Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her


Today Betsy DeVos became the first Cabinet member in the history of the United States to be confirmed by the US Senate by vote of the Vice President to break the tie vote. And what a fabulous choice President Trump made in selecting her for Secretary of Education.

Why then did the Democrats -- who claim to care so much about empowering women -- so viciously try to prevent her from being confirmed for one of the most important positions in government?

The reason the left doesn't like her is because Democrat politicians are in a corrupt alliance with the teachers unions who have a death grip on our school childrens' education. Secretary DeVos wants to provide parents with alternatives to the failing government schools, run by the unions, so their children can grow up literate instead of being sentenced to a life of illiteracy in the failed schools that the Democrats/unions force them to attend now (especially poor children who need this change the most).

We tried the Democrat's solution. We tried it for DECADES. We tried doubling the taxpayers' spending on schools, it didn't work. We tried adding more union teachers and smaller class sizes at a tremendous extra cost to taxpayers, it didn't work. The Democrats and unions want to double down on all the failed policies of the past that have failed and failed over and over again, sentencing still millions more children to a lifelong handicap of living without a decent education.

After decades of a union controlled school system, what we have is the most expensive and one of the least effective public school systems in the world.

A significant percentage of our schools are turning out students who are functionally illiterate and unable to become anything except wards of the state dependent on taxpayers for their income. They are hardly prepared to make America competitive on the world stage in the 21st century. We should continue with the same policies that led to this? Other than the corrupt Democrats and the unions that pay them off to continue this failed system, who would support that?

President Trump and Secretary DeVos want to change this. Instead of doubling down on the worn out failed ideas of the past that the Democrats are pushing, they have new ideas such as voucher systems and charter schools to give parents of children in areas with failing schools a chance for their children to escape the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that the current system is perpetuating generation after generation.

Oh what evil people President Trump and Secretary DeVos are! It's Hitler all over again!

Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her

Secretary of Education DeVos's Historic Confirmation and Why The Democrats Despise Her
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