Trump the Troll

Trump the Troll

Trump, obviously, fancies himself a master manipulator.

The main conclusion in Trump-s presidency is that his Tweets are meant to distract people from the hundreds of scandals he created...and is trying to get himself out of.

He even tries to remind people of his smaller scandals - like the travel ban - so they'd lose focus on the Russia scandal...

Don't get me started on all the wrong history 'facts' and statistics 'facts' and that little thing called THE TRUTH he always seems to be avoiding...and then blaming his staff for giving him the wrong information. I thought he could read. o.O

His tricks definitely work on his voters...and the press is eating it up - not because of delusion, but because it's hilarious and people need a comic relief in all of this...

Nice troll, Donald... Nice troll...

Trump the Troll
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  • lucasnabizada
    It's really funny, because I just assume if we saw a black naked puppet of Obama.. The left would IMMEDIATELY label it racism and arrest everyone putting posts on it, and condemning it... But this just flies based on the simple fact that people aren't satisfied with the personality of someone... Where is the Karmic justice in that?
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    • It's not about personality, it's about corruption and lack of morals...
      I wouldn't be offended either way (not hyper sensitive ti things) - a doll is a doll... or a troll in this case.

    • I agree it's not hyper sensitive... Yet people on the opposing party take EVERYTHING to the extreme sensitive and would surely denounce such a thing, I don't see why the right shouldn't do the same. I'm telling you if this was Obama... It wouldn't be the same story no matter what you may feel

    • May be true... but that's Americans for ya...
      I've never been there or actually hung out with any... it's just what I see on TV.

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  • Rissyanne
    There is no Russian scandal... it is all crap.
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  • Zorax
    Well, what can I say, 100% true, awesome Take, bravo zemljakinjo 😎👏
  • ChocoLada
    LoL, Donald is hilarious, ignorant and arrogant, typical hillbilly politician :D
  • Iron_Man
    When you get the chance read my profile I have a question for you in it. It's for entertainment purposes only
    • Hahaaha The answer is definitely you... No contest. xD

    • Iron_Man

      Aww thank you so much Sally you made my night. There was a mean girl from a thread she's kind of hard and she picked Donald Trump

  • nbbn5
    Oh nice trump doll 😂 And the title "trump the trol"
  • madhatters4
    so instead of POTUS we should call him TOTUS
  • IfIcantdoit
    okay its fine