My Thoughts on Anti-Trump Rioters in DC and Europe


The last few months have shown the venomous, irrational hatred the left have for any idea that does not adhere to their Cultural Marxist doctrine, something that reached its peak during Trump's inauguration.

People are being attacked no matter their age or gender with no ramifications because the Left feel they are morally justified in attacking what they deem to be "oppressive racists".

If it is now deemed acceptable for leftists to physically attack people they consider political opponents and to attack those they consider to be 'nazis' because of what they say the 'nazis' did, does that also mean it is now fair game for Communists to receive the same treatment for the over 100 million people killed under its hammer and sickle banner?

My thoughts on  anti-Trump rioters in DC and Europe

Never forget that Communism is the world champion in mass murder, oppression and tyranny. Those who subscribe to its doctrine and who are actually neo-Bolsheviks – are supporters of the most heinous ideology in the history of mankind. Nothing even comes close to the barbarity seen under Communism.

Ask yourself why it is that the media, Hollywood, academia etc all perpetuate the stereotype of 'evil nazis' by producing film after film, documentaries aplenty and educational indoctrination via national curriculums the world over reinforcing the official narrative of that period of history, yet there is not one film, documentary or educational programme documenting the truth about the historical crimes of Communism? And why are its supporters never criticised and labeled as the epitome of evil as they do with what they call 'nazi sympathisers?'

If it is now considered socially acceptable and morally justifiable to attack people because of political opinions that differ from the established orthodoxy of Cultural Marxist dogma, then going by the historical record, it is not 'nazis' that should be worried - but the supporters of Communism and all of its offshoots.

That people see it as acceptable to attack people because of political and ideological non-conformity is very telling in this era of supposed tolerance. However when you understand that 'tolerance' as the left defines it means acceptance only of their views, then you understand that the pursuit of 'tolerance' is a scam that allows no room for any opinion that diverges from the leftist narrative.

My Thoughts on Anti-Trump Rioters in DC and Europe

Before WWII, the rise of National Socialism and of Fascism came about partly as a result of the rise of Communism across the continent which had already displayed its inhumanity in Russia. Nations in Western Europe were determined to prevent the scourge of Communism from arising in their nations and if it wasn't for National Socialism and Fascism then Communism would have wrought its murderous ideology in Western Europe. Communism had already murdered tens of millions of people before any rise of Fascism and National Socialism.

My Thoughts on Anti-Trump Rioters in DC and Europe

The very concept of Political Correctness which is politics that allows no political opposition was born in Bolshevik Russia. Millions were slaughtered by the Communists for having politically incorrect thoughts and ideas.

If the public were only aware of these suppressed truths then they would see the world in a whole new light. They would also see the historical narrative of the last 100 years pushed by our mind bending controllers as being extremely flawed and ideologically motivated.

These people do not think rationally, the act on emotions that have been manipulated by people with motives that are as clear as they were in 1917 - the complete destruction of Western man and his way of life.

They continue to dehumanise anyone they disagree with, which is the first step in the rounding up of dissidents. The billionaire bankers funding mass protest against Donald Trump and Brexit have no problem engaging in terrorist activity to silence dissent.

My Thoughts on Anti-Trump Rioters in DC and Europe
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