  • uknaked
    HI, I disagree with your basic thinking, but I respect anyones own attitude, check out the following page, I cannot personally verify every fact, I am not even an American, but who gets the job of POTUS does not only affect the US of A but the whole of the little planet we all share.
    Please read and digest this information, research as much as you wish.
    My personal view will not affect the election, I don't have a vote, but I do have a Masters in public policy and, in my humble opinion, Trump is doing a fantastic job of ensuring that your next POTUS will be a lady, Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton, from January. She is the only, imho, candidate to lead the western world for the next few years, but she does need the support of a democrat led congress!
    • I read those 40 reasons and laughed at most of them. His favorability ratings are right there with Clintons, and head to head (and in a 4 way race) they're not that far apart. That article was from February.
      The mainstream media is totally against Trump, he's gotten this far and is going to win WITHOUT spending as much money as HRC and without the media fighting on his behalf like they are for Hillary. He's using social media and giant rallies to get his message out there, in addition to paid ads now. Most of the GOP is behind him now, and those that aren't did us a favor. Now people on the left can get on the Trump Train knowing that Bush and Romney aren't involved. If the Trump U. trials are a reason, what about Hillary's emails and the Clinton Foundation? Trump's a business man so making ties overseas made sense, he wants to change that so people CAN make stuff here. The mob (imagine trying to build something in NYC in the 80's WITHOUT the mob being involved).
      Could go on and on...

  • sedrftvgyhujik
    He is basically a human brand the whole president thing may even just be to promote his brand.
    Even if your not an expert make sure you have the loudest voice and wave your hands around to make other people seem less important.
    Don't get me wrong It works but it doesn't mean he knows what he's doing in any areas other than marketing and as a consumer its the other areas that matter you shouldn't want expensive branded trainers that fall apart 2 weeks in you want something well designed, good value, durable and breathable not well branded!
    • He wouldn't do this to promote his brand. Think about how many deals he lost (Macy's, Miss Universe, PGA tour, The Apprentice, etc.) and how many new enemy's he's made by running for president. Not to mention opportunity cost, he's lost over a year of being able to work on new deals and make more money by doing this.

      He's obviously got the leadership skills to run a global business empire, I think he'll be a great POTUS!

  • WhaChaChaKing
    It's been confirmed he wants to fuck his daughter.
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    • Let's see the quote, please :-)
      Big difference between saying his daughter is attractive and saying "I would fuck her".

      Though to be completely fair, she is smoking hot.

    • Doesn't matter how hot she may be, that's his daughter. You a real sicko.

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