International Women's Day - Facts About Women -


Lets try not to focus on Political Theories, or subjecting to Sexism and Prejudice, let's not say things like "You Men are nothing without us Women" let's not try to be Feminist or Anti-Feminist. Lets try to be neutral without hurting anyone's feelings or rights ...

Let's just celebrate the amazing female creature!!

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our big mouths

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our BFFS

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our struggles with clothing

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our weird PMS cravings

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Hell, let's celebrate our once in a month BloodBaths.

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate every Heart beat of ours

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our love for selfies :P

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our power to make Men weak
International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's even celebrate our he didn't text me back moments

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our HE TEXTED BACK moments

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our beautiful smiles

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Let's celebrate our love for shoes

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -


International Women's Day - Facts About Women -


International Women's Day - Facts About Women -


International Women's Day - Facts About Women -


International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Because we deserve to be celebrated, we deserve to have fun, no matter what, not only today, but every day!!!

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -

Happy International Women's Day!!

With lot's of love

Natured <3

International Women's Day - Facts About Women -
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  • Yalyublyutyebya
    2 funny relevant jokes that I can not resist sharing (sorry)
    1) God created Adam, looked at him and said, "I can do better than that!"
    2) God stood the first man and first woman in front of him after they had been created. He said he had two gifts to give to them to start their existence. They must decide together which one got which. "The first gift," God said, "is the ability to pee in the bushes-"
    "ME! ME! ME!!!" yelled the man.
    The woman said it was alright. God gave it to him. The man ran away, urinating on everything. God gave the second gift to the woman- a brain.

    haha, Happy IWsD! Let's celebrate the beauty and tenderness women bring into our lives, the way they nurture their children, support their husbands, and the immense power a good woman has on people's lives for good. Many of these great men owe it to their mothers for the valuable lessons they were taught and the love they were given by someone who believed in them. The women who inspired their husbands to be better, continued to love them even when they were acting like twats (British swear word), and completed them. Let us respect women and treat them not as objects but as equals to be cherished, and not taken advantage of. In my religion, we teach girls from a young age that they are all like princesses and should be treated that way because we believe they are literal "daughters of God". I think all girls should feel this to some degree. To women on this day, let the examples of good women inspire you to be your best self and see that you are valued. Your worth is not based upon how many men are leering at you in your photos.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • vonasaurus
    happy women's day to all the ladies here (though we should also take this as an opportunity to celebrate the men who love us and treat us as equals, as many in the comments section have shown that they do).
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    • Robin48

      When are you women going to treat males equal.

    • vonasaurus

      i already do, and i speak for the majority of women. if the ones in your life don't treat you as equals, then you seriously need to upgrade the company you keep and i'm sorry that they suck.

    • natured

      I agree sweety <3 I wish I could put your comment on top <3 Thank you

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  • Cloudy25
    Neither me and my mom had any idea, it was actually my dad who decided to remind us lol
    Do men have a day too? Just curious
    Also cute mytake hahah i love celebrating random stuff and sometimes even come up with lame excuses to do so.
    • natured

      Yes there is also a Men's day, on 19th November :D

    • Cloudy25

      Oh cool I'll remember that, thanks☺️

  • Idonthaveausername
    Do I have to celebrate the "He texted me back" when he's a creepy stalker from 4 years ago I wasn't even interested in at the time because he was my dad's old friend who just got out of prison? I really don't feel like celebrating that one

    Oh shoes! I love shoes! I'm just going to go cuddle with some shoes instead

    Love your gifs by the way
    • Ramiro1992

      shut uf you feminist loser. lesbian and virgin

    • @Ramiro1992
      I'm not a feminist or lesbian and I'm secure in my decision to remain a virgin

    • natured

      Uhmmm not all of us have the same experiences but yeah.. whatever :)

  • GraveTruth
    Ok, I'll be nice now. Since today is special I'll let everyone know a little secret.

    I'm not gay or a tranny but I can honestly say if I had a choice I would want to be a women. They get more options and all of the cool clothing choices. Shopping in general is amazing.
    Hell, there are even more feminine colors than masculine ones.
    • A lesbian one? Coz else, you do realize you'd be fucked, right?

    • GraveTruth

      @lord_chilled Yeah, I didn't mean transport my brain and become a woman I meant born as a girl. So yeah, I probably would be screwing guys since I was born a girl.
      I'm talking clothing though.

  • Turkish_Delight
    Happy International Women's Day !!
  • GingerGuy
    I like how you started off with talking. I don't doubt that fact lol. Same with heart beats, probably because you're stressed out! ;) lol. Good pic for making men weak. Good take, just 1 question, if shoes hurt your feet, why do you women love them so much?
    • natured

      Well every woman has a different theory, and since i'm bad at putting everyone in one boat i'll tell you my personal reason.
      THey make me walk straight and I feel very confident in them,
      They make my already long legs look even longer and thinner
      My man loves it when I wear high heels so I wear them also for him
      BUT in general I LOVE high heels :D
      and every woman has a different reason :)

  • RealandGenuine26
    :-) 😂😂😂 as long as I been registered on here... this is the best one I've seen yet... good job and happy women's day to my fellow girls
    • natured

      Thank you so much doll <3 Happy happy woman's day yay

  • FakeName123
    I really don't get the point for a womens day. There used to be just a mothers and fathers day which were equivalent for all men and women kindaish. Now there is a womens day as well. Why?
    • natured

      The earliest organized Women's Day observance was held in 1909 so this was always a thing... :)

    • Just because some little group did it doesn't mean it was "a thing". Just because I start doing something every year on a specific day doesn't mean it is a family tradition.

      So what happened that it became a thing, it became public, it became minstream? And why is it necessary to begin with?

    • natured

      Just to have a woman's day :) to give them flowers... and to make them smile... asked too much?

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  • UnknownReflection
    Another beautiful MyTake.

    Happy International Women's Day :)
  • snowboarder720
    Women are seriously the most prettiest thing on this earth. For real tho.
    • natured

      Thank you so much <3 <3 god bless you

    • Muglintar

      now kindly ask any homosexual man, if he'd agree.
      There are good looking women, there are good looking men and some of each gender who are let's say "estetically challenged" (is this PC?).
      besides putting women in general on a pedestrial is quite sexist, you are aware of that?

    • @Muglintar no, it's sharing my opinion. You have a problem with that?

  • vishna
    <3 Yes :) ahhh, this is so great. Happy women's day, ladies! Cheers to us
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    I think International women's day is a disgrace. Just an excuse for women to whine and complain and be sexist against men.
    • Exactly. Didn't even know this was happening until just now πŸ˜‚

    • I agree with you and Im a woman saying that I agree with you.

    • OrionH

      Some may be sexist but not all just celebrate with your wife or girlfriend.

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  • AriadneSky
    those are not facts. and you mostly talked about things. women's day is meant to take women seriously not patronize them.
    • AriadneSky

      incidentally , i dont text have crazy amount of shoes cravings waste time worrying about clothes and my heart beats 46 beats a minute.

      historically women gave done a lot of important sh*t. i think the post was a good idea, but really petty , and of course based on prejudicial western assumptions. you're recycling a cultural stereotypes, not celebrating world wide human beings.

    • natured

      And what's your problem again?

    • Robin48

      Women need to take men seriously and act as a lady. The way many women act today is not a lady.

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  • JudgmentDay
  • lumos
    And most importantly, let's celebrate our intellect and creativity 🌈
  • Jigsaw_Gal
    And women are nothing without men either. Without your dad's sperm, you'd never been born.
    • natured

      This MyTake didn't focus on this theory at all sweetheart <3

    • Neither gender can survive without the other. So many can't seem to notice that sadly. Just antagonize each other every step like an angry couple.

    • Jigsaw_Gal

      You clearly pointed that men are nothing without women, so I pointed out the opposite with proof. Plus, you were in your dad's body before you were your mom's body. Thus, men are the initial givers of life.

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  • FatherJack
    " Let's celebrate our power to make Men weak " At least you ladies are the desired gender , men , bar a tiny handful , are NOT desired at all. Good take , at least this isn't one of the usual man-bashing posts out there. I will be celebrating having a gorgeous little lady !!
  • ChocoLada
    Happy Women's day fellow GaG girls :D
    Nice myTake 👍
  • Bitterpill
    Happy International Women's Day, to all you wonderful women!
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Happy Day to you all. tomorrow its back to the kitchen :)
  • moamine11
    let's hope to celebrate this again next year but with more progress in gender equality, there is still a long way to go
  • JDavid25
    I know I celebrate women.. Heheheheheheheee.. I thought the faster heartbeat was pretty adorable.. I think faster heartbeats are uuuuh.. Precious.. It's weird.. Lol..
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Cool mytake, today is our day, Happy Women's Day :)
  • Ramiro1992
    how about a men's international day? of course that's not gonna happen, because feminism caused one gender to be more valued thatn other when both genders should be equally valued, that day only served as an excuse for leftist feminist to go out to the streets, destroy thing and stop the traffic, that's ridiculous and absurd and needs to stop
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Too bad the first gif wasn't of a real gal. Nice take.
    • natured

      If you want more skin check out my MyTake about lingerie ;)

    • I did. Va va va voom!😈

  • echoaj
    On International Women's Day, join me in honoring the critical role of Women here in America & around the world.
    - DONALD J. TRUMP via twitter

    Happy International women's day everybody
  • coolbreeze
    Very nice mytake and great information and nice pictures.
  • Hans222
    Wow, what an interesting look on "the lady" :D
    Always interesting to ask to a girl: how many pairs of shoes do you possess? I think about 15 is the average (based on previous questions on GAG)...
  • BruceJender
    Shall we celebrate FGM too?

    Today should be a day of standing up for women's global rights, not celebrating first world pros and cons.
    • You should also Celebrate MGM too. You know, as women are not the only ones getting mutilated in third world countries. This is why she didn't want to bring things like this up because you are making it seem as if they are more important when men are going through the same exact thing. Plus, people are just tired of it.

  • OrionH
    @natured I waked up this morning and got on fb and I saw it was international women's day I was wondering who was going to a mytake about great mytake by the way
  • gobsmacked3
    The most sincerely beautiful sight in nature is the feel/aura of a pregnant woman

    Even before it is known, you can sense it and it just captivates all your senses and your very Being with indescribable awe
  • DiegoO
    Great My Take, I enjoyed it. By the way congradulations :D. I made a post in a intercultural poetry page I have in FB, it has 3 years already, it´s about Womens Day, would you like check it out?
  • YourFutureEx
    Women are always excited about this while men don't even know that they also have an international men's day. Haha good gifs tho.
  • LoloWaye
    Currently waiting on a text back.

    Loved this lol
  • lord_chilled
    Note to self: " another date that i will have to remember for future wife. If out of options, buy chocolates or ice cream."
  • Chrysis
    I'm so bad at being a woman, lol. xD Most of these don't describe me at all. xD
  • Mzhyde19
    Yay 😊 girl party! 🎉
    • why are no men allowed? im going to march about this

    • Mzhyde19

      @applesandoranges22 go ahead, go have a bro party πŸŽ‰

    • no we men want to be allowed in YOUR party

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  • qwertykeyboard
    I wish a happy international women's day to all women :)
  • LastNightmare
    Happy Women's Day to you beautiful friend.. You are honored, respected and loved by me..
  • caveman_86
    i love the first three lines of your mytake... if only men and women stop with the bashing we can learn to enjoy and have the best of times
  • kickme
    when do we celebrate white men? This is the reason I never help a woman
  • fauchelevent
    Lovely take <3
  • ProjectBaby1K
    Nice. Soo when's International Men's Day?
    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Botchie

      November 19th. No one makes a big deal about it because the wealthy and the jerks ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Why did I get down votes? Lmao all I wanted to know is when's the men's day.

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  • Sabretooth
    Let's celebrate our power to make Men weak Is kinda offensive
  • SuitAndTie
    I love women. They are beautiful. Although the nagging puts me to sleep I must admit.
    • Which is why you always yawn when we talk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • lovelyhoneybones
    • And guys, there is an international men's day as well. It's in November.

  • Zorax
    Great Take, Happy Women's Day girls :)
  • anonypsycho
    Happy Woman's Day! This myTake is lovely!
  • Stone_Fizzlebeef
    You celebrate. I'll be getting some OT today.
  • JoyGirl
    LOL... I love this myTake. 😂❀
  • dolemite68
    The fresh prince men's always crack me up lol
    • dolemite68


    • natured

      I love them too, I'm planing to dedicate a whole MyTake to them :P