My Thoughts on the Recent Riots in Rotterdam, just Days before the Dutch Elections


Thousands of Turks flying the Turkish flag protested outside the Turkish Embassy in Rotterdam over the barring of a Turkish minister from speaking at a rally in support of Turkish president. Dutch riot police had to disperse them using water canon.

This is Multiculturalism. This is what happens when you allow into your country millions of immigrants who have more allegiance and loyalty to their mother country and who maintain their own identity and culture within YOUR country as YOUR identity and culture is eroded by their growing presence.

As the host culture and host population, you are expected to tolerate and embrace the importation of millions of people not of your race and culture who will eventually come to demographically dominate over you and your country.

My Thoughts on the Recent Riots in Rotterdam, just Days before the Dutch Elections

With Multiculturalism they are either encouraged to assimilate, or they maintain their own Identity, either way the host culture and population loses out in the long-term because it is the host culture and population that are supplanted.

The footsoldiers of multiculturalism have no allegiance to your country. They have loyalty to their own country, their own culture and their own identity. When was the last time you witnessed thousands of Dutch flags at a protest in Istanbul as a result of mass Dutch immigration having been allowed into Turkey?

My Thoughts on the Recent Riots in Rotterdam, just Days before the Dutch Elections

This is a prime example of the lunacy of multiculturalism. These people flying the Turkish flag in Rotterdam, at a planned rally for a Turkish minister in support of the Turkish president, are called "Dutch citizens". They are not Dutch citizens. They are Turkish citizens living in Holland who have loyalty to Turkey, Islam, and the continuity of their own culture, identity and heritage.

They are interested in conquest and not in the ridiculous idea of multiculturalism and 'diversity' like the brain polluted European people who are supposed to tolerate all this.

When the Dutch become the minority in the Netherlands, who thinks these so-called 'Dutch citizens' will be flying the Dutch flag and complaining about a lack of diversity?

Holland is just another example. This is happening in almost every European country and it is not a coincidence.

My Thoughts on the Recent Riots in Rotterdam, just Days before the Dutch Elections

Closing, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all these Turks for adding more votes to Geert Wilders in the coming elections and increasing his chances to win. Because unfortunately that's the only way to wake up Europeans and make them act against the dark future that awaits their children. The people do not understand with words. They only understand when the shit hits the fan.

My Thoughts on the Recent Riots in Rotterdam, just Days before the Dutch Elections
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  • JimRSmith
    Good post - people are starting to wake up to this problem, at long last.
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  • evenlift
    We are suffering in the West from a strange mixture of scare-mongering and burying our heads in the sand.

    We are told that there is this powerful Muslim horde that can easily destroy us. In fact, the Islamic world is a bunch of primitive savages, no Nazi Germany or imperial Japan in terms of strength. We are also told that race and culture are synonymous, when in fact humans do have free will and can stop being savages, if only the rest of us would have the necessary moral self-confidence.

    On the other hand, often by the same people, we are offered nothing in the way of real solutions. Even after decades of Western capitulation, we could easily deal with the problem of Islamic terrorism, which is a real problem. We need to declare war on Islamic terrorists and the states that sponsor them, primarily Iran and Saudi Arabia. We need to fight to ensure victory as fast as possible and with the least injury on our side. Instead, what are we offered? Trump's immigration ban, which manages to be both weak and offensive at the same time! A general ban on immigration from the enemy states would be part of a proper strategy to win this war, but it would be only a minor part. A war is not won at home. It is won by taking the fight to the enemy.
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  • Iraqveteran666
    The Turkish rioters insult the Dutch people. They should remember why they don't live in Turkey or any other muslim country.
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  • cth96190
    There are two possible solutions.
    One is mass expulsion and the use of as much force as is necessary to achieve that end.
    The other is a more. . . final . . . solution.
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    • what would you say @jman46241 ? Don't wuss out on us.

    • jman46241

      @Ironic_Pepe What is this us? Call me out to respond either on a OP or question you ask..

    • @jman46241 don't be a cuck. You have to agree with these solutions. Stop changing the subject.

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  • BruceJender
    De Nederland behoren tot de Nederlandse

    Hup Holland Hup!
  • zagor
    Blame the lovers of cheap labor...
  • Ironic_Pepe
    There must be a solution to this problem!
    • cth96190

      There is a solution and only one solution: round them up and expel them, by the use of as much force as is necessary to achieve that end.

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