*#Dr. Sues on St. Patty's day*


A post on two commonalities

Dr. Sues "Green egg's, and ham"

Saint Patrick, A day to wear green or be pinchy'ed.

*#Dr. Sues on St. Patty's day*

Most fan's of Dr. Sues will celebrate St. Patty's day. Cuz the reason of a fact that Dr. Sues fans are better people than other's. We don't do crime. We love holiday's. And any who is a how.

Post sect.'s-

~ Commonalities

~ Phrases too say

~ What Dr. sues character are you

~ Cocktail


One of the many common thing's that Saint Patty's day has with Dr. Sues day is the color green.

Not to mention egg's are used a lot. Both day's have drunks, Candy muncher's, Singing idget's, and the one crazy person who insist's on stacking sweet's up to the sky. Both last one day when they should be longer. Spring is the season.

Phrases to say

Here are phrases to say that will say Dr. Sues has entered St. Patty's day.

" I will not guzzle. Nor slurp, or sip that green beer here or there."

" The leprechaun may shout and spout. But I will not stumble. Not even a tumble"

Please say your ideas below for more phrases.

What character are you!!!

January ~ Male-Sam I Am Female-Rolf

February ~ Male-The cat in the hat Female-Mrs. Kangaroo

March ~ Male-The Sneetches Female-Kitty O'Sullivan Kraus

April ~ Male-King Looie Katz Female-Sally

May ~ Male-Horton the Elephant Female-The Elephant Bird

June ~ Male-Bartholomew Cubins Female-Mrs. McCave

July ~ Male-The Onceler Female-Mayzie

August ~ Male-The Lorax Female-Umbus

September ~ Male-Thing one Female-Thing two

October ~ Male-Wocket Female-Sneedle

November ~ Male-Thidwick Female-Gertrude McFuzz

December ~ Male-Grinch Female-CindyLou Who

The cocktail- Suestail Shamrock

Mint gelato 2 pints

CREAM vodka infused vanilla whipped cream 3 bottles

Vanilla syrup colored green 4 oz.

Guinness luxury fudge (Guinness beer in fudge) 2 lb.s chopped in bits


*#Dr. Sues on St. Patty's day*
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