Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past


...to better her 'singing' career:

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past

Nick Jonas

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past

Taylor Lautner

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past

Justin Bieber [granted this one turned into a real deal]

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past


Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past

the Weeknd

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past

...we're expecting new ones...

Pretty rough, huh?

Celebrities Selena Has Used In The Past
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  • Nik1hil
    Can I get a take like this on Taylor Swift
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  • Anonymous
    Taylor is worse.
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  • natured
    And why is this your problem again? I don't get it'?
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    • Ragini

      I too don't get it...😂

  • loveisbeautiful
    Right and Taylor Swift as dated how many guys and wrote songs about them and they ALL became hits? Just saying. Out of all the Disney stars, I find her to be the least corrupt and the one most true to herself. You don't have to like her but there's no need to pick on her either.
  • mooky06
    I'm not surprised. Celebrities are either
    -posing nude
    -planning their own robbery
    -jumping from relationship to relationship
    -having a love triangle
    -photoshopping their photos

    To be noticed..
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  • red324
    Does Selena put out? I can assure you if she does, then these guys don't feel used in fact, they got what they wanted.
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    • Exactly my thoughts

    • red324


      I actually heard she was a virgin with beiber, not sure if I belieb that though.

    • Maybe? She was quite a saucy little virgin if that's true...

  • chigurl33
    Apart from Justin who is obviously a much more popular celebrity than she is, the rest are just like her... pretty irrelevant. We all recognize their names but can't name many of their works.
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  • madhatters4
    she's far from the first and will be far from the last celebrity to use relationships to further their careers
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  • Iraqveteran666
    Eh they all do it. Apart from Bieber they are all pretty b-list (not sure Bieber is a-list).
    Angelina Jolie used Johnny miller then got on Billy bob Thornton and then it was Brad Pitt and then when Brad's golden career started to wind down a bit all of a sudden she dropped him in the most public, dramatic way that made him look like a monster and her a victim.
    Jennifer Lopez did the same with P Diddy and God knows who else.
    Anyway the music industry and Hollywood have that casting couch thing, parents rent their kids out to people I the industry to make their kids famous. Every time I see young actor/actress make it big or get a role on the big screen or a record deal I think either their parents are famous or the had to sucks or f*ck somebody. At that level anything I legal you can think of is legal.
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  • rjroy3
    Knowing that girls find status attractive I don't find it sinister that she was with any of these guys. Tho it's natural for me to look at the Weeknd and think, ".. him?". Lol
  • IvoirianGirl20
    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that!! She's been doing this for years
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  • Kit_Kat88
    Selena hasn't used anyone. They're all just past lovers and a relatively decent number.
  • Blackwatch8494
    Everyone "uses" artists to try to climb the ladder of popularity in music!
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  • Centurion20000
    So basically she's just trying to sleep her way to the top.
  • zagor
    Humping your way to the top is an old tradition.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Not surprised
  • Greek_God
  • Anonymous
    I would let her use me anytime. :D Although I feel bad for her because the media always assumes she's sleeping with every guy that she dates. Same with Taylor Swift. Maybe they are but maybeeeeeeee they actually are just dating sometimes too. And really in Hollywood pretty much everyone is using everyone else to help them get ahead with their careers.
  • Anonymous
    All the flavors in the galaxy and little sally chooses, to be a little salty. It's your opinion and I know I don't have to comment... and I won't for part 3 belieb me. (See what I did there). Is it too late to say sorry 😁. I'll stop.

    But anyway... why are you so set on Selena using these dudes. They're not more popular than her. Same level Usually. Except beiber
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  • Anonymous
    So what? I can't believe you're an editor and that you are 28 years old.
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    • I can't believe I forgot to disable cowards like you. =)

    • A salty Selena fan :P

    • Anonymous

      @JustinTheGreat Nope, I'm not her fan, but all this hatred is so fucking pointless.