Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her


Today Betsy DeVos became the first Cabinet member in the history of the United States to be confirmed by the US Senate by vote of the Vice President to break the tie vote. And what a fabulous choice President Trump made in selecting her for Secretary of Education.

Why then did the Democrats -- who claim to care so much about empowering women -- so viciously try to prevent her from being confirmed for one of the most important positions in government?

The reason the left doesn't like her is because Democrat politicians are in a corrupt alliance with the teachers unions who have a death grip on our school childrens' education. Secretary DeVos wants to provide parents with alternatives to the failing government schools, run by the unions, so their children can grow up literate instead of being sentenced to a life of illiteracy in the failed schools that the Democrats/unions force them to attend now (especially poor children who need this change the most).

We tried the Democrat's solution. We tried it for DECADES. We tried doubling the taxpayers' spending on schools, it didn't work. We tried adding more union teachers and smaller class sizes at a tremendous extra cost to taxpayers, it didn't work. The Democrats and unions want to double down on all the failed policies of the past that have failed and failed over and over again, sentencing still millions more children to a lifelong handicap of living without a decent education.

After decades of a union controlled school system, what we have is the most expensive and one of the least effective public school systems in the world.

A significant percentage of our schools are turning out students who are functionally illiterate and unable to become anything except wards of the state dependent on taxpayers for their income. They are hardly prepared to make America competitive on the world stage in the 21st century. We should continue with the same policies that led to this? Other than the corrupt Democrats and the unions that pay them off to continue this failed system, who would support that?

President Trump and Secretary DeVos want to change this. Instead of doubling down on the worn out failed ideas of the past that the Democrats are pushing, they have new ideas such as voucher systems and charter schools to give parents of children in areas with failing schools a chance for their children to escape the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that the current system is perpetuating generation after generation.

Oh what evil people President Trump and Secretary DeVos are! It's Hitler all over again!

Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her

Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her
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  • RedThread
    Lol nah I don't like her because she wants us to pay taxes to go towards private schools. I don't like her because she wants to drop common core. Common core has flaws but it's what stops schools from teaching creation myths in science classes or that climate change is a hoax. It protects actual science. There are plenty of Republicans that don't like her either.

    I don't want my kids to have to be forced between defunded no longer secular (if the GOP have their way) public schools or tax paid religious private institutions that teach whatever version of alternative facts currently doesn't hurt their religious or political sensibilities.

    It's entertaining how all your reasons aren't remotely on point. She doesn't know jack shit about the education system either.
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  • cipher42
    Buddy, did you actually watch any of the videos of her confirmation hearings? The reason the left doesn't like her is because she doesn't know jack shit about the public education system, so only a complete moron could possibly think she's qualified to run it.
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  • BellePepper
    I only planned to be a teacher for two years or so and even I have more developed ideas about how a student's education should be directed than she does. But she's being expected to run the entire education system.

    That's not a good thing...
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    • Don't fear change. If you want to make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs. When something is a catastrophic failure, you need to take drastic measures to fix it. Drastic measures shake things up and are sometimes scary because they don't look like the same old familiar routine. The current way of doing things gave us the most expensive educational system in the world without the results to show for it. That isn't good enough for the United States of America. She is going to try to make it better. That's a good thing for everyone except corrupt politicians and union leaders and bad teachers who are being kept on the payroll by the unions. You don't fall into any of those categories do you?

    • Do you understand the difference between the concepts of change and gross incompetence?

    • I don't think you understand it yourself. I think you mistake views you don't agree with with incompetence. The woman hasn't even done anything yet. Yet you are already judging her grossly incompetent. Clearly you have no evidence to back up your charge. Just as clearly, you will not give her any credit no matter what she achieves since you start out with such a biased view.

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  • evenlift
    Don't forget the apparently widespread mental illness that these schools inculcate. America's young adults cannot function without 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings'! Europe isn't far behind, though.
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    • cipher42

      What exactly is the issue with preventing bullying and with warning people before exposing people to something that could trigger their PTSD? Like, are you even aware what safe spaces and trigger warnings are? They're basically just the equivalent of allergy warnings/protections honestly, and what exactly is the issue with those?

    • evenlift

      @cipher42 A university is a place of learning, not a mental hospital.

      An allergy is a physical condition, not a mental condition.

      If you are a returning war veteran, maybe take a subject other than military history. If you are a feminist or other whining parasite, suck it up, snowflake.

    • cipher42

      The fact that a university is a place of learning is exactly why the mental health of students should be considered. And you do know that people with PTSD exist outside of mental hospitals, right? And why exactly should we care less about mental conditions than physical ones? They can do just as much harm after all.

      And as someone attending university at a incredibly liberal school, trigger warnings and safe spaces have never interfered with my learning in the slightest. Again, do you actually have any fucking clue what trigger warnings or safe spaces are and how they operate? And if you think so, could you please explain both concepts to the best of your understanding.

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  • oddwaffle
    So... My kid isn't the brightest bulb. That means he isn't going to get into those charter schools. I am also not rich enough to pay for private schools. I also don't want my kid to travel very far for his school either.

    Why do I have to pay for schools my kid doesn't have a chance of going? Is my kid doomed to spend his days in under funded public schools?

    Until they can bring a better standards for public schools, I don't think a systems with a lot of kids left behind and forgotten is going g to work well.

    In a lot of Asian countries, the teachers aren't exactly up to standards. However, they are forced to teach it to teach it the only way they know: keep repeating it until it sticks without any explanation (because they might not know the explanation themselves).

    This is especially true with maths and science. A lot of students don't really a clue what they are doing. They just solve math problems like a machine. However, it is enough to get them into universities and remain functional. I know a lot of guys who can not read English and still passing math, chemistry and physics classes with A+ with class average being around C+. They just look at the problem and got the answer.
    • "Why do I have to pay for schools my kid doesn't have a chance of going?"

      Why do I have to pay for schools I don't want to send my kid to?

      The answer to your concern is that your child will be better off because a strong economy generates more money to take care of the poor and needy and improve the educational system for EVERY child. Wealth and charity are not mutually exclusive. The more wealth people have in a free country, the more resources are available for charitable purposes. You can't just look at one part of the Trump administration's plan in isolation. It's all part of a larger plan to grow the economy, create wealth and solve problems (such as the failing educational system) with newly created resources that we don't have now.

    • oddwaffle

      That's a probability and it might not happen just like the 'trickle down effect' in economics. Rich people has a lot of wealth and the idea of the 'trickle down effect' is as you fill the top glass (rich), it would overflow and fill the ones below and eventually reaches the bottom (poor). It didn't happen. The rich stash their cash, invest, grew into fantastic dynasties while the poor went hungry.

      Education is a long term investment. You are looking at 16~20+ years of education. You want a system where it is effective even when your teachers failed.

      There was an idea back during the Vietnam war. How can you educate a child when you don't have any resource, few book, no paper and your teacher didn't pass his highschool exam. The idea was to solely focus on mathematics. It is the one single subject that you can study by practice and hard work without the need for a great teacher or being rich.

    • It is a fact that the more wealth that is created in America the more resources are used for charitable purposes. That cannot be disputed. The fact that some people have more wealth than others is a distraction from this fact. It does not change the fact. If your interest is to make more resources available to take care of the needy, then your objective should be to support economic policies that create more wealth. And the effective known policies to accomplish this are tax and regulatory cuts... exactly what the Trump administration is planning to do.

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  • Dred1614returns
    As soon as I heard that the teacher's union hates her, I knew she was a phenomenal pick.
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  • lumberman9
    Well to be honest the public school system is failing still I don't think she's the answer to the problems but we'll see