10 Tips to Help You Rank Up in Overwatch!


10 Tips to Help You Rank Up in Overwatch!

Ahhhhh overwatch competitive! It can have you feeling like a pro gamer or it can make you light your pc or console on fire! Are you tired of being stuck in bronze and silver, when deep down in your heart you know you belong in platinum or diamond? Whether you play ranked very seriously or laid back you can use these tips to help you rank up fast. I too was once a bronze player (which fucken sucked btw) at the start of season 3 but I have managed to grind my way up the ranks all the way to diamond by following these tips and these guidelines I made for myself. Anybody can be a diamond overwatch player, you just have to have patience, try your best to not only play but think like a diamond player, and above all believe you can get there.

1. Get good at playing every role! At the lower levels like bronze and silver, the team comps are horrible, you should wait to see who everyone picks before picking your hero. Most likely you will end up playing healer which is fine. Play mercy and get good at her, she can win your team a lot of games at lower levels like bronze, silver and gold.

2. Wear a mic and be talkitive. Try to convince other team mates to put on their mics. Communication is key in this game.

3. Play the meta! By doing so your team will have great comp and you will more games.

4. Use the 2-2-2 formation, 2 dps, 2 tanks, 2 healers

5. Go with a triple tank formation

6. Talk strategy with team mates before the attack commences, the last thing you want to be is be lost out there, when shit hits the fan.

7. Keep a cool head, do not get angry, do not blame team mates this will only lead to losing games.

8. Take a break if you lose two games in a row. Don't keep playing, you risk going on big losing streaks.

9. Try your best to build winning streaks, after 5 games you will hit 35-42 SR a win, after 8 games you will hit 45-53 SR a win, after 12 your hitting 60-75 SR a win, after 20 your hitting 90-115 SR a win. This is by far the fastest way to rank up!

10. Play in a 3-4 stack! Solo que rarely! And by playing in a team of 6 you are at a disadvantage because the matchmaker will match you up against another 6 man team and their SR as a team will be higher than your team. I found that I climbed more in a 4 stack!

10 Tips to Help You Rank Up in Overwatch!
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