Trump the Troll

Trump the Troll

Trump, obviously, fancies himself a master manipulator.

The main conclusion in Trump-s presidency is that his Tweets are meant to distract people from the hundreds of scandals he created...and is trying to get himself out of.

He even tries to remind people of his smaller scandals - like the travel ban - so they'd lose focus on the Russia scandal...

Don't get me started on all the wrong history 'facts' and statistics 'facts' and that little thing called THE TRUTH he always seems to be avoiding...and then blaming his staff for giving him the wrong information. I thought he could read. o.O

His tricks definitely work on his voters...and the press is eating it up - not because of delusion, but because it's hilarious and people need a comic relief in all of this...

Nice troll, Donald... Nice troll...

Trump the Troll
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