Woman's Day Name Your Hero

Woman's Day Name Your Hero

I gotta go with Gloria Steinem, Chelsea Clinton, Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham, Rosa Parks, Susan B Anthony... et al

Woman's Day Name Your Hero
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  • LittleAmyP
    Every one who fights for equeal rights for everyone is hero, so answering is kinda impossible because I just have 2500 characters
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  • DooMguy
    Lauren Southern, Ann Coulter , Lisa Su, Marine le pen, Pauline Hanson, Karen Straughan

    ^ all heroes

  • coolbreeze
    Happy women's day!!!

    I would name my mom as my first hero.
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  • zagor
    I have to disagree with your choice of two first ladies and a first daughter; they got where they were because of the men in their lives.
  • alice55
    i would say my mom
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